Monday, September 2, 2013

Does Snail Facial Treatment work? - Dangers of Snail Facial

Mirror, mirror on the wall... what is the secret of younger skin? Then, mirror's answer would be snail today. Woman and the beauty are two inseparable terms. A woman always desires to look beautiful and young. To stay beautiful and young, women go through various treatments whether it is beauty treatment, various types of skin treatments, facials and lots more. Nowadays, the beauty treatments field has touched immense height as now a new treatment has been introduced in a salon in Tokyo where a new facial is introduced that is snail treatment. So here, snails are enjoying the immense importance given to them by the beautiful women for the much younger skin.

Does Snail Facial Treatment work? - Dangers of Snail Facial

After knowing about such treatment you might be curious to know more about it. How you feel if snails are being placed on your face for the sake of younger skin? In this facial, the client needs to wash their face, afterwards snails are being placed on the client's face. The main purpose to undergo through this treatment is to remove the dead skin on the face. The secretion of the snail contains proteins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. This treatment takes around 60 minutes.

The snails are placed on the face for the 5 minutes and so the snail’s mucus aid in moisturize the skin. Along with that other treatment is also being followed which includes massage masks and electrical pulse machines and other facial treatment. According to the salon this treatment makes the woman younger as the snails cleans, moisturizes the skin and removes the dead skin and thus results into younger look.

These snails have been given special importance and are served with carrots, spinach, Japanese Mustard Spinach and Swiss chard as as they are main source of the salon income.

Snail mucus is the main source of glycolic acid and elastin. Snail has been the part of the beauty treatment since long time in the form of snail face creams, masks and serums. Earlier, it was believed that crushed snails were used for the treatment of inflammation. During the Roman times, snail’s ashes is being used for treatment of sores and freckles.

However there are no scientifically studies which proven that the facial actually works; the salon claimed that the snails removed the dead skin and thus results in younger skin.

One must remember that the snail needs its mucus for themselves in order to protect their feet as they travel. Even it would not be wise to spend $245 without sure that it will definitely work.



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