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Shocking Statistics of Pregnancies end in Abortion

A pro-life organization publicized Shocking new statistics in England and Wales after a five-year legal battle to show the failure of government in revealing concerning abortions on disabled babies. As per new figures, thousands of abortions were happened last year for 'abnormalities' in which nearly 500 were for Down's syndrome. Medical problems such as Down syndrome, Spina Bifida, babies with club foot, cleft palates or other musculoskeletal problems were the main reasons of abortion.

Shocking Statistics of Pregnancies end in Abortion

In the whole, 2,290 abortions took place for medical problems with the foetus, with 147 performed after 24 weeks. As per Millington, terminating the lives of babies at gestational ages when they could exist is always particularly horrible while all abortion at any stage in pregnancy is opposed by the ProLife Alliance. If abortions are permitted under law, then there should be no try to hide details of the numbers or justifications.
The new figure shows, 3,718 abortions took place in England on the girls under the age of 16, 2,676 on 15-year-olds, 906 on 14-year-olds, 134 on 13-year-olds and 2 abortions done on 12-year-old girls, who are evidently sufferers of statutory rape. The Government has revealed data on abortions made on the grounds of disability, first time in almost a decade.

As per Julia Millington, spokeswoman for the ProLife Alliance, similar to year 2001, detailed information about the justification for late abortions is being made available so all are happy because this is a great success for transparency and liberty of speech. Abortion for foetal anomaly is lawful so behind everybody of these figures such as doctors and nurses deserve respect and support of people.

A case with the High Court was filed by the government to keep covert the information about late abortions but this decision was challenged by the Department of Health in October 2009. Freedom of information rules need all of the abortion statistics to be released but none of them include any details to recognize any people distinctively.

As per revealed data in 2010, 482 foetuses were aborted for Down's syndrome, in which 10 were over 24 weeks. 128 terminations took place for the nervous disorder spina bifida, in which 12 were after 24 weeks. 181 abortions took place for musculoskeletal problems such as club foot, in which 8 were over 24 weeks. Seven terminations on the grounds were happened for a cleft palate, increasing to 26 terminations for this condition since 2002.

Abortions for medical conditions in 2010

Total Abortions

Abortions over 24wks

All medical conditions



Cleft lip and palate



Spina Bifida



Musculoskeletal system (Eg, club foot)



Down's syndrome



Foetus affected by maternal factors



Edwards' syndrome



Family history of inherited disorder




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