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Essentials Groom Beauty Tips to look handsome in Wedding

Wedding is one of the life's most precious and memorable moments for everyone. People want to look their best on this day, so they leave no stone unturned to look nice one. Even, the boys bother about their wedding appearance and want to look as stunning as bride. The days are gone when the grooms are ignored while the brides hog the limelight and have all the attention of people at the wedding celebrations. These days, grooms are all set to rock along with his bride so thanks to glamour, fashion and new trends. Grooming for men not only include shaving off the beard and apply aftershave. Men have begun to go to saloons for the beauty regimen, even indulge in things like threading and waxing. Some simple yet very effective beauty tips are provided in the article which helps you to look absolutely dashing and handsome on the special day of your life.

Essentials Groom Beauty Tips to look handsome in Wedding

Beauty Tips for Groom


The first thing is to follow a good cleansing routine. Buy a face-wash as per your skin type: dry, oily or normal and clean your face 2 times a day (morning and at night). Also, follow a four-step skin care regimen that includes cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing. Most men overlook facial which is very important facial treatment. Arrange facial few days prior to the wedding. This is an excellent way to rejuvenate the skin and get rid of impurities, dead skin cells, dryness and any build-up. You can go for a regular, fruit, chocolate or gold facial. Another important thing is to get rid of blackheads on the nose.


For that special day, don’t get hair cut from your regular barber. Visit a decent salon where hairdresser cut you hair according to your personal style, facial features and hair texture. You should get hair cut one week before the wedding so that it will have some time to grow into its shape. Never go for a new hairstyle just before your marriage, stick to a timeless style: a Caesar cut, layer cut or classic taper. Also, don't shave the sideburn too short.

Do oil massages regularly to make your hair lustrous, silky and shiny. Get hair spa a day before your D day. If you have dandruff problem, then ask your stylist to suggest a shampoo to control dandruff. Shampoo and condition your hair on a daily basis. Avoid using hair gels as they have silicon that makes the hair look dull and oily. Buy a high end hair mousse for your wedding day. You can use a very light hair spray or a soft wax to let your hair style stay in place.


Although you love to grow goatee, beard or moustache, being a neatly shaved groom would make you look more handsome and attractive. So, pay more attention to shaving before your wedding. Shave only after baths and always use a high quality razor & a cream-based shaving cream. Shave your beard in the direction of the hair to make sure that the shave is being done correctly. To get a smooth shave, dip a towel into hot water and squeeze the excess water. Put the towel on your face for few minutes, apply shaving cream and shave hair with a razor. Avoid razor cuts and burns. You can also go for professional shave by visiting a barbershop.


A manicure is very necessary for the grooms who are nail-biters. Go to salon and get manicure a couple of days before the wedding. This doesn’t mean that you have to apply any nail polish on. A manicurist will cut, file, shape and clean your nails and hands in just few minutes. A manicurist also clean the skin around the nails, make your nails shiny and remove those painful cuticles. A manicure makes your hands soft and beautiful.

Remove Excess Hair

Remove those unwanted nose and ear hair before your special day. Also clean up your brows, if you have bushy eyebrows. Go to the beautician and tell him/her to tame eyebrows into the natural line so they do not look unnatural. You can also tame unruly eyebrows by yourself at home. Comb the eyebrows straight up and pluck the hairs with a tweezer that are sticking out. You can also apply some gel, hairspray, or clear mascara on the sticking out hairs.


You have to also take care of your teeth to look best in the wedding pictures. If you have stained teeth then got to a dentist one month before your D-day. There are many home remedies to remove those stains such as baking soda (half tablespoon) and table salt (a pinch) mixture, eating strawberries, rubbing teeth with the inside of orange peels. You can even use teeth whitening strips to have sparkling white teeth.


Your body shape can make or break your look. So, shed those extra pounds by getting a personal trainer. Begin your weight loss regime at least 12 weeks before marriage. Cardio exercises are the best way to shed those unwanted pounds.

Bad Breath

If you have a bad breath, then you may be suffering from halitosis. Visit your doctor and get the proper medication so that bad breath doesn't cause any uncomfortable situations on such a big day. You can use the oral neutralizers that have actizol as an active ingredient.


Those who are sweating a lot must use cotton under vest for themselves. Cotton under vest absorbs the sweat and keeps the ugly sweat patches away. Also wear loose fitting clothes that are made up of natural/organic materials.


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