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Benefits of Cycling: Eco-friendly, Healthy & Stress-free

Cycling is a great eco-friendly way for fun, fitness and also to enjoy the fresh air. It is a fantastic workout that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. Nowadays, health wave is blowing all over the world, people are becoming more conscious regarding their health so what’s the better way than cycling to shed off calories and gaining fitness. In fact, cycling is one of the most beneficial exercises and all you need is a cycle, a helmet, comfortable clothes, shoes and some pedal power. Also, you can do cycling at anytime, anyplace, on your own or with friends and family. Cycling becomes popular worldwide due to its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendliness. Cycling offers numerous health benefits and helps to live a healthy and stress-free life.

Benefits of Cycling: Eco-friendly, Healthy & Stress-free

Through cycling, your blood vessels, heart and lungs all get a workout. You will perspire, breathe deeper and feel raised body temperature with cycling, thus cycling improves your overall fitness level. The best part about this exercise is that, you would find cycling a pleasant experience, without even realizing the fact that it has performed good for your body. Only a small amount of this sporting activity can prove to be good sufficient to increase your metabolism level, thus fastening your weight loss program. You can include cycling in your daily routine for paying of bills, doing the grocery work, etc. You can also enjoy cycling with friends and have fun and adventure with improving overall balance and coordination.

1. Eco-friendly


Today, world’s major problem is pollution. Different modes of transport such as cars, buses, trams, trains and others cause noise pollution, heavy air pollution and depart massive carbon footprints. Cycling does not require fuel or does not emit any poisonous gases; as well it has practically no carbon footprint. For a fresh air to breath and pure water to drink, a reduction in all those pollution levels is essential. Cycling is an environmentally as well as eco friendly mode of transport. Day by day, the cost of fuels is rising quickly. In such situation, cycling is a cheap mode of transportation, ideal for short local trips and make up several of our everyday journeys.

2. Healthy


Switching to cycle will benefit both your health and community. Also with cycling, you can enjoy your time in the outdoors. Many health benefits are associated with cycling.
  • Improve Your Heart Health
    • Cycling is an excellent exercise for cardiovascular fitness. Regular cycling strengthens the muscles of heart. Blood circulation is improved and fat levels of your blood can reduce. American Heart Association’s requirements for a healthy heart can be met by only 30 minutes of daily cycling.
  • Helps in Shedding Weight
    • Cycling is an energetic workout which increases your metabolic rate and helps to burn body fat. All these contributing factors help to shed your excess weight. Per hour, cycling burns approximately 300 calories. Daily 30 minutes of cycling will burn 11 pounds of fat in a year. If you undertake regular workout, then you can enjoy a more varied diet without adding extra pounds on your body weight.
  • Exposure to sunlight
    • According to experts, 15 minutes exposure to sunlight helps to produce vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D is good for bones and helps to prevent osteoporosis. In today’s busy schedule, sunlight becomes a luxury. Riding a cycle in outdoor provides us fresh air as well as vitamin D. So, improve your vitamin D levels by cycling.
  • Overall Fitness
    • The whole body gets involved in the cycling and thus it improves the overall fitness level of a person. Coordination of the body such as feet-to-hands, arm-to-leg and body-to-eye are improved with cycling. Also, it facilitates deeper breathing and makes you perspire more. Cycling is one of the best exercises to improve your strength, stamina, aerobic fitness and general muscle function.
  • Low-impact Activity
    • Bicycling is a low-impact physical activity as it puts very little strain on your muscles and joints, unlike jogging that has the constant thumping of your feet on the pavement, or other sports where your body is colliding against other athletes. It is a safest way of exercise which doesn’t increases the heart rate too much.


3. Stress-free


Along with physical health, cycling also helps to improve mental health. In the body, cycling liberates endorphins which decrease stress, and boost pleasure. Thus, it is a great mood elevator. Cycling outdoors is a best way to be one with nature and to feel the fresh air of the earth. In our life, good mental health plays a very crucial role. You can get relief from the anxiety, stress and depression partly because of the physical activity, however also owing to the pleasure and satisfaction of riding a cycle. Cycling rejuvenates soul and takes one’s mind out of daily-life stress. You have no need to concern about fitting new healthy lifestyle into an already congested schedule as cycling is a stress free means of taking physical activity.

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