Saturday, July 14, 2012

Top Diet Tips to take care for getting best diet results [Editor's Pick]

These days, people are highly obsessed with dieting and exercise. Some people diet to look good while for others dieting is the most important means to lead a healthy life. Whatever the reason may be, one should follow certain tips to get better results. Such ten tips are given below. All these easy-to-follow diet tips are supported by scientific researches and there is no need of buying anything or to starve in order to follow these tips. So, start following the tips from today itself and see how these simple tips bring significant changes in your diet results and ultimately help you in improving the quality of your life.

10 Tips for dietitian to get success diet results [Editor's Pick]

1, Don’t overstuff yourself while eating. Make sure that you stop eating when you feel satisfied without waiting for your stomach to be full. After the meal, your stomach should not be completely full and at the same time not empty.

2, Eating low GI (glycemic index) foods is the easiest way to make you feel fuller for longer period of time. Foods like oats, sweet potatoes, grainy bread and pulses, all come under the category of low GI foods. These foods can indeed provide the required energy to workout.

3, Don’t ever commit a mistake of skipping a meal. This mistake would result in increased intensity of cravings for unhealthy sugary foods and junk foods.

4, Cut down the fat content from your diet. Try to avoid dressings, oils, marinades and spreads as much as possible.

5, Always keep your body hydrated by consuming plenty of water. It is highly recommended that everyone must drink at least 2 liters of water on a daily basis. Plus, you should increase the intake of water if you do exercises. Drink extra one liter of water for every hour of workout.

6, Drink any fluid (non-alcoholic) with your meal. Fluids work really great in promoting proper digestion. It will help you to feel fuller faster, and you will also remain hydrated for longer period.

7, Eat lots of vegetables. Fresh vegetables can give you all the essential nutrients that your body needs along with several health benefits. So, include all types of vegetables in your daily diet.

8, If you are really desperate to shed your extra pounds, then limit the amount of fruits that you eat. Don’t eat more than two pieces of a fruit in a day. Fruits contain simple sugars and high content of these sugars can hinder your weight loss program.

9, Avoid adding salt or sugar to foods or drinks that you consume. The high salt content in foods will make your body retain extra water, which in turn will make you look bloated and overweight.

10, Stay motivated to lose weight. Often people lose interest in their weight loss program after few weeks because of the lack of motivation. If you don’t want to be one among them, then think of your goal of getting perfect body weight and stay focused on healthy eating and exercising.


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