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5 simple tips to cure bad breath

Have you ever turned away your face suddenly when you talking to someone??? If I am not wrong, then it is due to Bad Breath of that person!!! Bad breath is the most common humiliating problem which can lead to a serious embarrassment for an individual who is suffering from it. Bad breath is also known as Halitosis and it affects the individual’s life by making him/her self-conscious. But it is not a laughing matter for other people. In this fast & furious life, nothing is impossible…, the curing of bad breath is a very small difficulty to solve. Firstly, understanding of the causes responsible for bad breath is necessary to solve the problem.
5 simple tips to cure bad breath

Causes of Bad Breath

  • Basically, bad breath is caused by the food particles which remain jammed long in the teeth or the tongue. If the food particles are not often cleaned or removed from the mouth, then they can initiate to rot inside and release a foul smell on breathing. If an individual ignores the proper mouth cleaning for a long time, then the rot can be rise in the mouth incessantly which can lead to rise of harmful bacteria. And this can lead to diseases like tooth decay and gingivitis. If the person does not consider these diseases seriously, then they can further increase the problem and after that, the curing of it will be more difficult.
  • Moreover, there are some specific foods which have a propensity for smelling foul within the mouth and worsen the problem. Garlic, onion, soda, orange juice, some spices and cheese are certain commonly consumed foods which can augment the foul smell.
  • Garlic contains potent-smelling sulfur compounds and when they get metabolized, they produce methyl sulfide which can not be digested. Instead, it is passed via blood stream to the skin and the lungs and from these sites, they get excreted and gave the foul smell.
  • Tobacco is other major contributor in the bad breath.
  • Germs + Protein = Bad Breath…..yup, this is true. Naturally existed germs of mouth can cause 90-95 % of bad breath when they mix with protein particles. When the germs get metabolized, they produce a sulfur gas having foul smell like rotten eggs.
  • Do you know the reason of morning bad breath? The reason is saliva. Mouth produces less saliva in sleeping condition than wakeful condition. Saliva works as a buffer and it neutralizes and expels bacteria. While amount of saliva is less in mouth, mouth become dry and the level of acid increases that can lead bacteria for producing foul smelling gases.
  • Even these gases are responsible for the coffee breathe that doesn't produce by the coffee itself. That is actually due to the sulfur gases of mouth that get combined with coffee to produce the disgusting smell.
Health Problems
  • Some health problems like diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease or sinus infections can also lead to bad breath. The upsurge of wastes in the blood can cause a metallic taste in the mouth which produces the bad smell.
  • Condition such as acid-reflux leads to a regurgitation of food in the esophagus and there the food mix with enzymes & bacteria to produce bad breath.
Dry mouth
  • Dry mouth can lead to a bad breath. Constantly dry mouth is known as xerostomia.
  • So, we can say that after gym time may not be right time for talking with cutie. All that puffing and huffing at the time when you exercise can dry out your mouth and lead to foul breath.
  • The side effects of lots of drugs like anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, and even allergy medicines such as antihistamines can also cause dry mouth, and therefore, bad breath.

Simple Tips for Bad Breath Curing

Curing and of preventing bad breath is a very simple task without any need for spending lots of money. Checkout the simple bad breathe curing tips given below which can help you to maintain your fresh breath.
Drinking a lot of water
  • As explained above, a dry mouth is an ultimate home for smell-causing bacteria.
  • Drinking water prevents the mouth from being dry and keeps it moist, and of course it expels a lot of the food particles which are loved by bacteria. As well, drinking water can also stimulate the flow of saliva in the mouth which is very essential. So, drinking a lot of water is highly perfect technique for getting rid from bad breath.
  • Therefore, drink more water, expel more particles, and have fewer bacteria.
Proper cleaning of mouth
  • The small gaps between the teeth are a refuge for bacteria… so the most important thing which one can do for getting rid from bad breath is the proper cleaning of mouth. The proper cleaning of mouth includes the proper brushing and flossing of the teeth. By doing this, one can reduce amounts of bacteria & food particles that are trapped at the gum line & between the teeth, and thus reduces the chance for bad breath.
  • The majority people brush their teeth only for up to 60 seconds, while the brushing of minimum 1.5-3 minutes is required to expel out the bacteria. As well, proper flossing time is also necessary for the proper cleaning of the mouth. It is necessary that flossing should also be done after every meal. So, regularly brush & floss the teeth twice a day.
  • Proper mouth cleaning also includes the tongue cleaning. Note that, the brushing and flossing do not completely eliminate bad breath because the most of the smell-causing bacteria hide deep inside the tongue’s crevices. So, proper cleaning of tongue is necessary to wash out the protective layer of mucous and food particles where the bacteria dwell. And also remember to clean the back and side of tongue to avoid smell-causing culprits.
Use of mouthwashes
  • Mouthwashes are available everywhere in the worldwide market. Most of mouthwashes contain chloride dioxide which is known as one of the best evolution to get rid from bad breath. So, using of mouthwashes containing chlorine dioxide is a best solution for washing out mouth bacteria and bad breath.
  • Antiseptic mouthwashes are also very useful as they attack on the volatile sulfur compounds which are responsible for a bad breath.
  • But keep in mind, alcohol containing mouthwashes can make your breath worsen as alcohol dries out the mouth dreadfully. As well, alcohol containing mouthwashes raise the risk of developing oral cancer. So, avoid this type of mouthwashes.
Use of fresh herbs
  • Chewing fresh herbs like thyme, rosemary and parsley also helps to prevent bad smells after a foul meal. This is due to the chlorophyll present in the leaves which helps to neutralize strong smells.
  • Surprisingly, consumption of cheeses such as mozzarella can also prevent bad breath because dairy products can neutralize acidity.
Dental check up
  • Dental check up is an essential requirement to maintain a gooԁ oral health. It is the best way for getting rid from bad breath rapidly. This is good for both adults and children. The dentist can assist for identifying the actual cause of the bad breath; and the faster reorganization of cause increases the chances of getting rid from bad breath.
  • If the cause of bad breath is disease or other internal physical ailments, then consulting of a specialist or a physician is necessary. The diagnosis and treatment of the disease is necessary before the controlling of breath problem in such a case.
  • Regular visits of dentist are suggested even for individuals with healthy gums and teeth.
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I normally use mint to keep away my bad breath But thanks for the tips dear.

I do not actually know if I have bad breath and it is kind of embarrassing to ask someone to tell you if you indeed have such. So, these tips will certainly be helpful to prevent bad breath. The most important thing, though, is to practice good oral hygiene and to have regular dental inspections.

Just do what is the right thing to do and the proper oral hygiene is the most effective way to avoid bad breath and aside from that we should go to the dentist for at least once or twice a year so we can handle and know if we have a tooth or gum problem. If you have time to visit our clinic at East Harlem dentists in New York City and we are happy to serve everyone.

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