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Health Benefits of Satodi Herb

Herbs are the first thing that comes in mind when conventional treatment fails and we are looking for alternative therapies. Since centuries, they have been used to improve energy levels, treat ailments and promote healing. Satodi is one such herb that can treat various ailments. It is known as Boerhaavia diffusa in Latin, spreading hogweed in English and punarnava in Sanskrit. Each and every part of the plant: leaves, stem and roots has medicinal properties. Indigenous and tribal people in India have been using satodi herb for the treatment of various diseases. Here are provided the health benefits of satodi herb.

Health Benefits of Satodi Herb

Satodi (punarnava) is a species of flowering plant that grows all over India and Brazil as a weed in water lands and road sides. This herbaceous plant belongs to the Four o'clock family or Nyctaginaceae. The active ingredient of the herb is an alkaloid named Punarnavine. The herb contains anti-inflammatory, diuretics, anti-pyretic, expectorant, antimicrobial, laxative and carminative properties.

There are two varieties of the herb: white and red. Both varieties are light, cold and dry in effect. They have almost same medicinal values but white is considered to be the best. The white variety suppresses all the three doshas and has pungent, sweet, bitter & astringent taste while the red variety suppresses pitta dosha but aggravates vata dosha as well as has bitter, sweet and pungent taste.

Health Benefits of Satodi Herb

1. Obesity

Satodi is used as an ingredient in almost all the herbal slimming formulations. The herb has stimulates the removal of excess fluids and waste products from the body by promoting urination without electrolytes or potassium loss. Thus, it helps in weight loss. It also works as a mild laxative.

2. Liver and kidney

The herb is very beneficial for the liver and kidney. It rejuvenates liver & kidney as well as promotes healthy liver and kidney function. As the herb is a diuretic and mild laxative, it detoxifies liver, kidney and prevents fluid retention. It improves the kidneys functioning damaged by diabetes as well as treats liver disorders such as jaundice, sluggish liver and hepatitis. It even protects the body against free radical damage and stress.

3. Dropsy

Dropsy is a disease in which excess of watery fluid gets accumulated in the tissues and cavities of the body. Satodi herb enhances the discharge of urine and thereby treats the condition. You can consume fresh boiled herb or liquid extract of the plant (4 to 6 gms) to cure the disease.

4. Ascites

Ascites is a condition marked by an excessive collection of a watery fluid abdominal cavity. Mostly the herb cures the ascites caused by liver disorder.

5. Asthma

This herb not only cures asthma but also other respiratory problems like pneumonia or dysnoea. It promotes the elimination of catarrhal matter and phlegm from the bronchial tubes and thus helpful in Asthma. It even makes the bronchial system strong. You can consume the powder of its root thrice a day in small doses.

6. Arthritis

Satodi herb provides relief from joint pains and inflammation associated with arthritis. Just use the paste made of fresh herb by grinding and applying directly on the affected area.

7. Impotence

The seeds of satodi rejuvenate the male reproductive system. The herb is also known to increase libido and quantity & quality of semen. It even cures erectile dysfunction.

8. Stomach Disorders

It strengths the stomach and promotes its action. It treats a number of stomach problems, especially intestinal colic. You can take 5 grams of the root powder three times a day. It also kills or expels intestinal worms.

9. Skin Diseases

The root of the plant is very helpful for various skin diseases. Apply a paste of the root to the affected part as a dressing for oedematous swelling. A hot compress or poultice of the root can be applied to ulcers, abscesses and similar skin diseases.

10. Heart

The herb has a diuretic effect so it is very effective for the treatment of many cardiac problems. It helps to purify blood and increase the blood circulation.

11. Fevers

It can be used for bringing down temperature. It induces the copious sweating quickly and treats fevers. Take ½ tsp root powder of satodi with milk in morning and evening.

12. Eyes Diseases

It alleviates the eyes diseases like night blindness and conjunctivitis. Instill the fresh juice of its roots in the eyes for the treatment.

Other Benefits of the Herb

  • It readily supplies WBCs and heals the wounds and cuts.
  • It lowers blood glucose and so helps people with diabetes.
  • It maintains urinary tract health and treats urinary bladder infections.
  • It boosts the appetite and immune system
  • It provides relief from constipation.
  • It is beneficial in the treatment of kidney stones, cystitis and nephritis.
  • It controls the menstrual flow in women.
  • The herb prevents the breakdown of the fibrin (blood-clotting protein).

You can consume 2 to 4 gm of roots or seeds powder and 5 to 10ml of fresh roots juice. The herb should not be given to pregnant women and the children below 12 years.


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