Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spa Massages for Health and Beauty

Spa massages is all about relaxation as the main aim of the health spa therapy is to provide a human a spiritual well being. The main and basic parts of the spa therapy are natural cures, music, yoga, smooth surroundings, oils, plants and herbs, and gem stones. There are various therapies in a spa such as aromatherapy, massage, body wraps, etc., which helps to relax the body. Spa massage therapy provides a sense of relaxation to whole body as it is a treatment of entire invigorating in which the mind and the soul rejuvenates and also stimulates the self healing mechanism of body. Such massage therapy improves the circulation of blood by bringing more oxygen and other nutrients to the body. Thus, it beautifies the skin. As well, it provides relief from pain and tension; eliminates the lactic acid and other wastes from the body and increases mobility and flexibility of the body. So, cut off few hours from your working time and enjoy some ‘me’ time with spa massage therapy.
Spa Massages for Health and Beauty

Thai massage

Also referred as Thai yoga massage, Thai style massage includes stretching and deep massage techniques. Generally, Thai massage is performed on the floor in place of the massage table so it is also named as floor massage. Thai massage therapist makes the use of his/her hands, knees, legs and feet to massage you and to assist you to get into a series of yoga postures. Oil is not required in the Thai massage so the clients can wear full dress during the massage. However, they should wear loose fitting clothes to make the body movements easy.

Silk based products are used in the Thai massage for getting protein naturally. These products are full of fibres so ultra violet rays of the sun can not harm our skin. Body scrubs contain 18 natural amino acids, which have anti-aging property. For people, who can not perform exercise regularly, Thai massage is very helpful. Thai massage is carried out by hundreds of techniques; most of the techniques include yoga stretches and postures, rhythmic rocking, gentle soothing movement, joint compression and decompression, and motion work.

Lomi Lomi massage

The traditional Hawaiian massage, Lomi Lomi massage is also known as lolomi, loving hands, and milimili. The technique combines the prayer and energy, which are utilized to improve blood circulation, relax the nervous system, and relieve pain and illness. Generally, it starts with a silence between the client and the therapists. In this massage therapy, the client is made directly lie on the disc of the table that assists a lot to perform the full body and underbody strokes without disturbing the flow of the massage.

The Lomi Lomi massage is slow and relaxing at starting and when it goes a little bit faster, it is friskier to the body. The clients may feel an emotional relief at the same time because the massage liberates the negative emotions, beliefs and other stuff, which has been stocked in the body cells. Besides providing relaxation to the body, the Lomi Lomi massage helps to get shiny and flawless skin.

Hot Stone Massage

It suits everyone. This massage uses the stones that are smooth and heat. Frequently, the stones are basalt or a black volcanic rock, which are rich in iron and can easily absorb and retain the heat in the body. The therapist dips the stone in the water and then heats it in an electrical heating device up to a certain temperature that humans can withstand. Hot stone massage provides a deep relaxing feel and is usually used to release the tight muscles.

By the hot stone massage, the warm heat helps to improve the blood circulation and to calm the nervous system. The stones are placed in the palms, spinal chord, between the toes as well as in the belly. If client has any inflammation or injury, the therapist makes the use of cold stone.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a kind of massage which is used to realign the deeper tissue structures of the muscle, also named connective tissue. This massage is especially helpful to treat the chronically tense and constricted areas. It is recommended for an individual suffering from the constant pain, the patients having persistent physical damage and person involving heavy physical movements. As the name suggests, the massage is intended to focus on the muscles that are positioned below the top muscles.

During the massage, therapists use their knuckles, fingertips, hands, forearms and elbows. As Swedish massage, deep tissue massage utilizes many of the same techniques and movements, but the pressure will usually be more intense. When the deep tissue massage is carried out, it relaxes the muscle tissues by flushing out the toxins from the body and helps to circulate the oxygen and blood properly.


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