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Love Tips for Wife: Learn to Romance Your Husband

Marriage is an institution whereby a man and a woman are joined in a special type of legal and social dependence for the purpose of beginning and maintaining a family. As we enter into a married life, we may wonder how we ever lived without our companion. We get lost in each other, which make us closer. Marriage kills romance, the sentence would be true to some extent as Marriage brings many responsibilities along with it. After getting married, we get focused in our jobs, bills, children, etc. We get so busy that we do not get enough time for our spouse. Owing to this, many marriages turn cold and even some of them would become dead sooner or later.

Love Tips for Wife: Learn to Romance Your Husband
If you desire your marriage to last for a lifetime, you have to give enough time to your mate. Stay focused on your partner. Express your love to your husband. Are you looking for a way to renew the love, romance and passion you once had with your husband? You can do it through many ways. Some new techniques specifically intended for women are given here; try these with your husband. You will see your marriage bloom into an amazing relationship!

1. Text him a romantic message:

A simple way to keep that sparkle and passion going in your marriage life is to send your husband daily little reminders about how much you love him and appreciate him. Send sweet and romantic text message every few hours while he is out. The idea is to let him know that he is at the front position in your mind and that you still love him too much. It will brighten his day up by just letting him know that you are thinking about him. He will love to get these little messages throughout the day.

2. Dedicate a song to him:

If you can sing, sing a song for him. If you are not a good singer then call your local radio station, request a romantic song that describes how you feel about him and your relationship. Dedicate this song to him. You can also get an MP3 player or your mobile with speakers and pick a romantic song to play it for your hubby. He will get overwhelmed with your beautiful surprise.

3. Go for a long drive:

Going for a romantic long drive will give you an excellent chance to talk or just being in each other's company. You may also take a walk together on the beach. Let the nature set the mood for a romantic evening! Hold the hands of your husband while walking. Talk to him, listen his views. This will help you spend more time with each other and understand each other.

4. Prepare his favorite dish:

The way to the heart of a man goes through his stomach. You must have heard this statement many times, try it once. Surprise your husband by serving him his favorite food at the dinner, when he returns home from work. He will get delighted to have the delicious food and will appreciate the effort and time you put in the cooking.

5. Go for a movie:

You can go out for a movie. If your hubby is not buying movie tickets for you, do it yourself. Buy the tickets of a movie for this weekend and take him out with you. Watch a romantic movie, sitting in the back row and holding the hands of your partner.

6. Know his interests:

Talk about a subject that interests him and listen to him while he talks. Even if the subject is not interesting for you, enjoy watching him as he gets stimulated up over the discussion. Take interest in his interests like watching a cricket match with him. Do it with a spirit of love and passion. If he likes carpentry, admire the bookstand he has made, even if you don’t like it. Or if he likes collecting coins, buy a book on numismatics for him. This will make him happy and give a feeling of pride.

7. Look into his eyes:

Look straight into the eyes of your husband when he talks to you or if you are speaking to him. This will show that you are paying attention to what he is saying. Keeping an eye contact will make him feel that you really respect him and are interested in what he wants to say. This is empowering to any man.

8. Kidnap your hubby:

Plan a special date for him, make all the arrangements and then wait outside his office. Just as he comes out, tell him to get into the car and no questions. Make sure you smile, so that he doesn’t get alarmed. Take him to the venue of the date, play some romantic music and have some delicious food of his choice.

9. Say it in your words:

Create a small blog or website of your own. Dedicate this blog to your partner. Everyday write a short love message for him. Through this blog tell him about what makes him so special. It is another way to share your love for your husband with the world. This will make him know what you feel about him every day.

10. Keep the photographs:

Make a special scrapbook for your husband with special letters, photographs, cards and other reminders. Do not push away the wedding photos, keep them on display. On your anniversary, take a little time to share old memories together as you review them. This will be a great reminder of how your love started and how it has grown. Keep changing the photos in the photo frames of your room.

Try one of these every day. You can also create and use your own ideas. Don’t tell your husband about these things, keep it a surprise. You may establish a positive habit of expressing your love for him on a daily basis. It will definitely make your man happy. As unconditional love and honest appreciation is what most husbands expect from a partner.


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