Friday, September 30, 2011

Yoga Mudras for healthy and Shiny Skin

Now-a-days, everybody (men or women) has become very conscious about their skin. All of us desire to have young, healthy and glowing skin as it is a valuable asset as well as represents our inner beauty. Many people spend lots of money on different types of cosmetic items to get healthy and shiny skin but they don’t get the desired results. It is very easy to achieve healthy and shiny skin with the help of yoga mudras. People have been doing yoga mudras since 1000s of years. There are many yoga mudras which help to cure different types of problems by doing just for 15 mins daily. Read on to know yoga mudras to get healthy and shiny skin.

Yoga mudras are fingers and hands postures or gesture which involve putting fingers and hands in particular positions as recommended by the ancient Vedas. Imbalance of 5 elements (air, fire, earth, space and water) causes diseases in the human body. Yoga mudras/ Hasta Mudras balance these elements in the body as well as increase the oxygen-rich blood flow to the skin. While a finger is touched by thumb, that particular element in the finger is balanced by the fire element present in the thumb. These elements are represented by our fingers: thumb for fire, index finger for air, middle finger for space, ring finger for earth and little finger for water. Mudras can be performed anytime, anywhere and in any pose (lying down, sitting, walking or standing). Mudras should be performed for 10 to 15 mins in 3-4 sets throughout the day.

Yoga Mudras for healthy and Shiny Skin

Varun Mudra
Varun mudra/Jal-vardhak mudra can be done anytime at anyplace. To do this mudra, join little finger tip with thumb tip and press the thumb gently by keeping remaining fingers straight. Sitting cross legged pose is the best pose to do this mudra but you can also do it in any pose. While doing this mudra, take care that you don’t pressurized the nails as it can cause dryness to the skin.

Varun mudra balances the water content in the body and thereby cures all the problems caused by decreased level of water element. Practicing Varun Mudra increases softness and glow of the skin as well as decreases dryness of the body. It also helps to purify blood, prevent the sign of aging, relieve dehydration & stomach infection, release constipation, activate kidney malfunctioning, relax muscles cramp as well as prevent gastroenteritis pains & muscle shrinkage.

Prithvi Mudra

To do prithvi mudra, join the thumb tip with the tip of the ring finger and apply little pressure. Keep the other 3 fingers comfortably straight. Morning is the best time to do this mudra but you can do it anytime and anywhere throughout the day. This mudra can be done by sitting in Sukhasan/Padmasan with both the hands keeping the palms (back) on the knee and elbows straight. Don’t force the fingers to be straight while performing this mudra.

 Prithvi mudra is required to be done by the people who feel lack of energy and suffer form deficiency of minerals & vitamins. Practicing this yoga improves the glow and complexion of the skin. It also helps to increase weight (in weak and lean bodies), make the body strong, strengthen weak organs, improve spiritual power & memory, increase blood circulation as well as elevate tolerance & patience.
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thank you so much, have found mudra's so helpful, and they really do work.

Any mudras to get rid of Maladaptive Day dreaming?...can you please help....just want to lead a happy and peaceful life

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