Friday, November 4, 2011

Super Smoothie: 13 Fruits mixed cocktail for Heart Attack patient

An innovative study shows that diets rich in salty and fried foods can increase the risk of heart attack, while consumption of lots of fruit and leafy greens vegetables decreases that risk. Fruits are very good and healthy foodstuff for your heart. You should consume a wide range of vegetables and fruits as part of a balanced diet; the fruit juice is a flavorsome and handy way of doing this. Daily consumption of 4 to 5 servings of fruits helps to stay in perfect shape, as said by health experts. A perfect fruity recipe has been found by a group of French scientists to maintain a disease free heart. They have prepared a fruit cocktail ‘super-smoothie’ by blending of seven fruit juices which can reduce the risk of heart attack & stroke and also boosts health.
Super Smoothie: 13 Fruits mixed cocktail for Heart Attack patient
This cocktail contains apples, grapes, strawberries and blueberries. It also contains exotic additions such as acerola, cherry-like red fruit having thirty times more vitamin C than in orange juice and cowberry (lingonberry), a red, tart fruit related to the cranberry. Aronia or chokeberry is the final ingredient of cocktail. Aronia is an American blackberry which was previously known as the ‘healthiest berry in the world’.

According to French scientists, this super-smoothie comprises the healthiest and best tasting fruit juices combination. Firstly, the blends of thirteen different juices and purees were examined in a laboratory to determine their effects on pig arteries. The final recipe was chosen after tested by 80 volunteers.

The tests had shown that when the heart artery walls were exposed to the fruit juice smoothie, they got relaxation. In a human, this smoothie can boost the blood flow to the heart and make sure it gets a healthy balance of oxygen and nutrients, according to the researchers of University of Strasbourg.

The constituents in fruit called polyphenols help to prevent clogged arteries and protect the heart, according to studies. Polyphenols have a capability to swab up harmful ‘free radicals’ which can damage cells and DNA.

This research provides more influence to fact that eating fruits is good for us in order to reduce the risk for heart disease, as said by the Tracy Parker of the British Heart Foundation.

The healthy recipe of heart fruit cocktail ‘super-smoothie’

To make 200ml of this fruit cocktail, take the following proportions of ingredients.
  • Acerola: 5 acerola berries = 8ml acerola juice (4%)
  • Aronia: 5 aronia berries = 8ml aronia juice (4%)
  • Lingonberry: 8 lingonberries = 10ml lingonberry juice (5%)
  • Apple: Half an apple = 20ml apple juice (10%)
  • Blueberry: 15 blueberries = 20ml blueberry juice (10%)
  • Strawberry: 9 strawberries = 20ml strawberry juice (10%)
  • Grape: 30 grapes = 126ml grape juice (63%)


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