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Latest 2012 Spa Trends for Health

Spa stands for “solus per aqua”, which actually means health through water. Maintain and restore health by submerging body in water, in which herbs are mixed to help curing poor health and revitalizing the tired bodies. Nowadays’ spas are getting very popular as people can get a wide range of health treatments as well as beauty treatments there. They help to get relieved from the stress and strain of the body. People who are tired of their stressful life and tension packed routine visit spas that offer complete leisure and refreshment.

Latest 2012 Spa Trends for Health
Spas include many treatments like manicure, pedicure, facials, massages, body wraps, aromatherapy, steam baths, sauna, meditation and yoga. The treatments may help removing toxins and metabolic wastes from the body and also improve the blood circulation. It even helps the complexion of skin look glowing and youthful. It heals emotional stress and relieves the tired muscles. The latest Spa Trends of 2012 are briefly explained here:

1, Healthy feet

Latest trends consisting unsupportive footwear like the high heels are a big reason that 80% of women suffer from foot problems like plantar corns, bunions, metatarsalgia, fasciitis, neuromas, hammertoes, flat feet, Achilles tendonitis and arthritis. Still people won’t stop wearing them. There is a huge market for luxury treatments for the feet at the spas. Almost every spa includes a line of products especially for feet which help in pain relief. To take care of your tired feet, the spas are focusing more on easing pain and preventing injuries. They provide special treatments for the feet ranging from "gait analysis" to muscle-strengthening and pedicures. "Medicures" or "Medical pedicures" are often performed by a foot doctor, thus assuring safer removal of corns and calluses.

2, Cold therapies

Cold treatments like snow showers, ice rubdowns, and even cryotherapy chambers are becoming very common. These cold therapies help improve alertness, increase blood circulation and strengthen the immune system. The process helps to eliminate the toxins from the body and improve the immune system that helps fight off allergies and colds. These therapies often help to reduce the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Dementia and many other disorders. Often these kinds of treatments are also used by athletes to help ease aches or pains and reduce swelling.

3, Music and color therapies

The spas will have a big focus on curing the eyes with light, the ears with music and the body through vibration. Spas are offering sound massage, which depends on singing bowls to calm nerves, while many spas are integrating ayurvedic medicine and rectifying chakra imbalances through color therapy. It is scientifically proven that frequencies and vibrations have motivated an explosion of approaches depending on the idea that many systems in the body vibrate at different frequencies, these changes can affect health. The low lights and soothing music may get a modern spin in steam baths, tubs, massage tables, saunas and even lounge chairs. Ayurvedic medicines have included rhythm, color and some specific scents into spas.

4, Wellness coaching

Many spas offer spa coaching packages and post-visit consultations via email, Skype and phone. This trend is striking the beauty arena too, with many spas offering Beauty Coaches officially. The healthy habits which are learned at a spa can be hard to keep after leaving that fostering environment, so the spas offer coaching packages to help the customers to make healthy habits that last. The coaching trend is a new trend for the global spa industry; it could eventually prove to be the key for making the spas a helpful place for many people. Therefore, more guidance for those newly learned lessons may be applied.

5, Family affair

Spas have conventionally been for adults only, but there is a growing demand for spas for teens and even little ones. Nowadays spas are more concerned with health than just beauty, parents want to help their kids learn to take care of themselves. As more people are coming to spas with their children, the spa industry is developing to have room for the under 18 set. Many kids-only spas are opening which offer services focused on childhood obesity to the lifelong wellness practices development. Unique spas are designed especially for teens and kids where they offer baby massage classes for new parents, and host family oriented services.

6, Online wellness games

At present, over half a billion people worldwide play games online for at least an hour every day. The addictive features of games like challenges, rewards, points and social interaction are suited for making healthy routine changes stick. The games like Let’s Yoga, Sara’s Super Spa, Sallie Spa, Spa Life and Spa Mania are becoming more and more popular. A social and competitive constituent can be more motivating as compared to just trying to follow the doctor’s instructions. Adding a social element to the health routine helps people keep on track with their health objectives. These games are expected to support the newly-formed health habits of a spa-goer after returning home.

7, Dining and spa-ing

For decades, many hotels and resorts are providing excellent spas and fine dining, but it has started being marketed together as a package only recently. Spa-ing and fine dining are being paired, packaged, curated, advertised, and relished together as never before. Creative cooking-plus-spa practices have become a huge trend because they are extremely appealing: a sensory, logical, lifestyle combination for both the pleasure seekers and the true foodies. More and more spa goers worldwide will choose their spas based on their unique dine, wine and spa propositions.

8, The glam factor

“Glambition” is the latest word invading the spas worldwide. People are visiting the spas for more than just health, with beauty spas like ‘wax only’ and ‘eyes only’ and salons that cater specially to styling hair and blow drying are gaining momentum. The spa industry is running overtime to discover ways to more quickly and cheaply change up the looks and hair of the customers with little beauty frills and fixes. At some spas, it is all regarding the eyes, with eyebrow shaping, false eyelashes, lash tints, and anything to beautify the eyes. Such spas or salons are building dedicated followings of the glamour girls and guys, too.

9, The wow factor

Gone are the days of boring and interchangeable spas with the same look. Now, the trend is all about creating that “wow” factor for the customers as soon as they enter the door. As the spa-goers look for new experiences, spas are adding this 'wow' factor to distinguish themselves from others. Beautiful designs, revolutionary amenities and exceptional details are becoming more of the standard. These wows are for almost every budget. Big wows may include celebrity partnerships whereas small wows may include unexpected amenities like a rocking massage table, which makes clients experience like they are floating.

10, Scientific evidence

Even though the treatments like massage and acupuncture are gradually becoming more and more common in conventional medical practices, there isn't always a large proof backing up what are frequently considered "alternative" treatments. While a visit to the spa remains a luxury for many, but many people are also examining things like aromatherapy and reflexology under a narrower lens. Is there scientific evidence that massage eases stress? Are mineral-baths and mudpacks medically proven to lighten the pain? The answer to these questions is "yes" in many cases. In the new era many questions about the efficiency of these spa therapies will be asked, as the emphasis on the science behind the spas heat up.


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