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Dangers of Eating Junk Foods: Facts you should know

Most of us know that junk foods are bad for our health, still millions of people eat them everyday. Mainly there are three reasons that make junk food so popular. Lots of people eat junk foods simply because it tastes deliciously good! Some prefer junk foods over other foods because they are relatively inexpensive, whilst many other people like junk food because it is readily available everywhere. However, if you really want to lead a healthy life then you should avoid these junk foods at all costs. Regular consumption of junk foods can lead to several adverse health problems. Junk foods like pizza, hamburgers, chips, and fried chicken usually contains extremely high levels of trans fats, calories, salt, sugar, harmful synthetic chemicals and the worst part is that they are low in nutrients.
Dangers of Eating Junk Foods: Facts you should know
Now, let’s have a look on some of the important health problems caused due to regular consumption of junk food.

Lack of energy:

Lack of energy is one of the most common problems found in people who eat junk foods on regular basis. This is because junk foods do not comprise of any nutrients that are required by your body. Generally, junk food is loaded with harmful fats, carbohydrates, and cholesterol, all of which do not give any kind of useful energy to the body. Consequently, you may feel chronically exhausted and weak. Plus, most of the junk foods contain with high amount of sugar, which in turn affect your body’s energy level. Whenever you eat something that is loaded with simple sugars, it would immediately raise your blood sugar, but at the same time, it will be dropped suddenly after eating. This will leave you fatigued and craving more sweet things. ;

Poor Concentration:

Another disadvantage of eating junk foods is lack of concentration. Most of the junk foods have very high percentage of hydrogenated vegetable oil and our digestive system finds this oil to be the most difficult thing to digest. In fact, a large volume of blood and high levels of enzymes are requisite to digest it. As a result, major portion of blood is diverted to your intestine. Moreover, regular consumption of junk food would result in excessive fat accumulation in the inner walls of arteries, which in turn could be resulted in drop in blood circulation. Lack of essential nutrients, oxygen, and proteins can indeed make you feel drowsy and suffer with reduced concentration.

Increased risk of Diabetes:

People who eat junk food on a regular basis have a higher chance of developing type 2 diabetes, as they tend to eat large meals of carbohydrates at a time. When you consume junk food items like chips, cakes and cookies with high sugar content, your body might not be able to process such large amount of sugar at one time. Consequently, this may spike your blood sugar levels significantly. If your body already has some difficulties in producing adequate insulin or any trouble using insulin properly, then that excess amount of sugar would begin to build within your blood, causing adverse side effects like heart disease, damage to kidneys & nerves, or a even a diabetic coma.

Heart Diseases:

Several dangerous heart diseases like cardiac arrest, myocardial infraction, and atherosclerosis are also associated with excess junk food consumption. Nearly all junk foods contain excess of low-density lipoproteins and cholesterol, and they get deposited inside lining of arteries. This in turn would be resulted in the formation of multiple plaques within the blood vessels, because of which your heart will be forced to put an extra effort for pumping blood through the arteries. Moreover, presence of fat in the blood may lead to reduced oxygen levels. In addition, all the junk food products have excess of sugar and salt. Too much of sodium-ions can result in increased heart blood pressure.

High cholesterol:

Junk food items like processed foods, donuts, and boxed baked treats contain very high levels of trans-fat. These Trans fatty acids are extremely unhealthy for human body and it should be avoided as much as possible. They are actually produced by partially hydrogenating different types of oil. Trans-fat has been linked to several hazardous health problems. For example, the Trans fat is known to raise your LDL (bad) cholesterol level and at the same time lower down your HDL (good) cholesterol level, which can increase the risk of developing heart diseases in a person. Plus, high cholesterol level can disturb your metabolism even damage your liver.
Now, have a look on some of the shocking facts of junk foods that are mentioned below. These facts will definitely encourage you to avoid junk foods and shift towards other healthier food options.

  • Junk food does not provide any nutrients essential for our bodies to function properly. As a result, the person always feels fatigued and tired to do even the simplest daily tasks.
  • Regular consumption of junk food could lead to more craving towards sweets, making you obese and overweight. Plus, being over-weight would affect the flow of oxygen to the brain cells and this in turn affects the person’s concentration and memory.
  • Excess intake of junk food increases the risk of developing various chronic degenerative diseases, cardio-vascular problems, glucose intolerance, tooth decay, various types of cancers even hypertension.
  • Most of the junk foods come with high sodium content so they can develop disease of high blood pressure in a person.
  • It has been found that people who eat junk food on regular basis are more prone to mood swings and other such behavioral problems.
  • Usually junk foods contain very high sugar content. Even a single can of cola is loaded with approximately 10 tsp of sugar. Moreover, the unused sugars are converted into fats and therefore people consuming junk foods are at greater risk of gaining weight compared to others.
  • Junk foods contain high amounts of oxycholesterol. It is one type of cholesterol, high consumption of it results in the increased chances of a heart attack
  • Artificial colors and flavors added in junk foods are bad for our health. They can cause rashes, asthma, and other issues like hyperactivity.
  • Junk foods don’t have any fiber and they are loaded with fats, because of which these junk foods can develop the problem of constipation. Plus, high amount of fat can also cause drowsiness in you.
  • Excess of junk foods may also result in gas and bloating.
  • Junk food consumption can weaken your immune system, making you more vulnerable to the diseases.


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