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Skin Splitting on fingers: Causes & Treatement

Skin covers nearly 2 square yards of the body, hence it is the first and one of the most important defenses our body has against many viruses, fungi and bacteria. So much of the skin expose to the environment; wherein cold weather, harsh chemicals and rough work can take a toll on our hands. For fingers, it is usual to develop skin problem disorders as they are regularly in contact with allergens and irritants.

Skin Splitting on fingers: Causes & Treatement

Some skin problems may not warrant medical treatment, but they cause constant annoyance in daily life. For ex. Skin Splitting on fingers; this is extremely painful condition wherein, tips of the fingers become soar and even split open. The pain of split fingers (at the corner where the nail meets the fingertip) is somewhat discomforting, even if there are large fissures and cracks on your fingers; you may find trouble in writing or even holding a pen, using a computer keyboard, peeling an orange or doing house hold activities. There are chances that fungus infection sets in the cracks and fissures of your fingertips, the same you find on your soles, in between your toes, on the ear lobes or on the lips. Also, there is high risk of secondary bacterial infection. Though not a medical emergency, it becomes necessary for you to take measures for curing it as soon as possible. Hand creams may feel you little better, but its completely removing requires more than just surface lotions. So, go through following details and know why your fingers get split and how you treat them effectively.

What Causes skin splits on fingertips?

  • When there is a rapid change in temperature from cold to hot, it increases risk of getting split fingers. Actually, circulation is too sensitive, sudden change in environmental temperature can affect the circulation, especially on your finger tips. When you are exposed to dry cold air during winter, and all of a sudden, you put your hands in front of a heat source, like a heater, fire place to feel the heat; there is dryness and loss of elasticity on the finger skin and eventually they crack because the small blood vessels may not be quick enough to adapt to the change in temperature. During work; cracked fingertips come in contact with fungus, thus fungus gets a chance to slip in the cracks and fissures of the fingertips. Considering all these, elderly and sedentary people who have poor blood circulation are more susceptible to split fingers due to change in temperature.
  • The low humidity draws additional moisture from your exposed skin, ultimately lead to skin on fingers splitting open.
  • While the cold temperature prevent perspiration in the hands that would help keep the skin more moist if you were in a warm but dry climate. Accordingly, if you go outside in cold weather your fingertips succumb and the tips split.
  • Vitamin C is essential for the health of your skin. If you develop a vitamin C deficiency, you may experience cracked or splitting skin on your fingers and other areas.
  • History of split fingers in family: yes, split finger cause can be hereditary also as some individuals with split fingers have similar problem in their family.
  • Hormonal changes during menopause, pregnancy can give rise to cracks and fissure on the finger tips.
  • Malnourishment and deficiency of vitamins, especially B vitamins and vitamin A accelerates the process.
  • As fungus survives and multiplies in damp places, if you are staying in damp place or work in damp surrounding, there are higher chances of fungus infection.
  • Diseases like eczema, psoriasis can cause split fingers. Bleeding is often present from the cracks and fissures on your fingers as a result of eczema on the fingers.
  • People working closely with chemicals and petroleum products are also vulnerable to split finger problem.
  • Getting Split Fingers is very common among females and maid servants who come in contact with detergents and soaps. Thus, constant scrubbing with hand soaps and exposure to detergents while washing may trigger the development of Split Fingers.
  • Familial tendencies, anemia, poor circulation, poor nutrition, and some bone marrow or connective tissue disorders also cause split finger problem.
  • Unnecessary bathing- Off course, bathing and hand washing involve water, but that water doesn't moisturize the skin however the protective oils of the skin are washed away. Shortly afterwards, the water from bathing and water within the skin evaporate. In result, the skin is now dryer than it was before washing.
Easy Treatment and help on skin splitting on fingers:
  • As citronella oil is a potential fungicidal, cure Split Fingers naturally using the best home remedy - an ointment containing citronella oil and collagen supplements. Apply it daily at night time before sleeping. Make sure that citronella oil has to be used with a base as some times it may irritate the skin of the finger tips in concentrated form. This is highly recommended remedies but application of an ointment should be properly guided by podiatrists.
  • Due to dryness, Split fingers causes cracks on the fingertips that bleed easily. Thus, it becomes necessary to keep them sufficiently moisturized with readily available petroleum jelly that keeps the hand greasy at the same time facilitating the healing process.
  • You can also try a heavy, greasy moisturizing cream, such as "bag balm" or udder cream. Udder cream is generally used to avoid chapping in cows, but it is proven effective for healing this condition.
  • Besides cream and moisturizers, improve your immunity that helps to fight the fungus infection. Eat vitamin rich food & generously antioxidant rich fruits, avoid smoking & drinking alcohol. Certain anti-fungal medications may also be taken to increase the body’s immunity against the invasive fungi.
  • You can also apply aloe vera gel. It helps to relieve the condition within a week or two.
  • There are also liquid bandage products that also prevent irritating the split fingers.
  • If contact dermatitis is the cause for split fingers, use hand gloves while you are working with irritants that cause your fingertips to split.
  • Drink enough water and fruit juices and keep your body well hydrated so that your skin does not lose its elasticity and it remains well hydrated.
  • A&D ointment is a very healing preparation so you can use them in treating split fingertips.
  • Lastly, try coating your fingertips with greasy moisturizer right before bed, then put on a pair of cotton gloves to sleep in. The gloves will keep the ointment on the fingers to do its job. , plus they'll keep the sheets from getting all greasy.
  • Simple preventive measures include; avoid washing with harsh detergents, stay away from constant use of water as in case dish washing and other house hold activities. Also, hygienic measures like hand washing should be maintained. You can also wear cotton or latex gloves at night to avoid scratching.


15 months ago I turned 65 and 8 of my finger tips began cracking/splitting became painful, splits would go right across the tip. It seemed as if the surface skin was dead and not getting moisture. I have read multiple blogs, tips, home remedies and tried everything with little to no success even though I was constantly applying some kind of cream. It began when as an amateur potter I began using a caustic chemical without constant protection & burned the tips picking up hot bricks. I discovered '3m tegaderm a hydrocolloid thin dressing' cut in 3/4" squares applied to the tips and covered with a light breathable medical tape, with 24 to 36 hours the split is completely healed and skin is somewhat normal. However the underlying problem seemed the surface skin was not getting moisture and within a week if the weather is cold & dry, they tip splits again easily with a minor bump. I have tried a dozen different creams which give some temporary relief but no cure. Then I bought a hand made cream which combines coco & coconut butters, 2 nut oils, Vitamin E & beeswax which I have applied 4 or 5 times a day for the last 2 weeks. My fingers have made a dramatic recovery, the skin now seems alive and functionally properly, the skin which for 15 months has been hard and rough is not soft and pliable. Vitamin E is essential for healthy skin and applying topically is as effective as through diet. I'm a believer as not only my tips are returning to normal the skin on my hands is less wrinkled, feel dramatically softer, and appear younger.

Your can this hand creme be purchased?

Can you give me the name of the hand made cream please? At present five of my fingers are split and very sore.

What is the name of the cream please. Thank you

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