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HCG Diet Review: Dangers & Side effects

Is HCG diet dangerous for health? What are the side effects of HCG diet? Every dieter should know the basic information about HCG diet before incorporating it.

Today’s generation is crazy about slim body and so they are continuously finding ways to remove extra pounds and stay in shape. To fight against fat, they either use exercise equipment, diet pills, unusual devices or many other formulas. HCG Diet protocol is among the new thriving weight loss schemes which promise dieters to shed one to three pounds per day. It is very important to know about the HCG diet dangers before using HCG weight loss treatment as the dangers and safety of the HCG diet remain the main subject of worry for medical researchers.

The HCG diet protocol was proposed by A.T.W Simeons in the 1950s and basically it is an ultra-low-calorie diet program based on the hormone, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). HCG diet helps to reduce weight by burning the accumulated fats (adipose tissue) from different parts of the body. It includes daily injections of HCG hormones with the strict calorie restriction, normally only 500 calories each day.

Nowadays, HCG oral drops are also available. Normally, the hormone Human Choriogonadotropin is released in large quantities in the body of women during their early stages of pregnancy. The manufacturing of the HCG hormone is also carried out synthetically. This glycoprotein has benefit in easy weight loss as it accumulates fat. During pregnancy, the HCG hormone maintains the production of the progesterone hormone in the body which is very important for both fetus and mother.

Along with the burning fats, this glycoprotein hormone suppresses appetite for a very long period. Ultimately, it results in weight loss. Consumers of the HCG diet have to take only 500 calories per day that is not sufficient for fully grown adult leading to weakness, dizziness, irritation and excess cravings for food.

HCG Diet Dangers & Side effects:

The extraction of HCG is carried out from pregnant women’s urine and sold in the form of injections or oral supplements for the purpose of weight loss. Following intravenous hCG shots or oral hCG drops, a dieter has to take just 500 calories a day which is insufficient for the proper function of the metabolic processes of the body that creates many problems.

Till now, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not given approval to the HCG hormone for weight loss purpose. HCG hormone is suggested to promote testosterone hormone secretion in men and treat fertility problems of women but it is not recommended for weight loss aid. No clinical trials have proved the benefits of HCG hormone in weight loss, appetite suppression, burning of accumulated fat or reducing discomfort related with low calorie diet.

The HCG diet dangers include weakness, depression, headache, restlessness, lightheaded, blood clots, and irritation. With the hCG diet, life-threatening situation like Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) is also possible in some women. Pelvic pain, stomach pain, weight gain, shortness of breath, swelling of the hands and legs, diarrhea, vomiting/nausea, and/or urinating less than normal are the symptoms of OHSS.

After the weight loss, HCG diet does not carry the maintenance phase which is another danger of it and it is possible to regain that weight right back. This leads to a yo-yo effect in which the body weight increases or decreases. This affects the immune system and metabolism of the body creating very difficulty in weight loss. To purchase HCG diet from an unknown and unproven source is one of the biggest dangers of it.

Dieters have to examine the safety of weight loss product or specific diet before taking it whether it is intentional or therapeutic. For most of the cases, the fad diet’s effectiveness remains controversial and doubtful. So, people have to incorporate healthy ways for weight loss like regular exercise, consuming right calories, etc. in place of choosing unproven fast weight loss options.

In short, the HCG diet dangers include:
  • This hormone has not been approved from FDA for weight loss reasons.
  • No medicines are available for the side effects of intake of HCG hormone.
  • This glycoprotein is not scientifically proven as a diet supplement.
  • Consumption of HCG has similar effects like that of pregnancy women for example breast tenderness, water retention, swelling of hands and legs.
  • It may lead to ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome leading to vomiting, nausea, weight gain and excess urination.
  • HCG diet has not any scientific proofs for clinical trials.
  • Several side effects include increased irritation levels, hunger pangs, bad temper and grouchiness.


HCG Diet Review:

When HCG diet incorporated correctly, it is beneficial for weight loss in only low dosages of 125-200 IU. Also, it lowers the risks associated with obesity. So when HCG is used in minimal amounts for weight loss purpose, it is not dangerous for health.

To avoid the dangers of HCG diet and be safe, just ensure to avoid the injections of HCG. Do not purchase any cheap or unproven HCG products. Nowadays, many scams are associated with the HCG products so it is recommended to stick with the company.

I also used HCG oral drops for weight loss purpose but didn’t notice any side effects. I always put these drops in my purse. HCG oral drops have same results as given by the injections. Oral administration of HCG completely removes the need for injections and provides convenient way to use. In place of a painful injection, you have to just place the drops of HCG beneath your tongue.


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It is very important to know about the HCG diet dangers before using HCG weight loss treatment as the dangers and safety of the HCG diet remain the main subject of worry for medical researchers.

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