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Herbal Bath for Relaxation in Hot Summer

During these hot summer days, it is essential to protect our skin from the harmful rays of sun. After spending too much time enjoying summer's sun, skin feels tired so get relaxed with a warm herbal bath. By taking different kinds of herbal baths in summer, you will feel fresh, relaxed and free of tiredness. Water’s restorative power has been indisputable. Bath helps to moisturize, nourish and freshen up the skin. A good soak is frequently prescribed to revitalize a tired body and spirit, and treat aching muscles. By including herbs in your bath tub, you can modify and increase the effectiveness of bath time. To relax mentally and physically after a hot and stressful summer day, nothing soothes similar to a relaxing herbal bath. So next time when you prepare bath, don’t forget to include a selection of herbs. Herbal baths such as rose bath, mint bath, lemon bath, honey bath and milk bath helps you relax physically as well as mentally.

Herbal Bath for Relaxation in Hot Summer

Mint Bath

Mint has a refreshing, cooling and astringent effect to skin. Also, its very cleansing effect to skin makes it great for putting mint in a bath during hot summer days. Spearmint, peppermint, and lemon balm all are included in the mint family. Also, the essential oils of the mint family contain antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic property. Enjoy mint bath by adding 4-6 drops essential oil of peppermint or spearmint in your bath water. Alternatively, take fresh or dried leaves of mint and boil it in water for about an hour. After that filter the liquid and let it to cool. After taking bath, apply this liquid on your whole body, particularly on those parts of body where you feel more perspiration. Don’t wipe it, let it to dry.

Rose Bath

Since ancient times, rose baths are popular for its refreshing nature. For preparation of rose bath, scatter your bath with rose petals and allow it to soak for full night. Ensure the rose petals are evenly distributed across the bath. In the morning, add few drops of rose essence oil into your bath. Relax and enjoy your homemade rose bath by immersing yourself in this bathtub for approximately 30 to 45 minutes, keeping your eyes closed. Rose bath helps to exfoliate your skin and leave feeling of softness.

Honey Bath

Honey is a natural humectant that retains the moisture in skin. Honey bath is just the most relaxing way to refresh your skin, unclog your pores, and relax your body and mind after a hard work day. In a bowl, take cold water, add honey & rose essence in it and put it a side for 2 to 3 hours. After taking a bath, pour this water on your body and do massage softly. Then, take a bath with cold water. By this way, you can cleanse your skin and remove all the dirt that accumulated due to perspiration. As well, you will get soft and supple skin.

Lemon Bath

The lemon bath is an excellent cleanser and great rejuvenator. Lemon has a most refreshing, soothing, and softening effect on the skin. Cut lemons in to slices. Fill the bathtub with water and add slices of lemon and ice pieces in it. Leave the slices to soak in a basin of water. After half an hour when water becomes cool, enjoy this lemon bath. Generally, lemon bath should be taken at night before going to bed due to its relaxing effect. Additionally, you can feel nice fragrance of the lemon. By taking lemon bath, you can maintain freshness of body and mind.

Milk Bath

From centuries, milk has been utilized to clean and nourish skin. Cleopatra has historically acclaimed the beautifying advantages of milk baths as she took bath herself in camel’s milk quite often. One of the easiest ways for getting a good look is taking a milk bath. Just like regular baths, milk bath is taken just with the addition of milk, some pieces of ice and other scents like lavender, honey, and essential oils in water. Milk baths are believed to utilize lactic acid to dissolve the proteins which clutch dead skin cells collectively. If you don’t want to use milk, then you can utilize milk powder. For this purpose, take 1 cup milk powder and prepare milk by adding water and mix it with bathtub’s water. In hot summer days, milk bath will surely help you to relax you physically and mentally.

For the preparation of one bath, generally 10 drops of essential oil are required. However, some stronger-smelling essential oils such as Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Bay, Lime, Basil, Lemon, Rosemary and Thyme require only five drops per bath to be effectual. Actually, much extra oil has an irritating effect on skin. For a more relaxing bath, the best way is to soak oneself in a bathtub along with the neck resting at a rolled towel. According to some experts, baths taken at a warm room temperature about 70° to 85°F are the most healthful baths. If you want to reduce stress and loose tense muscles, then you may choose a warmer soak (not greater than 106°F). However, don’t take too long bath as you will be tired out and skin may become dry.

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