Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dangers of Acrylamide in Foods

Find out brief information about Acrylamide - a hidden chemical that get produced during cooking, baking or frying food and its side effects on our health.

Delicious food is a part of human life. We love to eat various food dishes from fried items, backed items, cooked items etc. We love the special smell of French fries when it start frying in oil, but we don’t know that during process of frying it also produces harmful chemical known as acrylamide. Same chemical produce while cooking and baking process of plant based carbohydrate rich food. From the day human know backing potatoes on fire, he has started consuming acrylamide unknowingly.

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But, today’s picture is little bit different as Mother Earth’s power to produce healthy crops is decreasing daily due to lots of soil and water pollution. Though acrylamide has started producing in food from ancient time, today’s crops are more covered with chemical fertilizers and increase the production of acrylamide while cooking. Let’s get a brief introduction of acrylamide chemical and its possible dangers on our health because of access presence in our food.

What is Acrylamide?

Acrylamide is a type of synthetic chemical widely used as a water treatment agent as well as manufacture of adhesives, dyes and fabrics. In the factories where acrylamide is used for cleaning purpose, workers handle it carefully to reduce the side effects on health. acrylamide chemical get produced in our food while we bake, cook or fry it. Its high level in running water also causes a cancer in animals.

In what kind of food acrylamide is present in higher amount?

Food items containing high fat content are more prone to produce acrylamide during cooking procedure. Plant based food items including breads, vegetables and dry fruits also produce acrylamide that affect negatively on various parts of our body. Fried potato chips, French fries, and breakfast cereals are products having highest acrylamide content and used in routine. Many people’s beloved companion of good morning coffee also produces high level of acrylamide when it is roasted. Acrylamide is also present more in body of person who is chain smoker.

Different side effects of acrylamide on human body:

Alzheimer's : Consumption of acrylamide rich food effects negatively to nervous system of humans. It reduces the functioning power of neurons. If any person used to eat lots of French fries or other acrylamide riched foods for longer period of time, then he will become a patient of Alzheimer's.

Weak muscles: Another side effect of acrylamide chemical is it makes muscles weak and breaks the muscles coordination to a great amount.

Cancer: If complete digestion of acrylamide contains food does not completes then, it might cause cancer to person on long term acrylamide rich food consumption.

Induce neurotoxic: Acrylamide also effect badly due to neurotoxic reactions and it reduces the neuron signals to pass at each and every part of our body.

Infertility: Overconsumption of acrylamide filled food makes person infertile. It also weakens reproductive system leads to infertility and increased miscarriage chances.

Weak fetal growth: If pregnant women consume too much fast food and too many deep fried items, then it leads to negative effects on fetal development.

Upset blood sugar: Higher level of acrylamide in body will reduce the insulin level in our body. It will make diabetic person very hard to control their blood sugar level by eating too much fast food and other acrylamide rich food.

Bad effect on immunity system: Regular high exposure of acrylamide food on long term basis is linked to the exposure of autoimmune diseases. It might cause you lupus, scleroderma, and Sj√∂gren’s syndrome.

How to reduce consumption of acrylamide in our food?

It is not at all possible to stop consumption of acrylamide while eating our food. But there are methods to reduce the amount of acrylamide in our food. Person should reduce the cooking time to reduce production of acrylamide. Quit your smoking habit to reduce intake of bad acrylamide chemical.


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