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Health benefits of drinking parsley juice

Parsley is a nutritional powerhouse that contains A, B, C, and K vitamins and minerals like iron, potassium, essential fatty acids and folic acids. Besides being a small green versatile herb, it is delightful to taste and totally agreeable to the stomach. It serves many medicinal properties such as carminative, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, aphrodisiac, diuretic and mild laxative. Not only Parsley leaves but its roots also contain calcium, B-complex vitamins, iron which nourish the glands and help to regulate the uptake of calcium.

Health benefits of drinking parsley juice

It is advised to drink fresh Parsley juice daily 1 ounce in quantity only to avoid its side effects. Parsley is used in almost every culinary dish to garnish it and to add fresh flavor in dish. When it is consumed in the juice form, it contains more concentrated nutrient benefits. As it is highly nutritive herb, it has lots of nutrition value as displayed below:

Vitamin K – 155.8%
Vitamin C – 16.8%
Vitamin A – 12.8%
Folate – 2.8%
Iron – 2.6%
Calories (2) – 0%

Health Benefits of parsley juice:

Eye Health: As it has many vital vitamins and mineral, Parsley juice helps to stimulate the small blood vessels of eyeball. It contains beta carotene, which is best known to keep up health of eyes.

Appetite Enhancer: Parsley juice also helps to enhance your appetite. Its vital nutritive compounds help to increase appetite when you have very small appetite than what is actually needed.

Weight Loss: Parsley Juice is a green leafy herbal juice that helps you to breaking down and burning off all extra stored fat from your body to let you look slim without any additional diet plan.

Cure Cancer: One of the amazing health benefits of parsley juice is that it kills the free radicals that are the main cause of having cancer. Free radicals are cancer-causing agents that are created due to the toxin you have consumed. Parsley is really helpful to cure colon and cervix cancer.

Make your heart healthy: Drinking juice regularly can help you to have a healthy heart for long period of time. Nutrients of Parsley help to reduce the level of amino acids that are threatening to heart’s health. So, drink Parsley juice daily and have a healthy heart!

Good for Bones: Parsley Juice contains the highest amount of Vitamin K that is necessary compound that help to synthesize the proteins to promote the good health of bones. It makes your bones stronger with the time and helps to do deposition of calcium in bones.

Detoxify our body: In today’s environment, you live with the polluted surrounding in one or other way. It increases the level of toxin in your body. Regular consumption of parsley juice will help you to detoxify your body naturally.

Work as a Diuretic & Laxative: Parsley juice is advised for those patients who are suffering form the diuresis. Parsley acts as a diuretic and laxative to eliminate toxin and reduce the problem of dieresis.
Avoid Diabetes: Parsley also contains the Vitamin A, which is really helpful to reduce the chances of diabetes in future. Daily consumption of parsley juice will help to lower the risk of diabetes.

Breath Freshener: Parsley has light fresh aroma that helps you to resolve the problem of bad breath. Drink parsley juice daily and you can naturally get fresh breath.

Anemia Treatment: Those women who are suffering form the lack of iron which can leads them to anemia, parsley juice is best for them to increase the level of iron in their body. It has dissolved iron, which becomes easy to absorb by blood cells. So, daily drink parsley juice and treat anemia naturally.

Boost Your Immunity: Parsley has high content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that is the reason that it also helps you to have better immunity system. It is fully loaded with the immune-enhancer Vitamin A and Vitamin C that will enhance your immunity system.

Fight Inflammation: Besides being powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, parsley also works as the powerful anti-inflammatory for body. Regular consumption of parsley juice will help you to lower the risk of inflammatory disorders like joint and bone disorders as well as rheumatoid arthritis.

Heal Bruises: One of the best uses of parsley as home remedy is to heal bruises. If you are an adventure loving people and get bruises often, then always have some of the parsley with you. Crush parsley and apply it immediately on the affected area to get instant relief.

Relief form the flatulence: Daily consumption of parsley juice in small amount can give you relief form the flatulence problem.

Cure gallstones: Parsley helps to remove gallstones if used properly by taking a pint of the tea daily.

Improve nervous system: Parsley has many vital vitamins and minerals that not only help you to improve bone structure but it also act as a powerfully therapeutic for the optic nerves, the brain and the sympathetic nervous system.

Used in Insect Bite Treatment: It is also useful to reduce the itching and swelling occurred due to the insect bites. Rub raw parsley or its juice on the infected area directly to get relief from the bites.

Treat the problem of erectile dysfunction: Today, one of the most common problems seen in men is that many of them suffer from the erectile dysfunction. Daily consumption of parsley juice will regulate the flow of blood in blood vessels to give you relief form the erectile dysfunction.

Cure scurvy: If parsley juice is consumed daily then, it also helps to treat the swollen bleeding gums and the opening of previously healed wounds. Parsley has vitamin C, which helps to treat scurvy.

Menstrual insufficiency: If any women suffer form the menstrual insufficiency problems, then it is advised to drink parsley juice regularly to regulate the menstrual cycle also helps to solve other problems.

Encouraging hair growth: If you want shiny and strong hair naturally, then drink fresh parsley juice daily to encourage hair growth.

Lower blood pressure: Patients of high blood pressure should drink parsley juice daily to let their blood pressure stay steady or low.

Treat Thyroid disorders: If any person is having the thyroid disorder, then they should consume parsley juice daily to cure thyroid disorders.

Cure cystitis and prostate problems: It is really good herbal drink for those people who are suffering from the cystitis and prostate problems. If patient drink parsley juice in small amount, then it can naturally cures the cystitis and prostate problems.

Mucus prevention: If you are suffering from the allergies, chronic sinus infections, sinus pressure and coughing, then parsley juice will help you to get relief. Take 2 tbsp of fresh parsley juice to get comfort in all above problems related to mucus.

Cure diarrhea: If you are suffering form the diarrhea, then you can drink parsley tea to get comfort in the diarrhea.

Best for blood vessels: Versatile parsley juice will help to increase the blood flow in blood vessels. It increases the health of blood vessels to reduce the chances of heart attack due to blockage in blood vessels.

Note: Pregnant women should avoid the parsley juice as it may lead to uterine contractions and it will lead to miscarriages.


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