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Surprising health tricks to teach your Body

Our body is the only vehicle for the journey called LIFE. We should take good care of it to lead a healthy and happy life. But, health problems are something that affect all of us at some point in our lives. The most common and non-life threatening everyday health ailments such as side stitches, heartburn first-date jitters, toothache, headaches, etc. can be treated with simple health tricks. These health tricks are non-conventional and easy to follow for everybody. They help to attain healthy body without any pills or medications. Read on to know 16 health tricks that may surprise you.

Surprising health tricks to teach your Body

Surprising Health Tricks

1. Heartburn or Acid Reflux

There are various factors like certain foods, overweight, smoking that lead to heartburn. If you are suffering from heartburn, sleep on your left side instead of right or lying flat on your back. While you sleep on right side, the esophagus is lower compared to stomach which causes food and stomach acid to roll upwards into the throat. Studies have also proved that people who sleep on left sides are less likely to cause nighttime heartburn. So sleeping on left side, alter the situation and stomach acid roll downwards.

2. Toothache

You can treat your toothache without opening the mouth. Simply, rub an ice on V-shaped webbed area (between your thumb and index finger). Your 50% pain will be decreased by this method. Rubbing ice obstructs the pain signals from the face and hands by stimulating an area of the brain.

3. Throat

Generally, tickle in the throat is harmless but it is quite irritating and annoying for everybody. When you have a tickle in your throat, just scratch your ear. This creates a muscle spasm in the throat and that provides you relief from the tickle.

4. Bloody Nose

While a bloody nose strikes, you should pinch the nose and place the head between legs. Never put your head back as the blood will run down to your stomach. Cure this problem by placing some cotton on the upper gums in the center and pressing it hard. Major blood vessel that supplies blood to the nose runs through the upper lips so applying pressure stops the bleeding.

5. Stuffy Nose

You can treat stuffy nose or sinus in about 20 seconds with the help of your tongue and thumb. Simply, push the tongue flat against the mouth roof and press a finger between the eyebrows. Hold this for about 20 seconds. This causes the vomer bone to swing like a see-saw which loosens congestion and clear stuffy nose in less than 30 seconds.

6. Wake Your Hand Up

Many times our hand or arms falls asleep because of unnatural pressure on nerve. To get rid of pins & needles sensation, shake your head from side to side for about one minute. This stretches the neck and loosens the neck muscles. If your feet fall asleep, then stand up and walk around. The lower body nerves are loosened by walking around.

7. Resist Pain

Whether you hate or afraid of injections, here is a great solution for you. Just cough during an injection and you can mask the pain caused by needle prick. The coughing causes a sudden rise pressure in the chest and spinal canal which hinder the pain-conducting structures of the spinal cord from sending pain signals to the brain.

8. No Place to Pee

If you need to urinate and don’t find any bathroom nearby. There is a simple solution to hold it, just fantasize about sex. This preoccupies the brain and distracts it so you will feel less discomfort.

9. Tired Eyes

Staring at a computer for the whole day makes your eyes weary. Perform this little trick and get relief from the problem. Close your eyes, tense all the muscles in the body, and take a deep breath. Release the breath and muscles together after 5 to 20 seconds. Do this every few hours during the day.

10. Kitchen burns

No matter how careful you are in the kitchen, there are times you accidentally drop the coffee pot, touch a hot stove and get a serious burn. When this happens, clean the skin instantly and apply a little pressure with finger tips of other hand. By the next day, the skin will not get any kind of blister or mark.

11. Side stitches/ side cramps

Getting side stitches while running is caused because of wrong breathing technique. An excellent way to prevent this problem is to exhale as your left foot hits the ground. Most of us exhale when our right foot hits the ground and therefore we get stitches.

12. Breathe Underwater

When we are underwater, we get a desperate feeling for air. This is not because lack of oxygen but it is from a buildup of carbon dioxide that makes the blood acidic. If you want to take a long dive under water, then take a bunch of quick, short breaths before you go under. Short breaths lower blood acidity and trick your brain to think it has more oxygen. So you get extra 10 seconds of underwater swimming.

13. Hear better

When you have trouble hearing someone at a party or on the phone, simply use your right ear. Right ear is better at hearing rapid speech whereas the left ear is better able to pick up music tones.

14. Relief from Over-Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol at last night party causes spinning rooms and hangover in the next morning. To deal with spinning rooms, place your hand on something stable. Alcohol dilutes the blood in the cupula that maintains balance so placing hand on a stable thing provides another reference point to the brain.

15. Nervousness

Everybody gets nervous at one point or another. If you are facing a situation that makes you nervous, try this trick to deal with it. Blow on your thumb and your heart rate will decrease and return to normal rate.

16. Brain Freeze/ Ice Cream Headache

Brain Freeze is the severe headache that people get after eating very cold food such as milkshakes, ice cream, popsicles, frozen drinks, etc. You can prevent this sharp, stabbing pain in the forehead by pushing the tongue (flat) against the mouth roof. You should cover the surface area and apply pressure as much as possible.


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