Thursday, October 6, 2011

CycleBeads: Effectiveness & Review of Natural Birth Control

Couples who wish to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy always have many choices for family planning. Two methods of family planning are there: artificial and natural method. Artificial method is effective but has many side effects as well as harms the health of woman. Natural family planning method is also effective and contains no side effects. CycleBeads are natural hormone free birth control alternative which is founded on “The Standard Days Method”. CycleBeads help the couples to forecast ovulation and either prevent/plan a pregnancy by tracking her cycle.

CycleBeads are a cord of 32 colored beads in which every bead stands for a day of the menstrual cycle. These color-coded beads help a woman to know probability of pregnancy. CycleBeads are excellent for women who have regular menstrual cycles (26 to 32 days long) while other women must use other family planning methods. CycleBeads is ninety five percent effective if you use them properly. As per U.S. researchers, CycleBeads are more effective in comparison to condom.

Red bead (1st bead of CycleBeads cord) stands for first day of the period, brown beads (2nd to 7th bead) represent infertile days while white beads (8th to 19th beads) show fertile days. The remaining beads (20th to 32nd) of CycleBeads cord are brown. A woman has to just move the rubber ring over the beads towards the arrow, to use CycleBeads. Woman can have intercourse without getting pregnant when the ring is on the red or brown bead and while the ring is on a white bead she must avoid unprotected intercourse.

  • Contain no side effects
  • Cheap and easy to use
  • Don’t alter natural fertility
  • 95% effective if used properly
  • Reusable, convenient and highly effective
  • Not for women with irregular menstrual cycles or more than 32 days cycles.
  • Not as effective as other family planning methods.
Video of CycleBeads®: Natural, Effective Family Planning from youtube:


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