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Must know Best & Worst Burgers before eat

Burger is something that is loved by all the people regardless of the age. It is not only popular in America but it is also famous in other countries of the world. Burger can be enjoyed in numerous ways as it is available in different varieties and types. Burger is the staple food of many fast-food restaurants in the US. Now-a-days, these fast-food restaurants double the amount on beef paddies of burger and stuff in more high-fat topping in it rather than concentrating on better and healthy ingredients. As per 2002 study, the portion sizes of burgers in restaurant have been far exceeded than what they should be. The study found that hamburgers in restaurant were 112% oversized. Condiments, toppings, cooking method, portion size and bun affect the amount of calories, fat, and sodium. There are both, best and worst burgers available in America's restaurants so you must know which burgers are destroying your diet and which are best for you in terms of health.
Hungry For Burger? Check Best & Worst Burgers

Best Burgers

1. Wendy's Jr. Hamburger

This junior-size fewest calorie burgers contain 230 calories, which is lower than all fast-food hamburgers. Thus, its calorie content is as low as the McDonald's burger. It has 8g fat (3 grams saturated), 470 milligrams of sodium, 15g Carbs and 15g protein. This hamburger includes a square Jr. Hamburger patty, pickles, American cheese, red onions, sandwich bun, tomatoes, ketchup, lettuce, mustard, honey mustard sauce and mayonnaise. You can order fries or Low-Fat Strawberry Flavored Yogurt with Granola Topping for dessert.

2. In-N-Out Burger's Hamburger with Onion, Protein Style

In-N-Out Burger's protein style Hamburger with onion contains no bun. This burger is wrapped in hand-leafed iceburg lettuce rather than carbohydrate loaded buns. It comes with 1 all-beef patty, spread, tomato, lettuce and onions. It has 240 calories, 370 mg of sodium, 13 g of protein and17 grams of fat (4 grams saturated). If you want to save 80 more calories then go for ketchup and mustard in place of In-N-Out’s signature spread.

3. Ruby Tuesday's Zucchini Cake Minis

Ruby Tuesday's zucchini cake minis are delicious, super flavorful and moist. They are prepared from feta cheese and roasted red peppers as well as topped with tomato, Ruby's mayonnaise cheese, lettuce, and pickle on white bun. They have 580 calories, 1,714 mg sodium, 14g Protein, 22 g fat (3 g saturated) and 83g Carbs. You can pair this mini burgers with soup or salad.

4. Cheeseburger in Paradise's Back to Basics Burger

For the people who are suffering from gluten intolerance, the restaurant provides a gluten-free menu and modified meals. People with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity can also enjoy burgers like other people. At Cheeseburger in Paradise beef, turkey and veggie burgers are served on gluten-free buns. These beef, turkey and veggie burgers contain 250 calories and 9 g fat (5 g saturated).

5. Dairy Queen's Mushroom Swiss GrillBurger

Dairy Queen's Mushroom Swiss grill burger is made with mild garlic mayo, beef Patty, mushroom sauce and natural Swiss cheese served on a toasted Kaiser bun. This Dairy Queen's grill burger contains 590 calories, 30g of Protein, 35 grams of fat (12 grams saturated) 39g of Carbs and 700 mg of sodium.

6. Burger King's BK Veggie Burger

Burger King's BK veggie burger is a meatless soy-based burger which made up of tomato, mayonnaise, lettuce and ketchup as well as served on a sesame seed bun. BK Veggie Burger contains with dairy components only so it is not vegan. It is among the health conscious oriented menu items of Burger King. It has 7 grams of fat (1 gram saturated), 320 calories and 960 milligrams of sodium without mayo.

7. Hardee's and Carl's Jr.'s Charbroiled Turkey Burger

This Burger is available at both Hardee and Carl's Jr. It has charbroiled turkey patty, special sauce, red onion, mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce and dill pickle chips on a honey wheat bun. Compared ground beef, turkey contains less saturated fat. One Charbroiled Turkey Burger (268 g) contains 490 calories, 23 grams of fat (4.5 grams saturated), 29g protein and 960 mg sodium.

8. Ted's Montana Grill's Skinny Dip Bison Burger

Ted's Montana Grill gives you an option to select beef or Bison/buffalo patty. Compared to beef, Bison has less calories and saturated fat. Ted's Montana Grills skinny dip bison burger comes with Bison patty & avocado slices on an oat-and-wheat bun along with a side of fresh coleslaw. It contains 606 calories, 1,973 mg sodium and 29 g fat (7 grams saturated). You can order this hamburger without bun to save 210 calories and 360 mg sodium.

9. Denny's Veggie Burger

Denny’s who is well-known for its bacon, egg, sausage and pancake-heavy meals has added Amy’s Veggie burger in its menu. Amy’s Kitchen Veggie Burger is made from protein-rich soy, fresh spinach, grilled mushrooms, tomato and melted Pepper Jack cheese and served on whole-wheat bun along with a side of balsamic vinaigrette and Fit Fare fresh veggies. It includes 540 calories, 31g of Protein, 13 g fat (5 g saturated) and 1,340 mg sodium.

10. Cheeburger Cheeburger's Grilled Mushroom Portobello Sandwich

Cheeburger Cheeburger's grilled mushroom Portobello sandwich is a healthy and delicious meatless burger-style sandwich. It is meaty in taste and texture and contains lesser saturated fat. It is made from grilled portobello mushrooms (which are marinated in reduced fat Italian dressing) and topped with tomato slices and fresh spinach in crusty rolls. It has 24 grams of fat (5 grams saturated), 476 calories and 1,415 milligrams of sodium. It is also served on a platter along with fries/onion rings and a side salad/coleslaw.

Worst Burgers

1. All-American Patty Melt

Red Robin's delicious All-American patty Melt is one of the waistline-expanding burgers. It made from Thousand Island dressing, Red Robin's signature burger patties, sautéed onions and American/Swiss melty cheese served on marbled rye bread. It contains 1,315 calories, 2,064 mg sodium and 98 gms fat. You can try Natural burger instead of this. Natural burger has 569 calories, 24 g fat and 989 mg sodium.

2. Denny's Double Cheeseburger

Denny's double cheeseburger is very unhealthy burgers. It includes two beef patties, tomato, Swiss/Cheddar/Pepper Jack cheese, pickles, lettuce and red onions served on sesame seed bun along with hash browns, wavy-cut French fries, seasonal fruit/dippable veggies. It has 1,540 calories (without bacon), and 16g fat (52g saturated, 7g trans). The trans fat content is equal to 52 strips of bacon while the calorie amount is similar to four McDonald Double Cheeseburgers. It contains 3,880mg sodium, which is more than 21 small bags of Lay’s potato chips.

3. Friendly's Grilled Cheese Burger

Friendly's Grilled Cheese Burger is a hamburger placed between two grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato, lettuce and mayo rather than a bun. It has 1,500 calories and 79 grams of fat, which is nearly three times more than KFC's Double Down calorie content. It also contains 2,090 milligrams of sodium. Its 870 calories come from fat.

4. Fifth Third Ballpark's Fifth Third Burger

The Fifth Third Burger is among the biggest burgers in West Michigan. It is prepared from 5 one-third pound beef patties, nacho cheese, chili, 5 slices of cheese, crunched tortilla chips, Fritos, sour cream, salsa, tomato and lettuce served on an 8-inch sesame seed bun. It contains 4,889 calories, 744mg cholesterol and 299.5 grams of fat. The total weight of this burger is about 5 pounds.

5. Sonic's Ring Leader Loaded Burger

Ring leader loaded burger from Sonic has smaller and less juicy patty compared to other dinner or bar-and-grill chains. It comes with one beef patty, grilled onions, lettuce, bacon, onion rings, tomato, double slather of mayo and two slices of cheddar cheese on a toasted bun. It contains 1,230 calories, 1,230 mg sodium and 86 gms fat (28 gms saturated).

6. Ruby Tuesday's Avocado Turkey Burger

Turkey and avocado are one of the healthiest foods. These avocado turkey burgers feature applewood smoked bacon, fresh avocado, red onions, Swiss cheese and pickles. It has 887 calories, which are more than two McDonald's Double Cheeseburgers. It also contains 54 grams of fat (more than 8 scoops of Breyers ice cream) and 2,441 milligrams of sodium. Instead of Avocado Turkey Burger you can try Ruby's plain turkey burger.

7. Perkins' Sunrise Burger

Sunrise Burger sounds healthy but in reality, it is one of the unhealthiest burgers. It is a huge cheeseburger which contains smoked bacon, fried egg, sour cream, hash browns as well as American and Monterey Jack cheese. It includes 1,580 calories, 2,490 milligrams of sodium, and 91 grams of fat (29 grams saturated). It also has 425 milligrams of cholesterol, which is 142% of your Recommended Daily Value.

8. Chili's Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger

Southern Smokehouse Bacon Burger has the highest amount of calorie and fat compared to other chains noted here. It features brown sugar & chili-rubbed bacon, Chili's Big Mouth Burger, ancho-chile barbecue sauce, smoked cheddar, crispy onion strings, and mayo. It has 2,290 calories, 139 grams of fat (46 grams of saturated fat) and 6,500 milligrams of sodium (with fries).

9. Krispy Kreme Burger

Krispy Kreme Burger/ Luther (Vandross) burger is served by the Machine Shed restaurant. It comes with half-pound beef patty, tomato, bacon, American cheddar cheese, lettuce and egg fried in butter served between two slices of lightly grilled glazed donuts instead of bun. As per Nathan Morrissey (the Machine Shed’s executive chef), krispy kreme burger contains 1000 calories.

10. Applebee's Quesadilla Burger

This Southwestern style burger comes with ground beef, pico de gallo, their signature Mexi-ranch sauce and shredded lettuce which are stuffed between grilled flour tortillas along with Cheddar and Pepper Jack cheeses, bacon, tomatoes, red onion and jalapenos. It has 1,240 calories (more than 8 White Castle sliders), 103 grams of fat (43 grams saturated) and 3,530 milligrams of sodium which is equaled to 5 and 1/2 large McDonald's French fries.


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