Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Gifts that Men Hate Most

Christmas and gifts are two words that go hand in hand. Each year, Jesus gives us an opportunity to thank the people who are important in our life and to show how much you care them by giving a perfect gift on Christmas. Everyone, regardless of age looks forward to get gifts from their friends and loved ones during the holiday season. Choosing the perfect Christmas gift for a man in your life, whether it's a husband, brother, boyfriend, father, uncle, friend or someone else can be a challenge. Gifts for men are generally limited to clothing, sports equipment, cologne and common accessories like ball cap, wallet and belt but if you go beyond the limitations you can find lots of things. If you are wondering what to gift your guy this Christmas, then don’t worry here is a list of gifts that men hate most. This list is an attempt to prevent you from making bad decisions. Just avoid these gifts under any circumstances and you can find the perfect Christmas gift for your man.

Christmas Gifts that Men Hate Most

Worst Christmas Gifts for Men

Scented Candles

Things whose sole or main purpose is to put out a pleasant scent is always under-appreciated by man. So, you should keep scented candles for yourself as man doesn’t want or like them. According to a survey 36% to 38% people don’t like to have a scented candle as a Christmas gift. Other disadvantages of buying scented candles for someone are that they are toxic, harmful for health as well as a fire hazard.

Gym Membership

Gym membership is an improving gift which can possibly be construed as a criticism. By giving this type of gift, you are saying to your man that “You are not fit”. It may also show that you are losing interest in him. There are more proper ways to tell him for getting in shape, you don't have to spoil Christmas. So, never gift him a Gym Membership as a Christmas gift, unless he specifically ask you for this.

A Pair of Socks

A pair of socks is a common mistake that people made at Christmas. You should reserve this gift for smaller occasions like an eclipse of the sun, full moon or Tuesdays. You should avoid a pair of socks if you don’t want to look disappointment on the receivers' face. Men can easily purchase the socks when he wants as a pack costs only $5.

Anything with a ‘Heart’ on it

Generally, women in a relationship love to have things having “Heart” on them. But, men don’t like anything with hearts whether it is a watch, tie, photo frame, key-chains, mug, etc. This type of gifts looks girlish so men don’t prefer men.

Turtle neck sweater

Getting a guy new sweater is fine only if it fits in his style. A turtle neck sweater which has got a bad fashion rap for being the antithesis of trendy makes your man looks old-fashioned. Even though the stores are full of turtleneck sweater, you should not gift it.


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