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Natural ways to quit smoking cigarettes

Smokers!!! The majority of them get the habit to fit in a group of people or by imitating of friends, or peer pressure. Smokers are generally nervous and anxious people that require the cigarette between their fingers to provide them a feel of calm and to assist them go through awkward moments or stressful times. Have you ever heard that smoking is regarded to be more addictive than cocaine? Yup…that’s absolutely right because each cigarette contains nicotine which can make the person addictive very swiftly. After being addicted, if the person stops smoking, he/she will suffer the withdrawal symptoms like headaches, anxiety, frustration, lack of concentration, anger, higher blood pressure, a constant crave for smoking and excess appetite. So at a glance, we can say that the addiction of smoking is very hard to chuck out. However, lots of people give up this nasty habit daily and you can also do it!!! Some people waste their money as well time behind the expensive chemical-based products to get rid from this addiction. But there is no need of such time and money waste as there are some natural & healthy ways to give up smoking. So if you want to become a non-smoker naturally, then continue reading…

Natural ways to quit smoking cigarettes
The reason behind the smoking addiction

Smoking is both a physical addiction and a psychological habit. Nicotine…is the main constituent of cigarette that is very addictive and lead to many changes and difficulties to the body. It stimulates different parts of the brain and produces a delight sensation in the central nervous system, and also increases adrenaline production, raises blood pressure and accelerates the heart rate, although that's not all, it influences the level of body temperature and some hormones. All these rapid changes generated by the smoking give a feeling of pleasure to the smokers, and it is the foremost reason that makes giving up of smoking very hard.

Natural ways to quit smoking cigarettes

Some natural ways are available that help you to quit smoking by providing the similar results as the major pharmaceutical drugs, excluding the major side effects.
Herbal remedies
Herbal remedies can be very useful way to discover natural therapies to stop smoking. These remedies are frequently utilized to lessen the impact of withdrawal symptoms when you are giving up the smoking. These herbs provide a natural substitute to nicotine replacement treatments and none of these herbs contain nicotine. These herbs are only aimed to assist by decreasing your withdrawal symptoms, rather than moving your nicotine habit to another substance. Natural Herbal remedies assist you to stop smoking by producing a similar effect on the brain as nicotine produces, although they are safe and non-addictive for your body. Check out the following herbal remedies to stop smoking.
  • Lobelia
    • Lobelia acts as a relaxant and it produces similar effects on the central nervous system as nicotine produces.
    • The alkaloids present in lobelia are similar to those in nicotine; it occupies brain receptor sites similar to nicotine and produces effects identical to nicotine without causing the damage that nicotine causes. Thus, it creates aversion and reduces cravings.
    • It relieves withdrawal symptoms such as hunger, irritability, poor concentration.
  • St. John's Wort
    • This is another valuable herbal remedy to quit the smoking. St. John's Wort can be used to treat the depressive sensations which are common after the giving up of smoking. It is also found beneficial to reduce cravings.
    • St. John's Wort is perennial herb having bright yellow flowers and its biological name is Hypericum perforatum.
    • This herbal remedy is safe when taken alone. But when this herb is taken along with anti depressants, drugs for HIV infections and oral contraceptives, it decreases their efficacy. This herb cannot be used for children and pregnant women. People having bipolar disorder, kidney or liver disease are also recommended not to take this herb.
  • Valerian
    • The herbal remedy Valerian is used to manage withdrawal symptoms associated with sleep.
    • Many people who had given up smoking find difficulties to get a good enough sleep of full night and they found themselves as exhausted in the next morning. Valerian helps them to relieve this sleep related withdrawal symptoms, which are produced by quitting of smoking.
  • Ginger
    • Ginger roots are useful as herbal remedy in digestion, and it eases the nausea that has been produced by nicotine withdrawal.
    • It also helps to treat the anxiety related with the withdrawal of nicotine.
    • As well, this natural herb produces perspiration that assists to discard toxins generated from smoking.
  • Peppermint
    • The leaves of Peppermint have been used since centuries due to its detoxification and relaxation powers.
    • Peppermint acts as a stimulant and it assists the ex-smokers to feel more attentive.
  • Passion Flower
    • It promotes relaxation and calmness, and thus it assists to relieve the irritability related with the withdrawal of nicotine.
Psychological remedies

It is a fact that smokers cope with 2 levels of addiction, one is physical and the other is psychological. Psychological addiction makes it so hard to quit smoking naturally. Therefore, the key for overcoming through any unwanted addiction is to find out a way to manage those urges. Such types of solutions which can be used to overcome from the psychological aspect of smoking addiction are self hypnosis and acupuncture.
  • Hypnotherapy
    • This is a popular alternative which can assist you to quit smoking naturally by removing your cravings from where they start, ‘your subconscious mind’.
    • Hypnotizing the mind means changing the way of thoughts of your subconscious mind about some particular things. Hypnotherapy for nicotine addiction withdrawal works by changing the thoughts of your subconscious mind about cigarettes, without any restriction, without the deprivation and struggle that are related with most quit smoking methods, and often without exercise.
    • But you should remember that hypnotherapy will not give effect if you don’t believe in it. Hypnotherapy is useful only on those people who are ready to allow themselves be hypnotized. A good self hypnosis program will work for preparing your brain to dominate your conscious craving to smoke and to avoid returning desires for cigarettes.
  • Acupuncture
    • Acupuncture is a commonly used remedy in tangent with other smoking therapies to help people quit smoking, and it can assist the ex-smoker to sense healthier after they give up smoking. Just like other natural ways and herbal remedies to stop smoking, acupuncture should not be considered as a replacement for smoking.
    • The needles used for acupuncture are generally hair-thin, and they are slotted in at the various points of ear where they remain for about twenty minutes. Many acupuncturists fix the tiny balls to the ear using the invisible tape, for assistance in meanwhile sessions. When a craving for smoke knocks, the smoker is instructed to dab smoothly on the ball that will stimulate the acupuncture point.
    • This is one of the oldest known medical techniques, and it works by prompting the release of natural pain relievers ‘endorphins’ that let the body to relax. Acupuncture is just a useful remedy to manage the smoking withdrawal symptoms. Acupuncture can decrease cravings, so it may decrease possibilities of a relapse.
Better healthy diet and exercise

Eat a better healthy diet and get more exercise is one of the natural ways to quit smoking. The explanation behind this is that, as much healthier you will sense after you stop smoking naturally, the less likely you will be to initiate it again.
  • Healthy diet
    • Smoking collapses vitamin C, so it is significant to consume 5,000-20,000 mg. of vitamin C daily.
    • Oats eliminate or lessen nicotine cravings; as well they lessen the number of cigarettes needed even in those people who are not attempting to stop.
    • Vitamin E is an essential antioxidant required to repair cell damage caused by smoke.
    • Vitamin A assists to repair the damaged mucus membranes, which is caused by smoking.
    • Grape seed extract is deemed as useful to repair lung damage.
  • Exercise
    • Exercise is another great way to avoid the cravings for cigarette in the ex-smokers. Exercise is a healthy activity which keep ex-smokers’ mind off of smoking.
    • Developing muscles where fat has retained assists the metabolism of body because food becomes a new satisfaction target for the newly ex-smoker. Swimming, long walking, jumping rope and riding a bike, all are very useful.
Tips to manage cravings related to other habits

You are also required to keep away from other habits when you are trying to quit smoking naturally.
  • Cravings related to meals
    • For several smokers, finishing a meal means lighting up the cigarette for smoking.
    • To avoid it, replace that after meal with something different like a healthy dessert, a piece of fruit, a stick of gum, or a square of chocolate.
  • Cravings related to drinks
    • These habits include alcohol and coffee. If you have a habit of regular smoke while drinking, then you should avoid alcohol or coffee until you get success in your efforts to stop smoking naturally.
    • If you have a habit of smoking with an alcoholic drink, then try non-alcoholic drinks, or try to drink only at the places where smoking is prohibited.
  • Cravings related to social smoking
    • When co-workers and friends smoke around you, it is even more difficult to avoid or stop relapse.
    • To avoid this type of difficulty, aware your social circles about your decision of quitting & changing the habit. At your office, do not spend your every coffee break with smokers only, find non-smokers to spend your breaks with them, or do something else as an alternative.
Additional tips to manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Keep your mind busy: Listen to some music you desired, read a magazine or book.
  • Stay active: Maintain yourself occupied and distracted, go for long walks.
  • Find an oral alternative: Try other things in your mouth while you feel a craving for cigarette. Good alternatives include hard candy, mints, gum, celery or carrot sticks, and sunflower seeds.
  • Keep your fingers / hands busy: Paper clips, pencils, or squeeze balls are good alternatives to satisfy your need for tactile stimulation.
  • Drink lots of water: Discarding of toxins from body reduces withdrawal symptoms and assists to diminish cravings faster.
  • Social support: Regardless of your natural method which you have selected to quit smoking, you should always ensure that you have a social support and motivations from your loved ones while you are trying to quit smoking.
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Yes we must always follow natural ways to quit smoking or to get rid of smoking.
Now a days there are many herbal/natural products available in the market which help you to quit smoking.

Yeah, it is really better if treatment is in natural way. You've mentioned about hypnotherapy and it is really effective because my father underwent hypnotherapy and really made him quit smoking. He just used Free Gregory Hypnosis and find it very great.

Some of the best quit smoking ways that really help in quiting smoking thing.

Sending from a friend's. 10 days of no cigarettes..Suffering!! Better suffering now and hope to heal soon than later. I thought it would be difficult just the first two or three days. Honestly, it is after the first week of quit when it starts to really hurts. No words can express how much I suffer!! I hope my body and brain stop calling for it. Living in a country of the third world where no option is available to help but exercise!! Please stop manufacturing it and sell it all over the world. We don't have health care like you. Please stop. We are victims of those companies despite the warnings. We don't want our kids to be victims, too. PLZ STOP IT. DON'T EXPORT IT IF YOU REALLY CARE ABOUT THE WELFARE OF OTHERS. !!

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