Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Benefits You should Know About Morning Walk

In today's fast paced and busy life, people have to face many problems if they do not make any changes in their life style. Day by day, people’s fond about the eating is increasing and most of people’s lives are dependent only on the fast foods. To stay fit and remain healthy, the time requirement is just thirty minutes a day but mostly individuals find it difficult to adhere to a regular schedule. If you don’t give attention towards taking some simple exercise and morning walk, then your dream of living long and healthy life remains only a dream. According to many physicians, daily morning walk is one and only remedy for treating all diseases.

Benefits You should Know About Morning Walk

Walking is one of the easiest and safest ways to be healthy and stay fit. People of all ages can take benefit of walking. Morning walk offers numerous benefits to health when performed in a suitable manner. For aged people, the first and most important benefit of walking is that it increases the blood circulation system in the body and helps to decrease the risk of chronic disorder such as diabetes, cancer, blood pressure, heart related issues, etc. A morning walk can be enjoyed in a garden, specialized stadium or it can be also performed using treadmill. Whether you prefer to walk in garden or at home with treadmill, it is important to keep in mind that you should not put extra stress on body.

Morning Walk - Benefits
  • Walking in the morning helps to get enough oxygen for the body.
  • As with any endurance activity, walking increases sweating that helps to flush out foreign substances together with perspiration.
  • In the morning, fresh and pollution-free air ensures to get good quality oxygen as well as helps to get activated all the organs of the body.
  • The morning mist also provides moisturizing effect on skin.
  • Walking helps to destroy cough and obesity.
  • By taking daily morning walk, one can prevent some diseases such as depression, diabetes, heart attack and asthma.
  • Early morning walk in the garden helps to improve concentration as well as memory.
  • Bare foot walking on grass weeds helps to reduce the eye sight number.
  • 15 minutes of brisk walking a day helps to lose weight fast and also to strengthen the body.
  • Excessive sweating is a strong weapon of walking so it offers many health benefits.
  • Your body and mind feel relaxed as you walk in morning.
  • Walking activates your senses and also gifts you a long and healthy life.


Thank you for a great article – well written and packed with good information. I must say, that walking is one of the best things to keep a good health and normal waste line. I walk to work almost every day and it feel great. Yes, sometimes it rains and I get wet, but it is all compensated with good feeling. And the feeling is doubled when the morning is beautiful and sunny.
I dear to suggest walking to everybody. If you live far from the office, get off the bus one stop earlier and walk to office. Believe it or not, but it really gives a nice kick off to great day.
Best Regards
Mat Good

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