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Yoga With Ring Finger gives surprising Benefits

With or without any scientific proof, we already know that hand signs can be potent ways to communicate. On the other hand, the joining of fingers forms a vital effect on the human body. Now, Health is in your own Hands. Physical body is made up of five elements - Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Aakash (ether). Imbalance of these elements causes disease and disrupts the immunity system. Fingers & thumb tips represent such elements. In Hast Mudras, when any finger is brought into contact with the thumb, electromagnetic current starts within the body that balances such constituting element. Usually our life force is escaping through the tips of our fingers but mudras let it within the body. Thus, Mudras complete the energy circuit inside the body.

Particularly, ring finger represent Fire element. It is associated with the sun and the root chakra. Its force provides staying power, stamina, and the power to be assertive. Usually, Mudras of Ring finger are a combination of subtle physical movements which change attitude, mood, and perception, as well as it deepens concentration and awareness. There are mainly two mudras of Ring finger - Sun Mudra (Agni-vardhak) and Prithvi Mudra (Agni-shamak).

Surya Mudra

  • Bend your ring finger towards your palm.
  • Place the length of the thumb over the ring finger.
  • Let the tip of the thumb touches the second knuckle of the ring finger.
  • Straighten the other fingers.

Normally, fire element is associated with body temperature. Practice of both mudras maintains the body-temperature and keeps the metabolism on going. As fire element is connected with vision, regular practice of surya mudra strengthens weak eyes and improves vision.

Fire is component of bodily humor Pitta. Surya Mudra increases the Pitta humor within the body, so that disorders caused by Pitta deficiency would be overcome. Also Surya Mudra decreases the element of earth in the body. Usually, earth element is component of bodily humor kapha. People with a cough constitution can prevent shivering, coldness of skin, limbs, hands, feet, etc. by habitually practice of Surya Mudra.

  • By creating body heat, Sun Mudra lessens the level of cholesterol and reduces your weight.
  • Activates energy at the solar plexus, stimulates metabolism, and lengthens breath.
  • It is best solution for digestion troubles.
  • The thyroid gland is sharpened with the regular practice of this Mudra.
  • Surya mudra provides mental calmness and helps get rid of all mental burden.
  • It is also helpful in curing diabetes and liver disorders.
  • Sun Mudra increases brightness on the forehead.
  • Absence of sweat treated by Sun Mudra.

Prithvi Mudra

  • Join ring finger and the thumb at the tips.
  • Apply light pressure and straighten all the rest fingers.

Prithvi mudra increases the earth element within the body but decreases the fire element within the body. The earth element is a vital component of physical tissues like bones, hair, tendons, nails, muscles, flesh, internal organs, etc. Daily practice of Prithvi mudra builds and strengthens such tissues. As prithvi mudra increases the kapha humor within the body, it overcomes disorders like emaciation, fever, inflammation, etc. caused by kapha deficiency.

Prithvi Mudra activates the root chakra that houses vital energy or elemental force. A good elemental force optimizes the physical potentiality in the person.

  • When you feel insecure and need inner stability and self-assurance, use it to develop a positive attitude.
  • Prithvi Mudra develops tolerance and patience.
  • Prithvi Mudra can build body strength.
  • It removes chronic fatigue.
  • Reduce narrow-mindedness and prejudices.
  • Consistent practice cures weakness of the body and vitamin deficiencies.
  • Prithvi Mudra makes body fit and active.
  • It improves the complexion of skin and makes the skin to glow.

The key difference between both Hast Mudras is that, in Surya Mudra your thumb must press the second knuckle of Ring finger while in prithvi mudra you need to join your Ring finger and thumb at their tips only.
  • Excessive performance of Sun mudra may cause too much heating of the body.
  • No need to practice only in morning sun.
  • Mudras can be practiced at any times while sitting, lying, standing, walking or even talking.
  • If a mudra cannot be made in both hands, then you may do it in one hand only.
  • For good results Mudra should be practiced for 24 minutes continuously.
  • Mudra can be practiced for 4-5 minutes also at one time.
  • You can start Mudras with 10 to 15 minutes a day.
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The ring finger represents the earth element not fire. The fire element is represented by the thumb.

I usually take a tablet cortal and I'm fine after a few mins

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