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Worst Pains in Human Body

Nobody wants pain, but body needs the sensation of pain to let us know that something is going wrong in our body or it has been damaged. Likewise, warning lights on car dashboard warn the driver when the car is low on oil or gas. A pain warns about that your body is put into 'ALARM' status, wherein your muscles start to get more blood flow and oxygen, your heart beats quicker, your breathing quickens, all such signals warn that our bodies need extra care. It is only the pain, which is used as a clue by doctors as well as other health professionals in figuring out what is wrong, also helps them in knowing how much you hurt. It is true that every pain you feel is not indicative of an awful emergency and generally the pain leaves on its own, the same way it arrived; however some pains are worst and hard to ignore, something like life-or-death matter. As more danger is involved in such pains, you should be aware of them. Here we have enlisted some highly worst pains that people feel at most in the recent time. Now with this simple but useful information, you can save yourself against the unexpected, big hitch!
Worst Pains in Human Body
Cluster headache

This is also called “suicide headache”, which sounds really horrible. It is a kind of neurological disease, featuring extreme intensity of excruciating one-sided pain in the head. Cluster headaches happen from time to time: unplanned remissions stop active periods of pain. Men are more commonly affected compared to women. Its common attack can be of 15 minutes or extended for 3 hours or more. The onset of an attack is fast, and mostly without the beginning signs which are characteristic of a migraine. Affected person also feels pain around the eye area and pain within the back of eye. The pain of cluster headache is noticeably greater compared to other headache conditions, including severe migraines; even experts have stated that Cluster headache may be the most painful condition known to the medical science. Women patients have reported it as being harsher than childbirth. Even, morphine is not enough in some serious cases. So, you can imagine that victim gives birth without painkilling ….once or twice a day, for six, eight, or ten weeks at a time, and after that have a break. It’s just terrible.

Ectopic pregnancy

Did you know that labor pain is alike 20 fractures of both bones! Normally, the human body is able to withstand only 45 (units) of pain; but in childbirth, the pain is up to 57 (units). Also, it is believed that ectopic pregnancy is much worse than labor. This is one kind of complication of pregnancy, wherein the embryo implants outside the uterine cavity.

Ectopic pregnancies are dangerous for mother, because internal haemorrhage is a life-threatening complication. This mostly happens in the Fallopian tube that’s why also known as tubal pregnancies, but implantation can happen in the cervix, ovaries, and abdomen too. An ectopic pregnancy is a potential medical emergency, so if you don’t treat ruptured ectopic pregnancy properly, it could be fatal. Particular signs of a ruptured tubal pregnancy are sharp stabbing pain in the pelvic region, lower abdomen, lower back, or shoulder, wherein bleeding from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy can push on the diaphragm and cause shoulder pain. Nausea, dizziness, or vomiting are also experienced.

Dislocated Knee

Dislocated Knee is a serious, painful injury that needs urgent medical attention. However, its long-term consequences are not that much horrible, but getting through the primary stages is really suffering for any victim - and suffering is the right word here. A kneecap can be caused during normal movement as well as due to a direct blow or an unexpected twist of the leg. In this case, patella (kneecap) slips out of its normal position in the patellofemoral groove, and usually causes extreme pain with effusion. When it happens, it will be really hurting for the first few times, even you could not walk. If knee dislocation occurs more than once and is not treated, you may feel less pain on its occurrences but these things can further damage your knee joint.

It is believed that young athletes suffer patellar dislocations mostly than others, also the average age of its occurrence is 16-20 years. Sports like soccer, gymnastics and ice hockey, which are generally related with the injury, involve unexpected twisting motions of the knee. Ordinarily, it also occurs when a person trips over an object otherwise slips on a slick surface, particularly if that person has predisposing factors. Likewise, pain during dislocation of elbow is also worst.

Blood clot in lung

Blood clot in lung can be a serious condition. Sudden blockage of a major blood vessel - artery in the lungs by fat, air, tumor cells or usually by a blood clot, is called Pulmonary embolism. It happens when a clot forms somewhere in the body, cracks loose and moves to the lungs; where it gets caught by the smaller blood vessels. The whole experience is really painful and risky - psychologically as well as physically. Even, it can be deadly if the clot is large, as it can dangerously block off the blood supply to parts of the lungs, which could cause tissue death. Its most common symptoms are unexpected shortness of breath, sharp chest pain that is worse during coughing or taking a deep breath, a cough that brings up pink, foamy mucus. Other general symptoms are too much sweating, or you may feel nervous, lightheaded or faint, or have a fast heart rate otherwise palpitations. If these symptoms are sudden and severe, you need to see a doctor immediately.

Kidney pain

Kidneys filter as well as detoxify our body well. If toxins are not accurately emitted out, it can infect or poison our body ensuing in some diseases. Some type of infection or a simple injury to the kidney causes Kidney pain. Kidney pain is most commonly caused by kidney stones. Kidney stones are caused by the side effects of definite medication or not drinking enough water, even if your kidney is defective or full of infections, then also harsh kind of pain is felt. Back pain symptoms can be caused by kidney infections. Why kidney pain is closely linked with back pain though it may have totally different causes. Actually, kidney stone can cause back pain particularly where the kidney lies just over the hips. Kidney pain frequently spreads out to various parts of the body, and it usually goes away when the kidney stones pass out.

Broken ribs pain

Ribs are used for breathing, laughing, coughing, etc. so if they are broken you won't be able to get comfortable in bending, lying down, sitting up, etc..... incredibly painful! Broken ribs are really painful, it is bad enough as you feel that you can't breathe, you cannot sleep, you cannot cough, you cannot laugh, etc. You hurt like hell every time, on your moving or breathing. It will take a few weeks for the pain to move away.

Ribs are a susceptible part of our body so they can be injured and fractured easily. Rib pain is caused by a number of things like inflammation, fractures and bruises. Broken ribs can be different for each person, here even one broken is too much hard to handle. Rib cage pain is felt at and below the chest and beyond the navel on either side. It may be small and unimportant or it could be big and serious. Severe pain is the first sign of a fractured, cracked or bruised rib. This pain occurs immediately upon injury, eventually develops slowly. The pain is a sign of basic medical condition, so you are advised to report any instance of unexplainable rib cage pain to your doctor right away. It can be treated by involving rest and pain medication.

Ovarian cyst rupture pain

For some women, it is just about a monthly occurrence but the pain is horrible! Ovarian cysts are commonly found in women who suffer from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). When an ovarian cyst ruptures, a cyst rupture will cause lots of fluid leakage that is very painful as well as dangerous. Here affected person faces heavy menstrual bleeding as well as feel dizzy and weak.

Ovaries are two small organs positioned on each side of the uterus in a female body. They create hormones, together with estrogen, which trigger menstruation. Every month, the ovaries discharge a little egg and this egg makes its way downward the fallopian tube to be fertilized potentially. If egg is not released throughout the menstrual cycle, or else the sac (you can say follicle - in which the egg forms) does not dissolve later than egg’s releasing. Now, the follicle of ovary fills up with fluid and forms into a large cyst over the time. There are so many types of ovarian cysts, ranging from small size of a pea to the big size of an orange. Even though these cysts tend to be risk-free most of the time, they can be cancerous sometimes. Ovarian cysts are particularly common during the childbearing years.

Stomachache due to Food poisoning

This is a common, however incredibly painful and sometimes life-threatening problem. Unchecked and unhealthy eating habits are obvious in the festival season, and they lead to food poisoning and disorders in the bowels. People infected with food poisoning may have symptoms ranging from mild intestinal discomfort to harsh dehydration as well as bloody diarrhea. Based on the type of infection, people can even die due to food poisoning. So, food poisoning should not be overlooked at any cost.

Food poisoning occurs due to bacteria or other toxins in food. Diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain or stomach cramps, headaches, a low-grade fever, and muscle aches are common symptoms of food poisoning. Here, sometimes a stomachache and fatigue after a big meal may be the first indication of something more serious like food poisoning. In treatment, try to replace lost fluids especially lost electrolytes (the sodium, potassium and calcium washed-out because of vomiting and diarrhea). In serious cases, antibiotics or even hospitalization is required. Even if you're pregnant, see your doctor at the beginning of any symptoms.

Lower back pain

If you lift something heavy in the wrong way, you're dealing with a degenerative condition like arthritis, or whatever the cause of your low back pain… it can be really hard to shake. Most of us experience back pain at some point in our lives. But sometimes, it’s really serious as you were injured; otherwise you feel numbness, weakness, or tingling in the legs.

It is generally caused by a stain, sprain or spasm in the muscles, otherwise ligaments in the lower back. Backache or such kind of discomfort can happen anywhere in your back; however commonly affected area is your low back as it supports most of your body's weight. You cannot straighten your back, further experience excruciating as well as penetrating pain. It is believed that lower back pain tends to occur more often in younger adults than older adults. Here, younger adults who are 30 to 60 years old experience back pain from the disc space or from a back muscle strain or other soft tissue strain while older adults who are over 60 undergo from pain associated to joint degeneration otherwise from a compression fracture. Most of the back-related injuries happen at work, lifting a heavy object, moving suddenly, sitting in one position for a long time, or having an injury or accident. So, better safe than sorry. Its dealing depends on the back pain causes and whether it is new or chronic. Even, symptoms and severity of lower back pain differ greatly as simple lower back muscle strain might be severe enough to require an emergency room visit, whereas a degenerating disc might cause only mild, irregular discomfort. Using heating pad can ease the pain, even it is good to do stretching exercises while lying on the floor.

Pain during endometrial biopsy

One more feminine pain….we know that woman is having a hard time getting pregnant, meanwhile endometrial biopsy is also painful. In endometrial biopsy, a thin, flexible tube (catheter) that is attached to a vacuum device is inserted through the vagina and cervix into the uterus. Suction is started to obtain samples of the endometrium, when sufferer feel cramping. However, the process takes only about 5 minutes to perform, it is really painful. It is done to check whether the lining of woman’s uterus can support a pregnancy or not. Herein, your doctor takes a small sample of the lining of uterus, after that sample is taken to the laboratory for analysis of abnormal cells. This endometrial biopsy helps your doctor in finding problems in the endometrium, also allows doctor to check whether your body's hormone levels that affect the endometrium are in balance or not. Women also have to suffer from the searing pain of that biopsy to check abnormal uterine bleeding, overgrowth of the lining (endometrial hyperplasia), otherwise to check for cancer.


Clearly you have never experienced Trigeminal Neuralgia.
It was formerly called The Suicide Disease. I have experienced four of the above conditions. NONE compare with the pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia.

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