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Tips on How To Prevent Breast Sagging

With the passing time, women’s breasts tend to sag or droop. Breast sagging is an issue that every woman has to face at some point in her life. The breasts sag as the skin elasticity around the breasts loses over the time. The skin may lose its elasticity due to a number of reasons. These reasons include weight loss, pregnancy, childbirth, smoking, aging and excessive exercise. Gravity is also a big factor related to sagging breasts. Breasts are the part of the body which are most affected by the force of gravity. From the moment the chest is fully grown, to late teens and mid-twenties, a woman faces a battle to resist the downward pull. As per experts drooping breasts may have a serious psychological impact on a woman. This condition has been termed as ptosis.

Tips on How To Prevent Breast Sagging

Usually sagging of breasts is seen in older women but young women may also experience it due to some of the above mentioned reasons. Simple tips along with proper bra fittings can help a woman look the best she can look. Go through the following article to know more about Breast Sagging.

Do not blame breastfeeding

Most of the women believe that breastfeeding is one of the main causes of saggy breasts. But many studies and researches have shown this as a complete myth. In fact, it has been found that it is the expansion and contraction of the milk glands caused by pregnancy, rather than breastfeeding that causes sagging. In an American study, 132 women seeking breast lifts or enlargements were interviewed. Just over half of them had breastfed at least one child for an average of 9 months. Researchers did not find any difference in the degree of sagging between women who had breastfed their babies and those who had not.

Manage a steady weight

Try to maintain a stable weight by exercising and eating a sensible balanced diet. Gaining and losing weight causes changes in the size of breasts. Gaining weight causes the breasts to enlarge which results in stretches on the skin. After this, when you lose weight, the breast skin may appear to be stretched and the breasts may appear empty and have a saggy look. One hour of walk or half an hour of aerobics every day helps to keep the metabolism up and the weight steady. Eating whole grains with plenty of vegetables and avoiding junk food also helps to maintain a steady weight.

Quit Smoking

When a person smokes, the carcinogens present in the smoke enter the body and cause elastin to break down in the body. Elastin fibers are responsible for skin suppleness, meaning the absence of these fibers causes the skin to sag. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons These fibers are found in breast tissue and over time, smoking can lead to breakdown of tissues that result in sagging breasts.

Watch out your exercise

When it comes to exercise, it may be both good and bad for your breasts. The right method can keep the breasts pert by providing better blood supply. While there are no muscles in the breast itself, it is possible to build up the underlying pectorals for a lifting effect. But exercises like running may harm. While running without proper support, the breasts bounce in a figure of eight. This causes wear and tear on the supporting ligaments. In a research, it was found that breasts move an average of 10cms up and down, side-to-side and forwards and backwards while running. The larger the size, the greater is the force on the breasts and the more they need to be restrained to avoid harm to ligaments and connective tissue. So do not forget to wear a sports bra whenever you exercise.

Oestrogen is the main hormone that influences the look of the breasts. It is the female sex hormone, which first makes the breasts grow and arouses the development of a tree like network of milk ducts leading to the nipple. As a part of the menstrual cycle, rising levels of this hormone, prepare the body for possible pregnancy, every month. It also stimulates the breast tissue by compelling it to expand and retain water. After menopause, when the levels of this hormone begin to drop permanently, glands and milk ducts shrink. This makes the breasts feel emptier. Also, the tissue making the breasts firm shrinks. This tissue gets replaced by fat which is heavier and hence less capable to withstand gravity. Hence, it results in sagging of breasts.


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