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How to get rid of winter cough naturally?

Fight against irritating winter cough naturally with various easy to use home remedies of ginger, honey, lemon, clove, cardamom, etc.

Coughing is one of the usual health problems that make you feel irritating and lezzy. Cough is nothing but your body’s immunity system, which reacts to make your throat wet with the help of mucus. But when concentration of mucus increases, it makes your nasal passage congested. Coughing becomes worse in the night time and disturbs your daily routine. There are some of the home remedies that will treat your cough naturally in winter to give you relief from it. Here, we are giving you some of the most useful tricks to get rid of irritating cough in winter.

Person suffering from whooping cough

Dry ginger powder and honey: If your kid is having problem of coughing in the winter, mix dry ginger powder and honey and give it to your child daily. It will cure coughing from the root and protect your child from the coughing.

Lemon juice: Prepare juice from one lemon and add 1 pinch of clove powder in it. Now add 1 cup water and drink it every 5 hours to cure coughing naturally without any side effects.

Roasted walnuts: Daily chew some of the roasted walnuts to treat dry cough.

Roasted dry dates: Eat 4-5 dry roasted dates daily to cure all kind of cough.

Pure ghee n milk: Take one glass warm milk and add 1 tsp of pure milk in it and drink it daily before going to bed. It is easy and most effective treatment to treat cough.

Currants, Almonds and sugar: Grind 250 grams of Crystal sugar lumps, Currants, Almonds and make small peanut size tablets. Daily chew one pill to treat dry cough.

Poppy seeds: Daily eat 3 grams of poppy seeds in morning with empty stomach to cure dry cough.

Garlic: Take one glass of water and boil 2-3 cloves of garlic in it. Gargle with the boiled water or drink it. This is best for coughing and sputum.

Coconut and coconut water: To cure and prevent from the whooping cough, make use of coconut and coconut water in your daily diet.

Sweet wood (mulathi): Daily chew sweet wood (mulathi) to prevent cough in couple of minutes. It is best remedy to cure recurrent coughing in winter season.

Pasta with banana, dates and butter: Prepare your favorite pasta with the banana, dates and butter. Eat it warm to get relief from the dry cough.

Green Cardamom powder: Mix little powder of green cardamom with honey and take it daily with empty stomach to get relief from cough.

Honey and boiled Egg Yolk: Eat boiled egg yolk with the honey and take it daily to cure coughing naturally.

Grapes: Grapes acts as a natural expectorant, Drink one glass of grape juice mixed with the little honey to cure dry coughing.

Onion: Chop onion finely and take out juice from it. Take one tsp of onion juice and one tsp of honey. Leave the mixture for 4-5 hours and take this mixture times in a day. It is very much useful to remove phlegm also cure dry coughing.

Turmeric: Turmeric is useful to cure dry coughing. Take few dry tuberous roots, roast them and make fine powder of it. Consume powder daily 2-3 times to cure problem of coughing naturally.

Belleric Myroblan: Prepare mixture of 1/4 teaspoon of salt, 1/2 teaspoon of long pepper, and 2 teaspoons of honey. Daily consume this mixture two times to cure coughing problem naturally.

Aniseed: Aniseed is one of the other effective remedy to cure cough. It breakups the mucus and let it out easily. Tea made from Aniseed is useful to treat coughing condition.

Drink hot soup: Prepare soup and drink it when it is hot. It will treat sour throat. It will also help you to remove sputum easily without any rashes in your throat.

Take hot bath: It is advised to take hot bath during cough. Hot bath will make your sinus relax and cure help to reduce your constant coughing.

Salt water gargle: Take warm water and add little salt in it. Gargle with the salted water to get relief from the cough. It will also make you feel good in breathing less irritation in your throat.

Basil: Prepare decoction of basil leaves and drink it daily to cure dry coughing. Or chew few raw basil leaves daily to stay away from the problem of cough.

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