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Not-so-Popular Peaceful Honeymoon Destinations that away you from the Crowds

Wedding is one of the most important parts of our lives; everyone knows that marital union is like he/she enters into others life and they have to make the strongest bond with his/her. After the wedding ceremony gets over we celebrate it with all our best friends and relatives, and next important thing is to select honeymoon destination. Everybody will tell you the names of different honeymoon destinations which they feel like best... in their own ways. But what if you both want to spend very peaceful and most valuable time of your marriage at some place that is least crowded? Every couple imagines something different and dazzling for their honeymoon, so here are given some ideas of most peaceful places for your honeymoon to spend those idyllic moments with each other. These places will give you all that precious time you want to spend with each other to know more about your partner and make it most memorable days of your wedding life.

Not-so-Popular Peaceful Honeymoon Destinations that away you from the Crowds

Pamalican Island, Philippines:

You can enjoy a personal beach on isolated Pamalican Island, Philippines. The island is just 5.5 km long and only 500 meters wide. This island is private property of Aman Resorts, under the name Amanpulo. Newly wed couples are assured to get all comfort and privacy with the most exclusive honeymoon experience at Pamalican Island. To reach at island, you will get service of Dornier 228-202K plane flying from Manila. Every casita provides a personal pram without any extra charge to go at anyplace around the beach. Pamalican Island has extremely calm and private atmosphere.

Hiddenese Island, Germany:

Hiddenese Island is one of the ideal destinations for honeymoon. Island is just about 19 square kilometers and no private vehicles are allowed. You have to travel by foot or horse carriage. Couples appreciate one very different beach basket type chair blocks namely “Strandkorb”, made for two to sit together. This place has lovely pine forests, rich bird life among its rocky cliffs and the Boddenlandschaft National Park. Hiddenese Island is also known as “sweet little isle” and really great for calm and tranquil honeymoon.

Iceland and Finland:

Apart form usual beach honeymoon; you have the option of Finland to make your honeymoon destination. Here you can experience your honeymoon suite in the form glass igloo surrounded by untouched snow layers where you can experience the facility of hot bath tubs, roll top bath, ice beds with Fur bedding. Even you can enjoy a traditional sauna and husky dog safari and get a chance to know more about Finland’s natural beauty and unspoiled wilderness. It’s perfect for both of you to lay down on a bed inside your private igloo and to watch Northern Lights through the glass walls.

Rainforests of Costa Rica or West African Coast:

If you love the beauty of nature with least disturbed environment then Rainforests of Costa Rica is best place as your honeymoon destination. It is a land of live volcanoes, beautiful beaches, natural hot springs and incredible scenery. You can enjoy Spa at your hotel room and relax during your honeymoon. You can visit “La Fortuna Waterfall” to plunge into the water or get the chance to see many animals like monkeys and sloths actually in their natural habitat.

Discover Oman’s Beauty:

Oman, a quiet Middle Eastern country blessed with spectacular mountains, clear blue waters, fertile wadis, desert and coastal scenery. It is one of the most calm and untouched place for your honeymoon. You can see medieval forts, many old museums and mosques picturing great civilizations in the Arabian Peninsula. Here you can visit the dunes of the Wahiba Sands and at west side you can get a chance to see dolphins and giant turtles coming towards shore to lay eggs in the night. The Al Bustan Palace hotel is very famous for its best spa, palm-shaded gardens and pools overlooking the beach to make your honeymoon memorable in the calm and beautiful Oman.

Go Wine-tasting in Shelburne, Vermont:

After so much rush and excitement of the wedding, you can spend calm and pleasant honeymoon in Shelburne, Vermont. You can book your honeymoon suite at the banks of Shelburne’s Lake Champlain. This small town is very much famous for its extremely pleasing taste of wines and its crisp northern varietals and locally-sourced food to make you experience farm-to-table cuisine. Shelburne Vineyard provides you to taste the award-wining wines by providing best experience to cherish beginning days of your wedding life forever.


We had to go there for a few days in june on our way to Hong Kong. It was absolutely fantastic - really peaceful, really hot and not many tourists...
Not sure it would be the ideal choice if you wanted an action packed honeymoon though... we stayed in the Oasis Beach Hotel, but are saving to stay at the Burj al Arab for our honeymoon... supposedly the first 6 star hotel in the world.

Its quite expensive in Dubai though... so if your looking for somewhere cheep, it wouldn't be a wise choice!

Kerala was fab too, really the kind of place I would choose for a honeymoon - far from crowd, truely a city that surrounded by nature!!! If you stayed at Kerala it would be more peaceful & less polluted, and the scenery is breath taking. Mind the sharks if u go swimming in the sea though! :) Check out -> Kerala Honeymoon Tours

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