Wednesday, February 11, 2015

5 Weird types of Bras

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From anti-rape bras to weight loss bra, there are many different kinds of bras that do more than what they are supposed to. Check out five types of such weird bras.

Now wearing a bra can help you lose weight or ward off a potential attacker! This may sound a bit strange, but researchers are actually developing such “smart bras” that can do more than just support. And for this, they are taking help of various technologies like smartphone applications, Twitter and GPS. Given below are five such weird types of bras that not only support your breasts, but also have some smart feature. As they are still in their prototype phase, they are not available in the market right now.

1. Anti-rape Bra

Anti-rape bra

In response to a series of brutal rape cases that have occurred in India, a group of young Indian engineering students have invented a bra which is capable of delivering a 3800kv electric shock when someone attempts to grope a woman wearing it. This novel wearable device has sensors and as soon as the pressure censor is activated, the garment will send out a powerful electric shock. Although the circuit is placed inside the bra, it is fully insulated so as to protect the wearer from said shock. It comes with an on/off switch. So, if someone feels threatened, they can turn the garment on, and if they’re at home or with a loved one, they can turn off the same. Best of all, the bra will also be equipped with GPS and GSM modules, which would send an SMS to the Indian emergency number as well as to parents of the girl, alerting them about the exact location where the attack is taking place. In short, we can say that it is basically a superb self-defence bra for women.

2. The True love Bra

True Love Bra
True Love Bra unlock only when you find true love
Ravijour - a Japanese lingerie company - has developed a concept bra that will unhook only by the woman’s ‘true love’! So, how does it work? According to the Buzzfeed, true love bra has a built-in sensor that monitors the women’s heart rate signal. Then, it sends the signal to a special mobile phone app via Bluetooth for analysis. Once the signal surpasses the ‘True Love Rate’, it would unhook automatically. Ravijour also insists that this bra will not burst open continually, since the application will have the knowledge to recognize different situations. It could make out whether the rising heart rate is due to jogging or romance. They also have said that this bra can come in handy for women to protect themselves from sexual harassment. But the question is what if the wearer wants to unhook it by themselves? The creators have not disclosed anything regarding this topic yet. Perhaps one of the most exciting things about this bra is that it has a front clasp, which glows pink when the wearer is in love with someone nearby.

3. Weight loss bra

Microsoft stress-busting weight loss bra
Microsoft stress-busting weight loss bra
This one is perfect for those women, who are emotional overeaters. Researchers at Microsoft have developed a smart stress-busting bra, which could help the wearer keep an eye on their emotional eating habits. The whole concept is actually based on the fact that people tend to eat more when they're stressed. This clever piece of garment is fitted with sensors, which smartly records emotional states, including electrocardiography (EKG) information about the heart. It then compares this data to earlier occasions when the wearer overate. As soon as the wearers reach that emotional state where they are more likely to overeat, the smart bra will warn them by sending a message to the app installed in their smartphones.

4. Face bra:

Hourei Lift Face Bra
Hourei Lift Face Bra
Another Japanese brand called, Trend Shop, has invented a smart bra for cheeks! Its official name is Hourei Lift Bra, but it is called the ‘Face Bra’ since its silicon rubber structure resembles a bra. This product comes with a band and it is supposed to be mounted at the back of your head. The silicon rubber wire would slide over your nose covering your cheeks.
How Hourei Lift Face Bra works
How Hourei Lift Face Bra works
According to the inventors, it would exert a slight pressure on your face, near the mouth and cheeks. This in turn will help diminish those laugh lines, which get prominent as you age. So with the help of this age-defying bra, women can get back that youthful radiance without opting for any surgery.

5. Tweeting bra:

Tweeting bra tweet every time you remove bra
Tweeting bra tweet every time you remove bra
We all know that social media has really affected each and every aspect of our lives and this ‘Tweeting Bra’ only adds to this fact. Every time when wearer unhooks this bra, it will automatically send out a tweet to all of the Twitter followers. No doubt this may sound a bit weird, but the actual intention behind this strange concept was to increase more awareness about breast cancer among women. A Greek marketing group OgilvyOne Athens had created this tweeting bra for a breast-cancer awareness campaign. It was also worn by a Greek celebrity for a few weeks. Every time she unhooked it, a tweet was sent to her Twitter followers reminding them about breast self-examination.


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