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Stem Cell Banking (Storage) Companies in India

Once you decide to opt for cord blood banking in India, ensure you select the right type of stem cell banking Storage Company, based on the pricing options, certification, technological expertise and experience.

A few years ago, Cord blood banking was an unknown concept in India, but now its popularity is increasing as many would-be parents have become aware about the benefits of it. If you decided to go for cord blood banking, you may start asking your friends, relatives, neighbors and doctor to know which are reliable and trustworthy cord blood banking companies in India. Several cord blood banking companies specialize in the storage of cord blood, so you should check out how they collect the cord blood, how the cord blood is shipped, where are the bank laboratories situated, expense of collecting and storing the cord blood, etc. After choosing some cord blood banks, talk to them on phone if you have any questions about stem cell banking. Go through the list of different stem cell banking companies that are most influential and innovative in India.

Cord blood Banking
Cord blood, the blood that remains in the umbilical cord after a baby’s birth, is a rich source of stem cells that have the potential to treat more than 80 medical conditions today like leukemia (blood cancer), myeloma (a type of bone marrow cancer), lymphoma (type of blood cancer), thalassemia (rare blood disorder), and other such critical diseases. If your family has a history of any of the above diseases, then cord blood storage could be a wise idea. The cord blood is pure and immature, so it is also better than bone marrow. These powerful stem cells have a bright future as they are largely being used for the treatment of diseases that are currently incurable. These biologically younger and immature stem cells can be used by the baby and its family, and these cells have been proved to be very useful as they pose lesser chances of being rejected by the recipient’s body during transplant.

Each of the stem cell storage company has different charges and payment options. Take a look at the pricing options and the financial stability of the cord blood bank you select. It is recommended to select a bank which has its storage facility located at a place less prone to natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, etc. Moreover, the storage facility should be protected against fire and should have a good network, accessibility and tie ups with hospitals to make sure that they will be able to deliver your child's stored cord blood cells soon enough when the necessity arises. Check full details and the process involved with both the cord blood bank and the hospital of your preference.

Cord blood banks in India:


LifeCell is one of the India’s largest stem cell banks, and a recommended stem cell storage company by gynecologists. It operates with state-of-the-art storage facility in Chennai & Gurgaon and has 100+ centers in the country and footprints in GCC countries. To make sure maximum protection and safety for the preserved sample, here the laboratory functions daily, all year round and has a dual power back-up, advanced fire safety & alarm system with sprinklers, central monitoring system, information security architecture, automated temperature control, adequately manned security system with limited access protocols, etc. The R&D facility is set-up according to the international standards and is recognized by DSIR, Govt. of India.

LifeCell helps you gift your child a lifetime protection at birth for Rs. 19,990, which consists of Maternal blood test charges, Umbilical cord blood processing fee, and Umbilical cord tissue processing fee. The annuity fees for single site storage and double site storage are Rs. 3500 and Rs. 4000 respectively. One-Time Fee in single site storage for up to 21 years is Rs. 25,000 and lifetime is Rs. 50,000, whereas One-Time Fee in double site storage for up to 21 years is Rs. 30,000 and lifetime is Rs. 60,000.

Cryo-Save India

Established in 2000, Cryo-Save is Europe's leading cord blood bank with 250,000+ samples saved. The company is providing two major services: storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells and umbilical cord tissue stem cells. Cryo-Save has stored samples from several countries on 6 continents, with ultra-modern processing and storage facilities in Dubai, Germany, Belgium, India and South Africa. Cryo-Save India, subsidiary of the leading Europe-based family stem cell banking company (Cryo Save Group N.V) is headquartered in Bangalore. Cryo-Save offices located in India include Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, New delhi and Pune.
Fees of Cryocord service for only the Cryo preservation of the stem cells derived from Umbilical Cord blood is Rs. 94,000 (basic fee Rs. 5000 payable before the birth of the child + Rs. 89,000 payable after birth and successful stem cell storage).

Fees of Cryocord+ service for the processing and storage of the stem cells derived from Umbilical Cord blood AND processing and storage of Umbilical Cord tissue is Rs. 99,000 (basic fee Rs. 5000 payable before the birth of the child + Rs. 94,000 payable after birth and successful stem cell storage).

After 21 years in both of the above mentioned services, the now adult person can decide to expand the contract with Cryo-Save and its fees would be based on the market condition at that time.


Babycell is a leading stem cell bank located in India, which helps storing the nascent stem cells from the umbilical cord blood for future use that can save the baby and family from life threatening diseases. Babycell's collection, processing and storage measures preserve the best standards in the industry with internationally acclaimed accreditations like GLP, GMP, GCP and ISO 13485:2003. Furthermore, Babycell also has client benefit programs that direct you through your pregnancy in the comfort of your house. The head office of Babycell is located in Mumbai. You may already know that cord blood banking is very costly process; however Babycell offers you the industry low prices with world-class quality.

Initial cost for registration = Rs. 5,000, Babycell Biocord: Cord blood + cord tissue banking = Rs. 59,000

Total cost includes enrollment, courier, processing and 21 years storage fee. There is no charge for Multiplication of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC). Easy payment plans are available on request.
Just head over to the website to get full info about the cost of stem cell storage.

StemCyte India

The only cord blood bank in India with a hybrid model that combines Public Banking, Private Banking, and Advanced Therapeutics is StemCyte India Therapeutics Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture between StemCyte Inc. (USA), Apollo Hospital Enterprises Ltd., and Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. The headquarters of StemCyte India is located in Ahmedabad, along with the processing and storage facility at Apollo Hospital Campus, Gandhinagar. StemCyte India started its operations in the year 2010, and has provided 30 cord blood therapies since last three years. To know important aspects for cord blood processing and fees for cord blood storage, simply visit the website or call on the toll free number: 1-860-420-420-6.

Cordlife India

Cordlife Sciences India Pvt Limited is the only bank in India that cultures the stem cells in the laboratories such that their count can be extended. CordLife India has the storage capacity of up to 150,000 cord blood units. Cordlife India is AABB accredited and operates the superior umbilical cord and cord blood processing, testing and cryopreservation facility in the country, with more than 50 centers.

The initial enrolment fee at Cordlife India is Rs. 5000. Then a collection and storage fee for storing the sample for a time of 21 years is Rs. 50,000. If you opt for a storage option for 25 years, then you have to pay Rs. 60,000. All the payment options are available with a flexible payment plans too for those parents who are unable to pay it as a lump sum amount at one time.

Other cord blood banks in India:


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