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Special Weight loss Tips without doing dieting and special Exercises

Everybody loves to look slim and attractive but achieving and maintaining a healthy weight can be a challenge for many of us. The first two words that come in our mind while thinking of weight loss are dieting and an exercise regimen. But because of busy schedule and hectic lifestyle, we don’t have time and energy for exercising or coming up with a diet plan. Losing weight does not need a radical overhaul. No, this is not a joke. You can shed pounds without dieting and rigorous exercises. This doesn’t mean that you have to try natural therapies, take pills or surgery. You can lose weight naturally by making a few lifestyle changes. Adding or subtracting little things to your daily routine can help you in weight loss. Here are given some strategies that will help you to lose weight in the healthy, painless and effortless way.

Special Weight loss Tips without doing dieting and special Exercises

Ways to Lose Weight without Dieting or Exercise

Chew More, Eat Less

An excellent way to lose weight naturally is chewing your food properly. Chewing the food thoroughly suppresses appetite, aids digestion, lowers calorie intake, and thus helps you in weight loss. As per a recent study, people who chew their food 40 times during a meal take in 12% fewer calories. Chewing food for longer period provides your stomach more time to send your brain the signal that it is full. It promotes a feeling of satisfaction which means you will eat fewer calories than normal. Chewing the food properly also limit your portion size. You should chew your food 35 to 50 times per mouthful, till the food becomes soft, mushy and unrecognizable.

Concentrate On Your Food

You should avoid eating food in front of the TV or while working, listening to music, reading, driving, etc. in order to concentrate on your food. All these things interfere with your ability to focus what’s going into your mouth and increases your food intake. Distraction slows down the process of reaching satiety in the brain. Many studies have found that people who are multitasking during meal times consume far more unhealthy snack food afterwards compared to the people who pay close attention to what they are putting in their mouth. According to the University of Massachusetts research, you can consume up to 288 more calories while watching TV. You should pay attention to the food and enjoy each & every bite.

Don't Overcook Your Meals

Never overcook your food as overheating is directly connected with nutrient loss. Over cooking kills or lowers the nutritional quality of food. The longer your food is exposed to the heat, the higher nutrients will be lost. If you do not get sufficient nutrients, you will feel unsatisfied and get cravings for junk food. To combat this problem, cook the food properly but quickly to retain the nutrients contained by the food. You can also include raw foods such as sushi and salad in your diet.

Avoid Eating After 8 PM

Eating food after 8 o' clock messes up with your natural digestive process and hormone cycle. It's because when you sleep, your body slows your metabolism and turns the consumed calories into fat. So if you want to lose weight, avoid eating food after 8 o'clock in the evening. This will help you to stay away from snacking before dinner time. People those who cannot resist snacking habit can have some herbal tea or they should brush their teeth right after dinner to manage their appetite in the evenings.

Think And Drink

We all know that it is essential to drink 8 - 10 glasses of water but you may not know when to drink. When you drink is as crucial as what you drink. Consuming water in-between the meals delay the digestion process so the nutrients from the food are not absorbed properly. To avoid this, you should consume water 15 minutes before or after a meal. You can have small sips of water, if you really need to drink during meals.

Eat Fruits before Meals

You should consume fruits on an empty stomach or an hour before the meal. This enhances the extra fruit intake and helps you in weight loss by supplying the body with energy for the detoxification. Eating fruits before meals also makes you full faster as well as helps the digestive system.


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