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How your Little Help Save Whole Family from Poverty?

There are many poorest regions in the globe, where the Micro-Business conception is the only way for people to save whole family from poverty and build a better future for their kids. While talking about micro-business concept, statistics show that the investment in women goes toward the improvement in education, health and overall future opportunities not only for themselves, but also for their families. When woman is economically empowered, she is more liable than man to spend money for the family for the things like improving their housing, health care for the whole family and education for their kids. So, economically empowering the women is one of the most powerful untapped resources to create opportunity that can alter lives and alleviate poverty. However, the women face higher levels of fiscal discrimination because they are mostly deprived of a loan from a traditional bank.

How your Little Help Save Whole Family from Poverty?

Do you want to give your contribution for alleviating the poverty world-wide? Microfinance is a great option to get help to start micro-business for women below provertry line. Check out the seven incredible ways, if you want to provide your little help for alleviating the poverty.

1) Get Involved in Microfinance Network of Women's World Banking

Women's World Banking is a microfinance network of 39 financial institutions from 27 countries, which assists low-income women entrepreneurs. These microfinance institutions (MFIs) help these women to start their businesses by providing microloans, which they would never qualify for at traditional banks. Women can utilize these loans in diverse ways: they can purchase either raw materials, or a cycle to transport vegetables to a market, or a sewing machine to initiate a tailoring business, or fertilizer for their crops or much more. By this way, they are able to support basic needs of their families and make a decent living. The investment in women entrepreneurs produces a multiplier effect on the welfare of their families and households, which ultimately provides a basis for the success of Microfinance as a poverty alleviation tool.
The Vision of the Women's World Banking worldwide network is that one day every woman will be capable of building a secure financial future for herself and her household. Microfinance from WWB is consistently working to improve the lives of hoards of poor people, firstly via credit and now progressively through a broad range of financial services such as savings, insurance and other fiscal products like pension funds.
  • How You Can Give Your Little Help?
You can Get Involved in the Microfinance by making a tax deductible donation at anytime, and thereby you can provide your contribution to change the lives of girls and women. Just go on swwb.org/get-involved/ and see how you can make donation to alleviate poverty.

2) Invest in the Future of Women through Kiva Organization

Kiva is a non-profit organization, which connects thousands of people each day through lending to create opportunity and to alleviate the poverty. By using a worldwide network of microfinance institutions and internet, Kiva enables individuals to lend as small as $25 to help people across the world in creating opportunity. Kiva provides needy women with secure, affordable access to capital to create better lives for themselves and their households.

The microfinance institutions of Kiva are situated in 5 continents to offer loans to low-income people without any necessity of accessing to traditional banking systems. 100% of your fund has been sent to the microfinance institutions of Kiva, which are also known as Field Partners. The work of the Field Partners is administering the loans in the field. There is a global network of more than 450 volunteers who work with the Field Partners of Kiva, to translate & edit the stories of borrowers for conveying them to people globally.
  • How You Can Give Your Little Help?
Go on kiva.org/women. Here, you will find the list of borrowers with their field and their stories. Just choose a borrower you want to help and donate your fund. 100% of your fund will go towards funding loans. You can even keep on the cycle of giving by lending your money back to another woman, when the previous borrower repays it.

3) Give a Gift of Hope to Latin American Women through Pro Mujer Microfinance Organization

Pro Mujer is a worldwide microfinance and women’s development organization that provides financial and development services to poor Latin American Women for developing and improving their small businesses. There are many rural Latin American areas, in which the majority of paid work goes to men. Therefore, women usually require to create their own job if they want to do work, but the further negative point is that majority of them have 0 formal education. For all those women, Pro Mujer is a ray of hope as it financially helps women to start their small income-generating activities like street vending, shop-keeping, food processing, sewing and weaving, service provision, etc.
Pro Mujer empowers women because women empower their families. Pro Mujer provides not only credit, but also provides healthcare education and business training to build a better future for themselves and their children. With an improved self-esteem, steady income and good health, women are enabled to raise themselves and their families out of poverty. Presently, Pro Mujer is being operated in Bolivia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Argentina and Peru, and there is a plan to extend it into other countries of Latin America.
  • How You Can Give Your Little Help?
You are able to empower Latin American Women to initiate their small-businesses by donating the minimum amount that you can afford. Donate at promujer.org/getinvolved/, and help Pro Mujer to finance even more loans. By donating, you are not only helping those women to make some money, but also you are changing the culture of poverty.
4) Become a Sustaining Donor at Grameen Foundation

Grameen Foundation is a nonprofit organization, which combines the power of microfinance and technology to beat the global poverty. The mission of Grameen Foundation is creating a world without poverty by providing the world's poorest people, particularly women, with the access to microfinance and technology. It provides the needy women with access to small loans, viable business opportunities, and essential information to improve their lives and move them out of poverty. Grameen Foundation is an independent organization without any institutional or financial link.

Grameen Foundation allies around the globe by collaborating with local organizations to build easy-to-replicate, large-scale solutions for ending the cycle of poverty in developing nations across the world. The microfinance institutions of Grameen Foundation provide the poor and poorest people with access to micro-loans they need to develop or extend a small business. The cutting-edge programs from Grameen Foundation have helped hoards of poor people, especially women and children, to improve their lives.
  • How You Can Give Your Little Help?
Do you want to break the cycle of poverty? Go on grameenfoundation.org/take-action and donate your fund. There are many options of donating like direct donation, donation by mail & phone, monthly giving, annual giving, donation using PayPal or gift in tribute or memorial. Your donation will go towards the funding of small loans for needy women to start small businesses for lifting themselves and their households out of poverty. When the entrepreneurs repay their loans, the funds are used again into new loans, thus the cycle continues and multiplies the number of poor people who can start their journey out of poverty.
You can even become a Volunteer for ‘Bankers without Borders’ program of Grameen Foundation to help the needy people by means of technology. Here you can support technology and microfinance developments in many rural areas by volunteering your time, experience and knowledge. Visit bankerswithoutborders.com/volunteers and apply for the projects, which suit your skills and schedule.

5) Provide Economic Opportunity to Needy Women through the Tory Burch Foundation

The Tory Burch Foundation is a non-profit organization, which has been launched by entrepreneur, mother and fashion designer Tory Burch in 2009. Tory thinks that economically empowering the women is one of the most effective ways to create change, and therefore she created a foundation to help women in accessing financial tools to improve their lives.

The first partner of Tory Burch Foundation is ACCION USA that offers economic opportunity to women and their households in the US. It provides the financial services and loans to low-income women to succeed their small businesses. ACCION USA is one of the leading micro-lenders in US, which have endowed lends from $500-$50,000 to above 11,000 small businesses all over the country.
  • How You Can Give Your Little Help?
Visit toryburchfoundation.org and click on the link "support". Here you can directly donate your fund to help women entrepreneurs for accomplishing their dreams of creating a successful business to support themselves and their family. Or else you can even splurge on some beautiful limited edition products like the Tory Burch Foundation Studded Cuff, the Tory Burch Foundation Flip Flop, the Tory Burch Foundation Tote Bag, the Tory Burch Signature Charm Bracelet, the Tory Burch Foundation T-shirt, and the Tory Burch Foundation CD through the Tory Burch Foundation. All the profits will go to support the work of Foundation and help the women to initiate or grow their businesses in US.

6) Help Afghan women to become a seamstress via Global Giving

In the struggling economy of Afghanistan, poverty remained prevalent. Refugees return to the home with destroyed careers and the widows are mainly susceptible to poverty and unemployment. Afghan Institute of Learning had initiated tailoring classes in 1996 in order to assist widows and other women for finding sustainable employment. During the six-month tailoring course, they give training to women for sewing a broad range of clothing from patterns, as well as teach the calculation of their budget for savings and clothes. They give training to approximately 700 women each month to handle a small tailoring business from their homes.
  • How You Can Give Your Little Help?
Go on globalgiving.org/projects/small-business-for-afghan-women and donate the minimum amount that you can afford. Your donation will help the Afghan women to purchase clothes and tools needed to enroll in a 6-month tailoring course. Some other options are also available; you can donate $10 by texting GIVE CLOTH to 80088, Donate by Check, or Donate by Wire Transfers.

7) Help the Women of Palestine and Rwanda through ‘Hands Up Not Handouts’

The women of Palestine and Rwanda are doing a much struggle to eke out their lives. The Palestine women have implausible embroidery skills, and they use their talents in making intricately designed wrap bracelets. The Rwanda women employ their traditional techniques and make incredible earrings from sweet grass. Hands Up Not Handouts is a nonprofit organization founded by Tess Sager that purchases all the products at fair-market prices and resale them at $30 and up. It uses business accountability, business principles, and the luxury consumer market to help women.
  • How You Can Give Your Little Help?
You can empower women by purchasing the earrings and bracelets made by women of Rwanda and Palestine at handsupnothandouts.org/shop. When you purchase the products, the gross income of women increases that provides them more influence and more stability in their households and communities. Their kids can go to school, they can eat better, and their families can afford better health care.


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