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Natural Gnat Repellent: Get Rid of Gnats with Home Remedies

Stop buzzing and rotten smelling gnats to come in your home or surrounding by using effective home remedies of vinegar, garlic, vodka, tobacco, etc.

Once humidity increases in air, you might see small pests roaming around open fruits and small plants that you have placed in your home or outside in garden. These pests are known as Gnats. They are totally harmless to us but its buzzing sound and rotten smell make you irritating. Besides fruits and indoor plants, gnats also make their colony near kitchen sink, bathroom, garbage can, leak drainage pipes and other humid places. They are also considered as best places for gnats to breed. It is impossible to change climate immediately, but you can try following ways to get rid of these terrific Gnats naturally.

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Gnats are small pests that have been emerged out from humid place where they feed on plant and breed. They are smaller insects but bigger than mosquitoes. They do not harm humans. Adult Gnats live for time period of one week, and it can lay more than 300 eggs in that much time period. Larvae or maggots have shiny black head and elongated transparent body. They feed on roots of plant. Larvave do damage to host plant by leaving injuries resulting into the Geraniums, African violets, Carnations and Poinsettias.

Home remedies to get rid of Gnats naturally:

Check plants before buying: One of the most prominent and easiest methods to stay away from gnats is to check your indoor plants thoroughly before buying. As life cycle of gnats is not more than 3-4 weeks, more than one life stages from larvae to adults can be seen in soil of single plant.

Electric swatters: Electric swatters not only help to kill mosquitoes but it also help you to kill flying gnats to kill with electric current that flows through this electric swatters. This can also help to get rid of gnats outside your home.

Boiling water: This is easiest method to make sure no more larvae grow in your bathroom or kitchen sink. In bathroom and kitchen sink pour boiling water on assumed places that might have gnat colony to kill all larvae to get rid of gnats fast.

Stop food and breeding sources of gnats: As we know that gnats live in humid places, make sure you do not leave any food open. You should wash your kitchen basin and bathroom with disinfectants to kill gnats. Also try to keep every area of your home dry.

Sticky traps: Gnats are attracted to bright yellow color. So, apply sticky glue or honey on yellow paper and put it near where gnats are flying. By attracting to yellow color, gnats will come to explore it and get stick to sticky material. It is best method to get rid of gnats from your house plants.

Tobacco trap: Tobacco has many ill effects on human body, same for the gnats. Take out tobacco from the cigarettes and spread it near the area where gnats fly. Make sure you do not use tobacco near food item or plants that have fruit or flowers. Nicotine ingredient of tobacco make gnats gets away from plant.

Vinegar bottle trap: It is most popular and trusted method to get rid of gnats. Fill the bottle with vinegar and close the mouth of the bottle with plastic foil. Poke several small holes on plastic foil and one big hole is enough for gnats to go inside. From all holes, vinegar’s smell will attract gnats and as they go inside the bottle to explore it they will be trapped.

Vinegar and liquid soap: Take one medium size bowl and add few drops of liquid soap. Now add 2-3 spoons of vinegar and fill the bowl with the water. Then, stir water to produce some bubbles and put it near to gnat’s colony. By attracting to vinegar smell, gnats will come to bowl but could not escape due to slippery surface.

Vodka spray: In a ration of 1:3, mix vodka and water. Now pour it in spray bottle and spray it on both the side of leaves. If you are trying this method for first time, then firstly spray mixture on only one leaf and check out that vodka does not become harsh on plant. Once you get positive results, you can spray all over the plant.

Baking soda method: Spread little baking soda down the sink and add little amount of white vinegar. Allow both the ingredients to do their work for 1-2 hours. Drain out remaining solution after 1-2 hours with hot water. This procedure will kill all gnats breeding in your sink. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times in a week.

Moth balls: Put one or two moth balls near the gnat’s colony. It is cheap and effective method to remove all gnats from your home. Only one problem with moth balls is small kids in your home. On looking at moth balls, they will think it is a candy and eat it. So, switch to other methods if you have toddlers.

Decorate home with plants that gnats hate: It is true that gnats prefers humid and warm atmosphere near to plants. Whereas some warm and humid environment of some plants not at all attracts gnats! So, you can use those gnat repellent plants to decorate your home. Some gnat repellent plants are lavender, lemon balm, etc. Gnats repellent plants help to get rid of gnats naturally.

Use lemon essential oil as gnat repellent: Moisture is most positive inviting hint for any kind of gnats. So whenever you water your plants, gnats will come to form colony in the planter. Lemon acts as one of the repellent ingredient for gnats. So, take some lemon essential oil and apply it on edges of planters to kick out gnats.

Different gnats repelling sprays:

  • Blend one garlic bulb with few quantity of water and seal it in one jar for 2-3 days. Now take small amount of garlic pulp and dissolve in one gallon of water. Pour mixture into the spray bottle and apply on both the side of leaves.
  • Mix one tbsp of liquid soap in 1 gallon of water and spray it on every part of plant.
  • Mix 3 tbsp of baking soda, 1 tbsp of liquid soap in one gallon of water. Spray it on plant to get rid of gnats.
  • Mix two cups of water and 2 big spoon of citronella oil. Pour in spray jar and add few liquid soap drops. Allow oil and soap to get dissolve completely in water. Spray mixture at all gnat infected places.
  • Mix 2 spoons of vanilla extract or vanilla oil and 2 drops of liquid detergent in 2 cups of water. Spray it all the gnats infected area once in a week.
Dryer sheets: Place dryer sheets near to planters or garden area. Oleander ingredient of dryer sheet will act as a gnat repellent.

Gnats Sanitation:

  • Keep home clean and dry
  • Do not forget to clean home with disinfectants on regular period of time
  • Keep your garbage lid tightly closed
  • Do not keep any food or fruit items open


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