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Testicle pain home remedies: Cure testicular pain at home

The most delicate and sensitive parts of a man body, testicles could be affected by ailments and problems similar to other body parts. A sudden pain in the genitals makes a man very disturbed and anxious. Testicle pain/pain in the testicles (one or both testicles) is a very common problem that affects the men regardless of the age. Slow-and-steady pain and sudden-and-severe are two different types of testicular pain. If this condition is left untreated, it can cause infertility, erectile dysfunction (ED) and loss of the testicle. People suffering from sudden-and-severe pain should visit their urologist immediately without any delay. Slow-and-steady pain goes away by itself in few days but home remedies can be used to get relief from the pain. Just, go through the article to get home remedies for curing testicle pain at home.

Testicle pain home remedies: Cure testicular pain at home
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Severe testicle pain is caused due to testicular torsion, a condition in which testicle gets twisted on its cord and lose its blood supply. This emergency condition requires an operation immediately to untwist and to prevent loss of the testicle. Slow-and-steady pain is caused by various diseases like injury/trauma, mumps, testicular cancer, varicocele, hernia, epididymitis, kidney stones and orchitis. The most common symptoms of testicle pain are fever, vomiting, redness of the scrotum, abdominal pain, blood in urine (hematuria), urinary pain or incontinence, decreased urination, unusual discharge from the urethra, testicular swelling, nausea, and pain in the scrotum or testicle.

Home Remedies for Testicle Pain

Ice Pack
Ice pack can help you get relief from the pain and swelling. Take some ice cubes in plastic wrap and wrap the ice pack in a cloth or towel. Then, apply it to the scrotum for 20 to 30 minutes. Repeat this for every 1 to 2 hours. Always apply the ice after wrapping in a cloth or towel.

Don’t do anything, just take rest for 1-2 days and also limit your physical activity till the pain decreases. By doing so the unneeded blood circulation will be prevented and gravitational pull will be reduced.

Athletic Supporter
Use an athletic supporter to support the scrotum and prevent testicle injury. This also helps to alleviate some discomfort and swelling.

Add Some Lift
You can get some relief from the pain, by lifting your scrotum. While lying down or at bed time, put a rolled towel under the scrotum. This can provide some support and thus decrease the testicular discomfort.

Take a Warm Bath
Take a long soak bath in the tub. It does not soothe the pain and swelling only but also increases the blood flow to the affected area.

Tips to Prevent Testicle Pain
  • Drink sufficient amount of fluids
  • Always use protection during intercourse to prevent sexually transmitted infections
  • Wear a protective cup or athletic supporter during sports activities
  • Avoid foods rich in cholesterol
  • Decrease repetitive stress on the nerves like perineum and pudendal
  • Do regular testicular self-exams in order to detect tumors
  • Cure urinary tract infections (UTIs), kidney stones and prostatitis
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Testicle pain can be very harmful. We should do proper treatment of this problem. I think ice pack is great and effective solution to reduce this pain.

Of course dude, I agree with you. If you are treating Testicle pain with hot water or with warm you are indirectly damaging your productivity. The hotness will damage the production of your sperm. If you are going to treat with Hot water then the sperm count in semen will defiantly decrease.

A lot of people overreact when it comes to testicle pain because of the way websites and media show it. They are always like "Ache in testicle means you have cancer, hernia, or torsion.", but a lot of the time, you can just do one of these and it'll be fine.

I knoe but my balls hurt so bad and the ice dont work

Viagra may cause Testicle pain , if anyone one know ?

Amazing!! I started with a sensitive pain on my right side. I found this video did the exercises it feels much better..
thanks so much for your help!
48 yrs

my testes is heavt at left side..and some pain how to treat that..

I snored some meth (3time and never will) and I know that that inhaces sex drive cause sex feels fucken great , but I don't know why I feel discomfort in my testicle, its not sharp pain and there's no redness or pain when I pee or ejaculating . Should I be worried, perhaps, I just sat on them and I made the sore,

i fell pain in my left testes and it is really hurting, i am suffering with pain since 4 month, pls advice me something.

I fell pain in both testes ....iam suffering with pian 4 day s in abdomen & testies....what can i do.......plz help me

I have pain in sepermatic cord and right testis and swelling this condition from wrong exercise chin up and how solve it

I have pain in left testis. what should i do? an uroligist says no problem

These are the best ayurvedic foods for testies pain for man.. Thanks man for sharing...

Thanks for sharing the video. I must say its a good exercise for pain relief. Adding more to drink more water. Get well soon to all having this pain. AK

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