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Newborn Baby Bathing Tips for Mothers

Baby's arrival whether it is a first child or a third one, it is a special and momentous time in a person’s life. At the same time, there comes the responsibility to give proper care to this little life. Many new parents get prepared for parenthood before the arrival of the child still there are several questions once the baby arrives. One of those questions is how to give bath to your newborn baby. Bathing a slippery & fragile newborn baby can be overwhelming, scary and nerve-racking experience for new mothers. With little care and small tips, baby bathing can be fun for you and your sweetheart.

Newborn Baby Bathing Tips for Mothers

Many people think that if you don’t bath your newborn baby daily, you are not a good mother. Is this right? You don’t have to bath your baby everyday. In fact, the baby doesn’t require an actual bath during the first week or two or till their umbilical cord stump dries up and falls off. Umbilical cord stump takes about 10 days to 3 weeks after birth to dry out. Until then it is best to give sponge-bathe to your new born baby with a moistened washcloth in order to avoid getting the cord stump wet. A newborn baby gets dirty only when he spit up and soiled himself. Every time you change the diaper, clean your baby's genital area thoroughly as well wipe off your baby's face and hands after feedings.
Once the umbilical cord stump falls off and the surrounding area heals, your baby is ready for its first real bath. You can give your baby tub baths by using the kitchen sink or a small plastic baby tub. You should not use a standard tub. You should give bath to your baby only 3 times a week till he/she start crawling and getting into messes. Bathing too often dries out the delicate skin of your baby. You can give bath at anytime but the best time is before feeding. Never give bath just after a feed or when your baby hungry or tired. If your baby love and enjoy bath time, then giving your baby a bath at night (as a part of the bedtime ritual) works well. Bathing not only clean your baby but also strengthen your attachment with the baby.

Method of Giving Bath to a Newborn Baby

Sponge Bath

Place soft towel or changing pad on a flat surface and lay your baby on it. Keep a basin of warm water and a sponge/washcloth near to you. The baby should be wrapped in a towel and expose only the part you want to clean. Wet washcloth, remove the excess water and wipe the face gently, particularly the area behind the ears and under his chin. Then, wash the chest, arms, hands and legs. Make sure that you clean the diaper area and area between the fingers & toes. Finally, wash the back of the baby. You can use a dampened cotton ball for cleaning the eyelids.

Tub and Sink Bath

Fill the small plastic baby tub or sink with about 2 inches of warm water and check the temperature of the water with elbow/wrist or baby-bath thermometer. The water temperature should be between 90 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Bring your baby to the bath and remove his clothes. Put a warm washcloth over her tummy to keep him warm. Slowly lower your baby into the water, supporting the head and neck with one hand. Wash the baby with damp washcloth, paying particular attention to hands and feet, genital and diaper areas as well as face and neck. During bathe, soothe baby by caressing and singing.

Hair Care

If the hair of your newborn baby looks dirty, then wash it with a gentle no-tears baby shampoo. Support the head and shoulders of your newborn baby with free hand. Apply a drop of shampoo into his or her scalp and massage it. After few seconds, rinse the shampoo using a damp washcloth.

After bath

After giving the bath, hold the baby firmly and wrap him/her in a towel immediately. Dry the baby thoroughly and then start the diapering and dressing process. Generally, lotion is not necessary for a newborn as it causes irritation but if your baby has dry or eczema-prone skin, you can apply hypoallergenic lotion. If your baby requires a little soothing after his sponge or tub/sink bath, swaddle him/her in a blanket.

Bathing Tips for Mothers

  • Before a bath, keep all the things nearby the sink or tub.
  • Water is enough to clean most of the debris, so you don’t require soap. But, a mild and unscented soap with moisturizer that is made especially for babies can be used if needed.
  • Never use bubble baths on newborn and young babies.
  • Keep the room temperature warm and free of drafts like open windows or fans
  • Never leave the baby unattended or alone during bath time
  • Put a towel on the bottom of the bath tub to avoid slipping
  • Don’t place the baby in running water
  • Take off your watch and jewellery while giving bath to the baby
  • You can add unperfumed bath oil in the bathing water to avoid overdrying of skin
  • Moisturisers like sorbolene and aqueous creams can be used to stop newborn skin drying out

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