Thursday, July 18, 2013

Rubber Lip to make Lip Beautiful Naturally: Now Forget Lip Plastic Surgery

Women love to look beautiful and youthful on any occasion of their life. That is the reason why they do not think much before going to do plastic surgery. One of the Japanese companies has come up with little weird but unique idea to slimmer your face and to give you wrinkle free young face. The online Japan Trend Shop has made a gadget which is nothing but the unusual, lips-shaped silicon mouthpiece. Company gives the guarantee that their new innovative product will help their users to acquire youthful slimmer face.

Rubber Lip to make Lip Beautiful Naturally: Now Forget Lip Plastic Surgery

You can buy silicon mouthpiece for £40 ($61). You just need to wear plastic mouthpiece on your lips and spend 3 to 4 minutes to do exercise with it. Loudly speak out vowels and sometimes “why” for 3 to 4 minutes daily to get effective results of it. It is very simple to do exercise, and you can do it during you take shower or in front of mirror.

With daily face exercise, you can strengthen your facial muscles to acquire youthful look without any plastic surgery. Japanese manufacturer Japan Trend Shop also claims that your daily facial exercise with their silicon plastic lips can reduce the wrinkles around the eyes.

Japan Trend Shop said that they have made this plastic lips in such a way that you have to put a little more pressure on mouthpiece to pronounce vowels, and it will work as a good facial exercise to give you slimmer face. They have made this product to exercise 12 facial expression muscles. If you want to purchase this amazing option of plastic surgery to get slimmer and vibrant face, then you have to pay $61 and $12 for shipping.


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