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Medicine-Free Tips to look Younger and Beautiful

Pause your 20's young and beautiful look by trying natural tips that are easy to follow and make your skin look younger and beautiful than your actual age.

Many people want to look younger than their actual age, and they use various cosmetics and chemical beauty products that give them only fake younger looking appearance for couple of hours to fulfill their wish. In return, they make their skin duller and aged due to bad effects of chemicals. Besides using various cosmetic products, one can go for the natural ways to look younger than your present age. Make simple changes in your daily routine and get younger looking appearance. Find out the most effective and easy to follow habits that can make you look younger and beautiful than ever.

Women with younger and beautiful look

Maintain your blood pressure:

You may not believe, but increase in blood pressure also effects negatively on your looks. If your blood pressure increases so many times in a day due to lots of tension and stress that you experience in your office, then reduce the stress level to reduce the speed of biological aging process.

Eat more anti-oxidant foods:
Wrinkle free skin is the sign of youthful and beautiful skin. To keep wrinkles at bay, include as many anti-oxidant foods as you can in your diet. Free radicals increase the rate of aging, and anti-oxidant foods reduce the number of free radicals in your body to give you younger looked skin. So, eat apple, oranges and other anti-oxidant foods daily.

Smile often:
In one survey, many volunteers are asked to guess age of people by seeing their photos. Almost all the volunteers fail to guess right age of people, who are smiling in their pictures. So, smile often as it makes you look younger and reduces stress level to make you look beautiful naturally.

Have sex and cuddle often:
It is proven fact that couples, who regularly have sex for 4-5 times in a week, look younger than those couples, who have sex only 1-2 times in a week. During the intimacy, couple gets relaxed and becomes stress free also feels comforts and warmth of their spouse that increase their confidence level. In turn, it increases their working capability and helps to stay happy due to more production of happy hormones.

Exercise daily:
You must exercise daily to make your body more active and energetic. By making you feel young, it reduces all aches and pains that is considered as the sign of aging. Once you feel younger, you will definitely look more younger than your actual age. Daily exercise increases blood circulation, improves working of digestive system and makes you look younger.

Take deep sleep:
One natural and best way to get healthy and bright looking skin is to get minimum 6-7 hours deep sleep. As we got busy in our daily work; in hassle of getting all work done, we neglect precious sleep that makes you look younger as well as gives the time to your internal organ to cure damage automatically. So, you will also get less chances of facing aging problems like knee pain, low stamina, etc. Daily sleep for minimum 6-7 hours, as it will make you look younger and beautiful than your actual age.

Brush your teeth daily:
You must brush daily; as consumption of soft drinks and alcohol stains your teeth and it makes your smile look ugly. It reduces your confidence level. So, brush daily and smile often with bright teeth that will increase beauty in your character.
Skip alcohol and cigarette:
Reduce consumption of alcohol. If you do smoking, then quit smoking as early as possible because it increases the rate of aging early. It also damages your internal organs and makes you feel and look aged person. It reduces the brightness and softness of your skin that makes your face full of wrinkles.

Spend 15-20 minutes daily with only yourself:
In this hassle lifestyle, we neglect ourselves and do not take out few silent moments for ourselves. So, now start spending 15-20 minutes daily in silent place to reduce stress level. Read your favorite book or spend some time with your family and friends. It will increase your confidence and make you feel beautiful.

Practice deep breathing:
Increase amount of oxygen in your body by practicing deep breathing daily. Do some yoga and pranayam to increase level of oxygen in your body. It will increase activity rate of cells and detoxify your body naturally to give younger looking appearance.

Drink lots of water:
Drinking minimum 2-3 liters of water daily helps you to flush out almost all soluble toxins from your body. It also hydrates your skin and makes your skin healthy and glowing naturally. So, drink lots of water daily to stay younger and beautiful.

Follow balanced and healthy diet:
Include super food in your regular diet to satisfy daily nutrient needs of your body. Balance and healthy diet also increases your immunity power and makes you free from the effects of aging. With the fulfillment of daily nutrient needs, it makes your skin glowing.

Exfoliate your body once in a week:
With the soft loofa and shower gel, exfoliate your skin once in a week. Do not scrub your body daily as it effects negatively and makes your skin full of rashes and cracked. So, only use mild gel and soft loofa to exfoliate yourself. It will give you glowing and younger look.

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