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How to treat UTI with Home Remedies in Men?

Each year, Millions of men are affected by Urinary tract infection but in reality, women are more prone to urinary tract infections (UTI) due to the shorter and more susceptible placement of their urethra. Considering the body structure of the men, there are rare chances for the men to be infected with such type of disease. Unfortunately, if you are the one from those infected millions, then you should get the healing of this infection as early as possible because it is one of the serious health issues. But wait, proper treatment can be possible only when you know the disease and its symptoms.

How to treat UTI with Home Remedies in Men?

UTI are germs which getting into your urinary tract. Afterwards, this infection spreads to your kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. The lower urinary tract comprising bladder and urethra is more infected as urine flows from the ureters to the bladder. While, a UTI that travels up into your kidneys is called pyelonephritis. Before knowing the treatment of UTI it is important to know the causes and symptoms.

What are causes of UTI in Men?

Usually, urine contains salts, waste products, and fluids and is free from bacteria, fungi and virus. Escherichia coli are the bacteria that cause UTI. Normally, bacteria entering your urinary tract are washed out when you urinate and if it remains in your tract then you may get an infection. UTI is caused due to:

Blockage: Urine doesn't fall freely due to blockage in the urinary tract. As the urine remains in the tract, germs are not washed and cause UTI. This blockage occurs due to bladder and kidney stones.

Unusual Circumcision: During this procedure, the foreskin is removed from the tilt of the penis. But, if it is not removed easily, then the germs are helped to get trapped and results into UTI.

Prostrate troubles: A large prostate gland or an infected prostatitis boost UTI risk.

Sexual connections: A sexual contact with your infected partner may cause UTI. Moreover, UTI risk rises due to anal sex.

Unusual urinary tract: UTI risk increases due to abnormal Urinary tract. Uncontrolled urine or surgery on urinary tract increases the risk of UTI. Vesicoureteral reflux holds urine back from the bladder to ureters and kidney. This reflux damages the kidney and can cause UTI. Neurogenic bladder is also a big problem that causes UTI.

Inefficient Immune system: Immune system helps the body to defend disease and infection. Weak immune system may not fight against the germs causing UTI. The reasons for weak immune system are long-term illness, HIV or diabetes, etc.

What are the Risk factors of UTI in Men?

Slow flow of urine is the big risk factor for UTI and this occurs due to an enlarged prostate gland. UTI is generally caused due to infection in the urethra, catheters, or tubes and bladder. Diabetes patients have more risk of facing UTI due to changes in the immune system.

What are the symptoms to catch out UTI if occurs?

All the men may not have symptoms to catch out UTI. Yet, there are some symptoms found in most of the men. Aching and burning feelings in the vicinity of the urethra or bladder during urination, constant urge to urinate is some symptoms of UTI. Some men feel fullness in the rectum all the time. Infected men feel to urinate but during the action, they pass only a small amount of urine. The urine looks reddish, milky or gloomy as blood also leaks with urine. If UTI is caused in the bladder or urethra, then the fever is not caused. Whereas, a fever indicates that the infection has spread to kidneys also. Some symptoms of UTI are Nausea, pain in the back or below the ribs and vomiting.

UTI treatment using home remedies:

The treatment of Urinary tract infection depends on various factors like the place of infection, allergies of the patient, the intensity of infection, type of bacteria and any know antibiotic resistance.

Those who experience nausea or vomiting or dehydration may need hospitalization. If the reason of infection is fungus, then specific antifungal medication is to be prescribed by the doctors to treat UTI. Here, are some of the home remedies to treat UTI.

Tea- Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedy

Tea is a sugarless beverage which also consists of antiseptic and natural diuretic properties. These properties help to fight against UTI symptoms as well as prevent urinary tract infection attacks.

Use Cranberry to prevent UTI

High concentration of Quinolic Acid and Vitamin C present in cranberry prevent infectious bacteria from entering onto bladder walls. Drinking 12 to 24 oz of cranberry juice can cure urinary tract infection effectively. As well, to prevent UTI one should drink 3 oz of cranberry juice per day.

Urinary Tract Infection Home Remedy using Supplements

Many supplements are available in the market to fight against UTI but some are not found easily. It is necessary to use good quality of supplements and Vitamins to treat Urinary tract infections as an extreme amount of active ingredients are present in them.

Prevent urinary tract infection

Those who are following home remedies to treat and prevent urinary tract infection can stay UTI-free by adapting a slight change in habits. Following preventive measures can be useful to you in avoiding such kind of infection in the future.

Preventive home remedies:
  • Wipe out properly after toilet to maintain hygiene
  • While urinating do not hurry as it may cause incomplete emptying.
  • Never hold urine, urinate immediately whenever you feel
  • Drink ample amount of water and reduce the consumption of sugary drinks as much as possible.
  • Clean the genital area and wash it properly before and after sex.
  • Discuss with your caretaker before using diaphragm as normal method of contraception.
  • Preventive supplements will acidify the urine and stop infection causing bacteria.
  • Herbals that have natural antiseptic properties like Bearberry and Buchu can cleanse the urinary tract and wipe out pathogens that trigger infections.
  • These herbals possess some natural formula aids to flush out of toxins from the body and retain balance of the urinary system.


May I add that there are 2 more actions to help prevent a UTI: #1. Urinate immediately after intercourse (I know, no fun) and #2. Cleanse your genital area AFTER intercourse as well as before.

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