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Healthy breakfast tips for daily diets

Have you ever tried to kick off your vehicle in the morning without having any fuel in it? It seems silly, isn’t it? Starting a day without Healthy breakfast resembles the same silliness. The name ‘breakfast’ itself suggests that it is the meal which should be eaten for 'breaking the fast' after going almost ten hours overnight without food. There is long gap between dinner and breakfast, which lowers the energy level of body. Therefore, it is essential to supply a healthy food to our brain and body as a breakfast in the morning to replenish the energy stores and restore blood sugar levels. A healthy breakfast tops up our body with vital nutrients and gives a much-needed energy boost to jump-start the day. So, everyone should regard breakfast as an essential meal of the day and ensure that they eat right to get the energy boost for the rest of day. In this fast and furious lifestyle, people think that they do not have time to make healthy meals in the morning. Some Quick and Healthy Breakfast Tips are provided in this article that can change the wrong belief of people.

Healthy breakfast tips for daily diets
Fruit Smoothie

Smoothies might be a favorite breakfast choice of everyone as it is yummiest, easiest and healthiest drink. So, go for better than your basic milk shake by preferring a smoothie instead. Take a bowl of curd into the mixie, add a spoon of honey and toss a mixture of your favorite fruits like strawberries, bananas, pears, apples or peaches into it. Push a button of mixie and your flavorful smoothie will be ready in a while. As fruits are loaded with natural sugars which can sweeten your drink, there is no need to add sugar. This wholesome and delicious treat is an ideal breakfast option for the summer.

Whole Wheat Bread Sandwich

A very simple whole wheat bread sandwich filled up with paneer, cucumber, tomato and onion can be a great start of the day for the vegans. Spreading a layer of low-fat paneer on your bread is a healthier option, compared to the cheese. Take a bread, spread a layer of grated paneer, layer the sliced cucumber, tomato and onions on it, sprinkle some salt and pepper, and your healthy and delicious sandwich is ready. Non-vegetarians can include the pieces of boiled, boneless chicken in their sandwich. The whole wheat bread sandwich can be enjoyed with mayonnaise or mustard sauce, as it tastes great with onions and boiled chicken.


Eggs are easy to carry, easy to prepare and easy to consume. No doubt, eggs are a great breakfast option for kids, but adults must go carefully. Before you choose egg as your breakfast option, you must check your lipid profile. And if you have a high cholesterol level, you should stay away from egg yolk.

Egg whites are loaded with protein, riboflavin and selenium and are low in cholesterol and fat. Prefer organic eggs as they are much higher in all-essential omega-3 fatty acids than regular eggs but are not much more expensive. Beat in 1 or 2 egg whites, add several chopped vegetables, a pinch of salt, red-chilli and turmeric powder to taste, mix and scramble and your high-protein breakfast is ready. You can even add a slice of brown bread, if you want.

Curd and Fruits

Consumption of fresh curd mixed with fruits as a breakfast is an excellent way to kick off your day. The fruits are great source of fiber, and stocking up on fiber firstly in the morning is an excellent way to keep your body working smoothly for the entire day. And obviously, there is no denying about healthful decency of curd. So cut up all your favorite fruits, add them to a bowl of fresh curd and top it up with some chopped walnuts and muesli, and you will get a quick, smart, delicious & wholesome breakfast.

Toasted Wheat Bread with Baked Beans

If you are tired of the usual toast and cheese or toast and egg combination, then opt for the baked beans along with toasted wheat bread. It is healthy, nutritious and very simple breakfast option, which provides the correct combination of carbohydrates and protein to keep you feel fuller for a long day ahead.

Flattened Rice (Poha)

It is very easy to make poha and can be prepared in a very little time. You can make your poha more nutritious and healthy by adding vegetables like carrots and peas. Stock up on some roasted groundnuts for adding a further zing to your poha, because groundnuts are loaded with folate, antioxidants and lots of other vital nutrients.


Instead of regular dosa, prefer a multi-grain dosa that provides multiple nutrients required to kick off your day in a best way. But, it is very important to use a nonstick pan and less oil, too.


One more outstanding breakfast choice is Daliya or broken wheat. Daliya is unprocessed wheat, which packs complex carbohydrates and fiber in abundance. It is very nutritious and wholesome choice, and it can be made in an instant. You can add few nuts in daliya to make it a perfect, wholesome breakfast.

Wheat Bread and Peanut Butter

Being an abundant source of antioxidants, protein and fat, peanuts can give you a good start to the day by providing the instant boost of energy that you need. So, for a striking start of your day, make a wholesome and energizing breakfast by spreading some homemade peanut butter on a whole wheat bread.

Egg Sandwich

Fibers and proteins are deemed as two of the major building blocks of our body. So, starting the day with a breakfast made up of these two building blocks is very beneficial. Egg is a very good source of protein and wheat is a good source of fiber. So get a delicious wholesome breakfast by making the egg sandwich; Boil an egg, lay it on a wheat toast along with lettuce, some low fat cheese and a tomato slice, that’s it.

Steamed idlis

Most of the supermarkets presumably stock up on idli batter. Acquire the idli batter from your neighbourhood supermarket and cook idlis the night before, so that you will not have to rush  in the morning. There is no need to waste a further time for making chutney or such, because eating the idlis with honey tastes yummiest. So, microwave the prepared idlis in the morning, add some honey and your yummiest breakfast is ready to eat.


It is very easy to cook the oats. Being a very good source of fiber, oats aid to keep cholesterol under check and regulate blood sugar levels. Add fruits or nuts and dried fruits to your oat porridge to make it more healthy and wholesome.

Cereal Flakes

Beware of the sugar-coated cereals available in the market and opt for the sugar-free corn flakes or wheat flakes. They can be a great breakfast choice as they are loaded with carbohydrates, protein and fiber. You can make it more healthy and nutritious by adding some dried fruits and nuts or some fresh fruit in it.


Are you bored with the same old breakfast cereal? Replace your regular breakfast cereals with muesli. Muesli is a tasty and super-healthy breakfast option, which is fortified with oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Take it with curd or milk, and you will feel energized and fuller for hours.


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