Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eat these Foods to make your hair Long & Healthy

Long & healthy hair adds beauty and reflects the overall fitness of the person so it becomes essential requirement of every woman. Many Shampoos, conditioners and hair care products are available in the market for long and healthy hair but these products give a result up to some extent by increasing hair follies, or other hair damages. Thus, you have to step out of the shower and move to the kitchen as your hair also needs appropriate nutrition for growth. Eat the foods which are high in vitamins and minerals such as beans, salmon etc to make your hair long & healthy.

Generally, hair grows about six inches a year. However, the growth rates vary from person to person and heredity factor plays a vital role in your hair look. Hot oil treatments and regular trims help to hair growth but foods are the best and natural way to maintain the health of hair.

Salmon contain omega-3 fatty acid that makes scalp healthy. This fatty acid contains rich amount of B12 and iron which have great impact on hair nourishment and growth. If you are not able to intake proper amount these vitamins then you may suffer from dry scalp problem and ultimately your hair gets dull look.

Beans are rich source of fiber and soluble fiber. 9 to 13 grams of fiber can be found in one cup of cooked beans. It has abundant amount of protein that helps to grow hair. It also includes biotin, iron, folate, zinc. Deficiency of biotin may lead to hair brittle. Many edible beans have oligosaccharides which is a type of sugar molecule.

Whole grains:
Iron, vitamins B, zinc are the property of whole grains which play important role to give you long and healthy hair. Whole-grain products including whole-wheat bread and fortified whole-grain breakfast cereal gives healthy does of B vitamins, iron and zinc. From the ingredients list, you can indentify products of whole grains.

Feed your stomach with walnuts as it comprises omega-3 fatty acid and alpha-linolenic acid which assists to increase the length of hair. An essential mineral, Selenium, helps to get healthy scalp and Brazil nuts Brazil nuts contains this mineral. Extra nuts like almonds, pecans and cashews are good source of zinc that makes your hair smooth.

Low-Fat Dairy Products:
Calcium is the significant mineral for the hair growth; low-fat dairy products including yogurt and skim milk are rich source of it. They also have high-quality protein sources such as whey and casein. Go for yogurt or cottage cheese cup for healthy hair. Low fat dairy products will not give you extra fat and helps to maintain your weight.

Oils derived from seeds are great method to make your hair long and healthy. You can obtain these oils from your diet. Morning snacks can be prepared by inserting flaxseed oil in oatmeal. You can also take sesame and pumpkin seeds as a mid day snacks.

Healthy scalp is essential condition for long healthy hair and carrots are rich source of vitamin A that gives healthy scalp and good vision. Carrots can be consumed through many different ways. Generally, it is taken as a salad, daal dishes, included in spicy rice as a vegetable. Minerals, dietary fibre and antioxidants are properties of it.

Dark green vegetables like broccoli, Swiss chard and spinach includes vitamins A & C, calcium and iron. These vitamins make oily substance secreted by the hair follicles called as sebum which work as natural hair conditioner. Legumes such as kidney beans and lentils plays significant role in hair growth.

Eggs are high in vitamin B12, biotin and protein however; its level depends on the way they are cooked. Use little oil or butter to cook it. Vitamin B-12, biotin and protein helps to make your hair long and healthy.


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