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Go green this season with Eco-Friendly Kids' Toys

Safe and eco-friendly kids' toys are the way to go this season! Whether choosing toys, reducing energy waste within our homes, or planning a vacation, our choices make a difference. As a parent, everyone has to think about the health impact of what their baby plays with. If you follow the news every day, surely you would be acquainted with the toy recalls that take place every holiday season. The holidays will soon be upon us, and as a socially conscious shopper, you should buy non toxic eco friendly toys which are safe for your child as well as the environment. Nowadays, eco friendly kids’ toys are easier to find than ever. Eco-friendly toys are specially prepared from natural and safe materials which do not hurt the environment as well as provide safety to the child. For eco friendly toys, lots of options are available from flying discs to windmills so make this season bright with being eco-smart. Keep a smile on your little one's face with unique natural eco friendly toys.
Go green this season with Eco-Friendly Kids' Toys
1, Wind Power Renewable Energy Science Kit

Today, wind is the most promising source of clean and renewable energy. From centuries, wind energy has been utilized to pump water and squash grain in windmills. Now, it is increasingly used to produce electricity to power our modern world. Create a working wind turbine to utilize power out of thin air. During the experiments, your child will study the physics of motion and force as it applies to the technology of wind power. As well, he/she will learn how to calculate and measure the different forces of the rotor blades by cleaving them down into vectors.

Go green this season with Eco-Friendly Kids' Toys
With Thames & Kosmos Wind Power Renewable Energy Science Kit, kids can do experiments with different wind speeds, diverse numbers of rotor blades, different blade angles and profiles, different gear ratios, and so on.

2, Wooden NameTrain Set

In this virtual world, it offers something different; simple reality. In this modern era, synthetic bells and whistles of toys provide way to hands-on exploration. Definitely, it is becoming an electronic world but kids still require studying basic manipulation and construction. Tangible and spatial experiences help to give a well-formed atmosphere as kids grow. The basic Train Wooden NameTrain Set is well-suited with Brio and Thomas systems. One best part is that you can purchase trains in letters to make obvious your child's name.
Go green this season with Eco-Friendly Kids' Toys
Maple Landmark Woodcraft NameTrains Wooden Railway Systems is a great 11 piece starter set. You can add on more pieces later if you want. System includes engine, circle track (8 curved pieces), passenger car, and caboose.

3, E-Racers Toys

E-Racers Toys are perfect for kids having age 3 and up. These lovable and eco-friendly little race cars are prepared from eco-friendly bamboo materials and finished with non-toxic, water based paints. The HaPe International E-Racers come in green, blue or red colour, all of which are non-toxic. These sporty, streamlined wooden cars feature racecar-inspired elements such as roll bars, racing stripes and jumbo wheels for non-stop fun at playtime.
Go green this season with Eco-Friendly Kids' Toys
Ensure to wrap up this top-rated bamboo toy in eco-friendly wrapping paper! Actually, HaPe's all toys including cars, planes, and trucks are prepared from bamboo and sport vibrant colors as well as Oh-so-funky designs.

4, Global Warming Experiment Kit

If you want to learn your kids about Earth’s climate system, atmosphere, and weather, global warming experiment kit is the best to buy. With a model atmosphere, you can conduct experiments and learn him/her about global warming. Explore the hydrological cycle or perform experiments to model wind and ocean currents. By performing experiments including the carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect, educate your kid how human activity manipulates the climate.
Go green this season with Eco-Friendly Kids' Toys
Global Warming Experiment Kit from Thames & Kosmos provides children the basic knowledge they necessitate to understand the climate, how our actions affect it, and why it changes, all by performing experiments with the model Earth and atmosphere.

5, Eco-Kids Natural Plant Dye Modeling Dough
Go green this season with Eco-Friendly Kids' Toys
Kid’s imagination can carry on the most amazing masterpieces. A line of art supplies, eco-kids provides kids the tools to make using non-toxic, natural ingredients as well as environment friendly packaging. The eco dye modeling dough is an investigative molding dough, derived from natural substances such as organic and natural fruit, vegetable and plant extracts from beets, annatto seed, carrots, blueberries, purple sweet potato, paprika, red cabbage and spinach, salt, flour, cream of tartar, vitamin E oil, soybean oil, organic rosemary oil, potassium sorbate, coconut oil and citric acid. Suppose your kids eat this stuff, they will not get sick.

6, City Toys Eco Town
Go green this season with Eco-Friendly Kids' Toys
This environmentally conscious town is the perfect toy for kids’ intellectual growth and pure entertainment. Children can build the city of their dreams and allow their imaginations to run wild. The City Toys Eco Town is the one that arouses creative thinking and visualization of your child while allowing your child to know about occupations, social environments, and how the world operates and works. All the materials of the City Toys Eco Town are environmentally safe and prepared from replenishable Rubber wood.

7, Eco-Friendly Puzzles
Go green this season with Eco-Friendly Kids' Toys

A variety of 1000-piece puzzles are available today which will surely give hours of fun to your kids. TDC makes a lot of this kind of puzzles. Here, the pictured puzzle, The Big Game and a range of other eco friendly jigsaw puzzles are prepared from 100% recycled, bio-degradable material, and by utilizing soy-based inks. The Big Game is a bunch of animals playing high-stakes poker; it makes this the perfect gift to defend against holiday fruitcakes.

8, The Green Toys EcoSaucer
Go green this season with Eco-Friendly Kids' Toys

Enjoy the green outdoors with this flying disc's amazing action! Coming to eco-friendly good times, get the EcoSaucer Flying Disc! Green Toys ecosaucer comes in an awfully nifty shade of lime. The Green Toys EcoSaucer Flying Disc is prepared from 100% recycled plastic bags or milk containers which save energy as well as decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Its approximate weight is 130 grams. Try to make your own disc from those pesky grocery bags.


Very nice and impressive range. Instead of giving some toys which are made up of plastics and other chemical stuff. We should give our kids green toys that are Eco friendly and very safe for our kids too.

I always choose eco-friendly kids' toys for my kids; I am very much impressed by all your unique natural eco friendly toys which also help to educate my kids. I will surely suggest to my friends, too.

These eco friendly kids toys are really helpful for kids and are most useful if thought according to their health . These toys are health specific .So there is nothing to worry for kids if they are playing with these toys.

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