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Green Beans Coffee Nutrition Facts information

A brewed, refreshing aroma of coffee gives a perfect start to your day. Coffee beans are actually seeds of coffee plants surrounded by coffee berries that are cultivated all around the world and it is one of the best cash crops. Coffee beans are normally cleaned, roasted and sold in the form of coffee powder and used as the raw material to make dark chocolates. They do not have lots of high content of nutrients but they are strong in flavor and aroma with fibers. In the recent times, immature and mature green beans are widely used by youngsters besides roasted coffee beans. As per the latest coffee research done by scientists, green coffee bean extracts are helpful to burn out extra fat from body. But keep in mind that coffee contains many components that have different effects on human body independently.

Green Beans Coffee Nutrition Facts information

Normally, if you consume one cup of brewed coffee; you acquire energy, which is enough to do your all routine work. So, it might sound you weird that coffee can help you to reduce your extra fat. But if you consume green coffee extract, then you can easily reduce number of pounds for sure. You do not have to consume whole cup of coffee every morning; just take a small amount of green coffee extract to reduce your excess weight. There are two types of coffee plants namely Arabica and Robusta; both types of green coffee beans are useful to lose weight. Many online vendors are jumped into the market to provide different green coffee bean extract products.

Green coffee beans or raw and unroasted seeds of coffee fruits are main source of caffeine and it noticeably effects on glycemic control and weight loss. Green coffee beans contain different components such as chlorogenic acid, quinides, lignans, and trigonelline to increase the rate of glucose metabolism and help to reduce the deposition of fat in body by lowering down the rate of fate absorption.

Besides helping to reduce number of pounds, it also slows down glucose-6-phosphatase enzyme to reduce the production of sugar into the liver. Due to reduced level of sugar formation, chlorogenic acid of coffee may help to reduce the risk of having glycemic disorders such as diabetes. But keep in mind that roasted coffee beans doesn’t bear significant amount of chlorogenic acid that can help to reduce the sugar formation. Only green coffee beans are natural and rich source of chlorogenic acid.

As per the recent research study published by scientists in January 2012, it shows the positive results with reduced extra weight of adults who all are overweighed with the BMI more than 25. All overweight volunteer adults are provided with the chlorogenic acids rich green coffee bean extract in proper dosage form. As a good result, all the overweight adults' BMI would be reduced and came in between the 18.5 to 25 (Normal BMI range). All adults have lost the weight nearly 18 pounds that is 10% of their overall body weight and 4.4% of their overall body fat.

Based on this research study, different companies and online shopping sites have started the green coffee bean supplements with big tag showing that it acts as fat burner, but keep in mind that supplement that you buy must have right amount of chlorogenic acid. It might be described as the GCA (green coffee antioxidant) or Svetol. Even make sure that green coffee bean supplement that you are purchasing must have at least 45% of chlorogenic acid. If chlorogenic acid percentage is less than 45 or not mentioned on the product, then do not buy that product.

If you buy raw green coffee beans to reduce your excess body fat, then you should consume 400 mg green coffee in one or other form three times in single day, before your every meal. Make sure that you take green coffee in such a way that there should be time gap of 30 minutes between your green coffee intake and meal. If you feel little jittery in start, then you can start with the 200mg and slowly increase the amount till it reaches up to the 400 mg in one dose.

The research of green coffee beans is only done on adults and it is not experimented on children. So, there are not done any officially announcements regarding the use of green coffee extract for a child. Green coffee beans supplements are not approved for children as caffeine content of green coffee beans might effect negatively on child’s growth.


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