Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tips to Buy Prescription glasses/sunglasses Online at cheap Price

Need to buy Prescription Glasses or Sunglasses? Follow these tips to get the perfect pair of eyewear online at affordable price.

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to buy prescription eyewear online. Convenience and affordability are the two big reasons why people are switching to online shopping. Online buyers can easily navigate through vast range of styles, materials & colors, and take their pick with just a few clicks, that too at significantly lower prices than traditional store outlets. There are even a number of online stores that offer comprehensive range of prescription glasses and sunglasses for both men and women. Still, buying a pair of prescription glasses online is not as easy as getting a pair of jeans. The eyewear should not only comfortably fit your face but also meet your prescriptive needs. Below are a few handy tips that can help you in buying the right prescription eyeglasses online while saving hundreds of dollars.

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Get your latest prescription from an optician: Although you’re buying the glasses online, you are still required to consult a pro to confirm that your prescription is precise & updated. While placing your order, you’ll be asked to provide the information regarding your prescription along with PD (pupillary distance) measurement. PD is nothing but the distance between the centres of your pupils, measured in millimeters. So, don’t forget to ask your doctor for your PD measurement. You can also measure it by yourself with the help of a mirror and a ruler.

Know your prescription type: Knowing whether you need single-vision or multi-focal lens is very crucial to select the correct lens materials. Single-vision lenses are prescribed for those who have either near-sightedness or far-sightedness. These lenses have only one corrective power. On the other hand, multi-focal lenses are prescribed for those, who need correction to see things both near and far away. The types of multi-focal lenses include bi-focal, tri-focal and progressive. The bi-focal and tri-focal lenses have visible lines that separate various corrective powers whereas progressive lenses do not have any such visible lines.

Look for the numbers on your current glasses: If you already have a pair of prescription glasses, then look at the inside of the arms of your eyeglass frames; you will see three numbers printed on it. These numbers represent the lens size, the bridge and your temple length. Depending on the website, knowing these figures may aid you in getting the best-fitting frames. In case if you’re getting your prescription glasses for the first time, then ask your doctor to give this vital information along with your actual prescription.

Be aware of Add-Ons: You will find many retailers online that advertises eyeglasses at extremely low prices. However, they’re not the actual price. Most of these websites have add-ons that actually increase the price of eyewears significantly. These add-ons include necessary coatings like anti-reflective & anti-scratch as well as poly-carbonate lenses. So, the best thing you can do is first figure out what exactly you want and then find out at what price other retailers are selling the exact same model. Remember, some websites include the add-ons and others don’t, so look out for the final price and not the advertised price.

Check the Customer Reviews of Websites: Go through the ‘customer reviews’ to see what buyers are saying about their shopping experience.

Go for the website that offers in-home try-on service: Many websites offer this amazing feature for free of cost, in which buyers get to choose a specific number of frames to be shipped to their home, so that they can then try them on to see how the glasses look and choose the final pick. And once the decision is made, the frames are sent back (most likely free of charge), and then the final order is placed.

A majority of eyewear online retailers also offer Virtual Try-On feature that allows buyers to see virtually how the selected frame would look on their face, by uploading their picture. So, make sure you avail all these pre-purchase services before making the purchase.

Analyze the refund and return policies: Make sure to read all the policies offered by the retailer related to purchase, refund or return, before making a purchase. Choose an online store with generous & hassle-free return policy, so that you can easily return or exchange the glasses if they don’t work for you.

Last but certainly not least, look out for shipping policy and check whether the site is offering free delivery or not, because with free delivery you can actually save a fortune.


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