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Easy Tips that keep Working or Housewives Younger

All women want to look younger and beautiful throughout the life. Nobody loves those puffy eyes, dark spots, lines & wrinkles, dull & sagging skin, patchy skin and open pores. Unfortunately, we cannot stop ageing but we can slow down the process. You don’t need to have a big budget, depend on plastic surgeons or spend billions of dollars on expensive skin creams/products for looking younger. Just make small changes in your lifestyle and eating habits. Here you can find easy and effective tips to stay younger.

Easy Tips that keep Working or Housewives Younger

Tips To Stay Younger For Working Women And Housewives

Stay Stress Free

Stress does not affect your mental health only but also damages overall health. Stress leads to physical changes in the body that speed up the aging process. Stressed out all the time can lead to skin break outs, hair loss, wrinkles, brittle nails and dry skin. So, try to stay happy and stress free in order to look young and attractive. You can manage your stress by many different ways like walking, watching a funny movie, running, performing yoga, exercise or meditation.

Get A Good Night's Sleep

A good night's sleep is very essential for healthy skin. This free cosmetic medicine helps to regulate the metabolism of the body and to remain young. Improper sleep leads to red & puffy eyes, dull skin, fatigue, dark circles, wrinkles, etc. Even though you have work pressure or domestic pressure, 6-8 hours sleep every night is important for keeping the skin supple and elastic.

Limit Sun Exposure

Protect your skin from dangerous UV rays. Direct contact or overexposing to sun rays breaks down the collagen structure which speeds up ageing and makes the skin tan. Make sure that you wear sunscreen with SPF of 15 or higher daily, even on cloudy days to avoid baggy eyes, sunburn, dull skin, age spots, wrinkles and sagging skin. Also use gloves, sunglasses and hat before stepping out of the house to protect yourself from the sun.


The skin loses its elasticity and become dry as we age. Use moisturizer that contains sunscreen and linoleic acid, retinol, peptides, hyaluronic acid or glycerin as ingredients. Hyaluronic acid and glycerin smooth fine lines; retinol and peptides reverse the aging process and decreases wrinkles while linoleic acid makes the skin smoother and softer. You should apply moisturizer twice a day (morning and at night) to keep the skin soft, hydrated and supple.

Drink plenty of water

The simplest tip to stay young is keeping the body hydrated. Dehydration makes the skin drier and tighter which causes wrinkles. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, consume at least two litres of water every day to keep the body and skin hydrated. Never substitute water with fruit juices as water is more essential compared to other fluids.


A healthy and balanced diet plays an important role to maintain your youthful appearance. It provides all the necessary minerals, vitamins and other nutrients required by the body. Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables; fish like mackerel, sardines, salmon, etc.; dairy products; lean meats and soy. Stay away from sweets, junk, processed foods and fatty or oily foods as they make you obese also they are very harmful for skin.

Hormone Supplements

Not only men, but also women take DHA supplements to recover the health speedily. It is the main reason for getting pimples. Take protein supplements, as they are also beneficial for glowing skin.


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