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Basic Tips and Caution for Back Pain

No matter who you are, back pain can affect you at some point in your lifetime. It is the most frequent problem that can be experienced by anyone regardless of age. However, this problem is more prevalent in working people who sit in front of PC, lift heavy objects or stand for longer period of time. In America, people spend $50 billion on lower back pain yearly. Due to back pain, the patient cannot perform his daily activities properly or even not able to stand/sit straight. The main causes of this problem are standing/sitting for long periods at a time, an injury, strained muscles or ligaments, bad posture, overweight, stress or slipped disc. The pain usually gets away in few days or week but if it lasts for more than one month then it requires medical professional help. People those who are already struggle with this problem can try these basic tips and get rid of back pain without doctors or prescriptions. These basic tips also help you to avoid the inception of new pain.

Basic Tips and Caution for Back Pain

Tips To Avoid Back Pain

1. Posture

The first thing that you should do for getting rid of back pain is to maintain a good posture. Inappropriate sleeping posture, standing posture and sitting posture puts more strain on the ligaments, muscles and discs of the back. As a result, it causes structural changes to ligaments, muscles and discs and thereby leads to back pain (mild to moderate). Making small changes in the posture helps you to get relief from the problem. At work, always sit in a chair that is properly fitted to your body and give support to lower back. Also, you should take regular breaks and do some stretching exercises. Sleep in the foetal position as this take the pressure off the back as well as repair the wear and tear in the back. If you cannot sleep on your side, just put a small pillow/rolled towel in the small of your back. You should also use good posture while performing routine tasks.

2. Avoid direct pressure on the spine

A back massage not only decreases back pain but also makes you relax, improves the blood circulation and lessens stress. Massage therapy works wonders if it is done properly. Taking back massage from anyone other than a professional may harm your spine as ordinary person can not aware of perfect technique. He/she may apply pressure directly to the spine which can leads to serious injury. This technique is totally wrong. The excellent method to do a massage is massaging in a symmetrical fashion with circular motions on both sides of the spine.

3. Maintain healthy weight

Unwanted weight is another main contributor of back pain. You should keep your weight within a healthy range for back pain prevention. Obesity or overweight increases the strain and pressure on back muscles and causes back pain. Obesity also leads to high blood cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. So, weight loss can make a remarkable difference to back pain. To lose weight, eat healthy diet, exercise regularly and avoid processed & deep fried foods. You will also feel more energetic after losing weight.

4. Increase exercise reps slowly and steadily

Regular exercise helps to improve strength and flexibility of the muscles. You can do strengthening exercises and other aerobic exercise for this problem. You should not overdo the exercises and also increase the exercise reps gradually and steadily. If you increase the reps drastically, you can harm your back even more. You should not use heavier weights in the gym.

5. Move, move, move!

Our body is designed for movement not for sitting in front of the TV/PCs or to drive for hours. Prolonged sitting puts pressure on the spinal discs and also make the muscles weak. Whether you are at work, in the car or at home, get up and move at the gap of 30 minutes or from time to time. This improves your blood circulation to the affected area as well reduces the inflammation and muscle tension.

6. Bend correctly

Bending is necessary for many things such as to pick any item, wash floor, play with children, etc. If you are suffering from back pain, you should not bend from the waist. Always bend your hips & knees and keep your back straight. For picking things, use a reach grab; a long handle trowel, rake or fork. You can also sweep several items into a pile and then pick them up.

7. Ice pack

Ice pack provides instant relief from back pain. Ice pack numbs the infected area and decreases the swelling & inflammation that leads to back pain. It also decreases the damage to nearby tissues. You can apply the ice pack 2 to 3 times to the affected area daily for around 10-20 minutes. You can use frozen vegetables or ice pack wrapped in a towel. After applying ice pack for 2 to 3 days, use hot compresses or a hot water bag daily for about 20 to 30 minutes.

8. Get out of bed right

Never get up in the morning by sitting straight up from a lying position as it puts lots of pressure on your back. When the alarm clock rings in the morning, take your time and then move to the edge of the bed. Turn over onto your side and bring your knees up to the chest by bending them. Push the upper body upward with the help of your top hand and use the elbow of your lower arm to raise upper torso. Use both arms to push your body and then drop your legs off the side of the bed. Those who experience pain should wait 30 seconds before standing.

9. Stretch a sore back

Along with exercise, stretching is also play significant role in avoiding back problems and staying flexible. According to a study, stretching is as beneficial as yoga for decreasing back pain. Both, static and dynamic increase flexibility and reduce back pain. You should do stretches before going to bed and doing exercise. For doing stretches, lie on the bed and gradually bring the knees to your chest. Then, put some pressure on the knees and relax. Repeat this process.

10. Medication

Over the counter, pain relievers such as ibuprophen or other NSAIDs can help you to get relief from the back pain. Muscle relaxing medications are also available in the market which doesn’t leads to drowsiness. You must consult your doctor before taking any medication.


i have seen many massage procedure,but din't find such posture anywhere. these posture is very helpful. i tried this one week and find good results. thanx and keep it up.

Back pain was a major problem for me as well two years ago. To treat it, I personally followed a stretch therapy program. The results were absolutely amazing! That's why, I highly recommend it to anyone who has the same problem !

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