Friday, December 16, 2011

Latest Researches of 2011 for Healthy Lifestyle

As we all know the current year, 2011 is going to end. Many new changes have been made during the year. Finding the triggers that demolish the barrier to a healthier and better life is the most important key to live healthy and long life. People can discover such triggers only by staying tuned with the latest health researches. Though New Year comes with new excitements and hopes, you should not forget some of the researches done in the 2011 as they will help you to get better and healthy lifestyle. Many new inventions are done in the 2011; many of them were beneficial and many were unusable. Same way, many researches related to health have been also made, which are new and useful innovations. All of you must read about these latest scientific researches done in 2011.
Latest Researches of 2011 for Healthy Lifestyle

Reduce heart attack

Take only one pill and prevent the risk of heart attack up to 40%! A heart disease pill costing only £2 a day apparently reduces the risk of death due to heart attack by almost 40 per cent. As per scientists claim, a pill could save thousands of lives a year. The pill promises to prevent many people from being admitted to hospital. It can revolutionize the treatment of heart disease i.e. Britain’s biggest killer. According to researchers, their researches have ‘huge public health implications’ and could potentially cut millions from being admitted in the hospital for treatment. Patients are also far less liable to require long-term care or surgery like bypass operations.

Prevent getting older for life-long

First sign of getting older is wrinkles and reduction in the tissue levels. However, as per the new research, researchers have found a way to prevent getting older. Now, people don’t have to be afraid of getting older as researchers have discovered a way to reverse the signs of the aging process by removing the damaged tissues. On aging, our immune system gets weaker which clarifies why elderly people suffer from many illnesses. An anti-ageing therapy could have a dramatic impact on health as it prevents many age-related health problems, such as stroke and heart disease, dementia, and prolongs the quality of life. Prevention of aging also helps to stay away from cataracts, wrinkles, as well as softness of the tissues. Recently, scientists have done an experiment on mice and from that experiment they have found a ray of hope for human-beings.

Junk food can make men infertile

Young men who wish one day to become father should reduce the consumption of the unhealthy snacks. Scientists have found that eating junk foods such as pizza, chips, hotdogs, burgers and crisps could make men infertile on long term. Everyone likes to eat tasty junk foods but they have side effects also. Everyone knows that consumption of junk foods can also lead to gain weight. However, doctors from Harvard University and the University of Murcia also discovered that junk foods can make men infertile as they have a direct impact on the male reproductive system. They had analyzed the sperm from men aged between 18 and 22 and found that those who had a diet rich in Trans-fats, an ingredient of the most processed foods, were at raised risk of infertility.

Wrist Belt for health care

Are you a fitness conscious people? There are add-ons for just about all of such people as a new small piece of health-conscious wrist belt is just come for dieters and fitness buffs. Wrist belt plays a role of personal trainer as it tracks your sleep pattern, keeps attention on your diet as well as tracks and analyzes your physical activity. It will advice you as well as reminds your all tracked data. If you sit at one place from long time, then this wrist belt will report you as it gets connected with one application. It will also tell you about your daily routine on your mobile screen. This wrist belt will come at a cost of only Rs. 6500.

Know how long you live

Now, people can also know how long they will live. Maria Blasco, from the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre in Madrid had invented a test that will be able to read a person's "biological age" by measuring structure of telomeres. The test cannot forecast exactly how long a person will live; however scientists are sure that it can offer a consistent estimate. As per Maria Blasco, people who born with shorter telomeres have a shorter lifespan than normal people. However, scientists don’t know yet that longer telomeres are going to provide you a longer lifespan or not. This test is very precise; it can notice very small differences in telomere length. As well, it is a very simple and speedy technique where many samples can be analyzed at same time. Detractors have indicated that the procedure could be utilized to do everything from advertising fake anti-aging remedies to enabling health-insurance companies to decline coverage for people whose test results are “deplorable.”


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