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Halloween costume and decoration ideas popular in 2013

Getting confused in selecting Halloween costumes or decoration theme, now make this really easy with the given popular ideas of 2013 for Halloween costume and decorations.

Halloween is just on the way. Just couple of days is remaining to prepare for celebrating the Halloween festival. There are so many things to do during this festival such as unique costume selections, deciding decoration theme, planning pranks, preparing pumpkins jack-o-lanterns and apple bobbing, etc. In all activities, costumes and decorations theme selection are the tough job to do, as costumes and decoration must be unique to become the center of attraction in the party, gathering or parade. Moreover, decoration theme should also be awesome to make Halloween event fun and rocking. Every year, there is a new and exciting trend for costumes and decoration themes in Halloween. Here are given the popular ideas of 2013 related to Halloween costumes and decoration, which can help you to make Halloween more joyous than usual one.

A girl with Halloween costume in Halloween themed party

Halloween Costume Ideas:
Scary Costume is the heart of the Halloween. People wear different types of costumes as per the theme, style, trend or taste. Costumes can be funny, scary, spooky or freaking. Categories for costumes varies in different ways such as Humorous, Pirates, Vampires, Horror, Renaissance, TV & Movie characters, Disney characters, Super Heroes, Pop Singers, etc. There are various costume ideas available for toddlers, teen-age, adults, etc.

Google Shopping trends has indicated that in this year Halloween parties will have lots of Minions, Foxes, Walter Whites, etc. Recently Google has release a list of ‘Top trending costume searches on Google Shopping’, in which the ‘Minion costume’ from Despicable Me movie is the most search Halloween costume. The hit AMC show “Breaking Bad” actors’ costumes is the second choice after cute Minion costumes. The list also includes the Miley Cyrus VMA’s ‘Twerking Teddy’ outfit, Fox costume, ‘Duck Dynasty’ costume, Gatsby dress costume, etc.

Top Halloween Costumes of 2013

Minion costume:
The famous Minion costume is inspired from Minion character of Despicable Me 2, as it is famous among children. It is made up of a jumpsuit, headband, goggles, knee socks and gloves. You can also style up as Despicable Me 2 ‘Gru’ character by dressing up with a mask, shirt, pants and scarf.

Breaking Bad costume:
This Halloween imitate as chemistry teacher-turned-druglord Walter White or Jesse from famous series ‘Breaking Bad’, which features a yellow hazmat suit, safety goggles, gloves, half face respirator, mask and beard.

Fox costume:
Want to disguise yourself in something furry and wild? Then, growl this Halloween with cozy fury costume like skirt dress, hood, legwarmers, fuzzy paws, a little white bow at front of waist and fox tail at back.

Duck Dynasty costume:
Duck Dynasty has also hits the list of Halloween famous costumes ideas. Duck Dynasty is a reality show of back country duck hunters group with beards. You can try to dress up as Uncle Si with the glasses, vest, beard and cap with attached wig.

Miley Cyrus costume:
After the VMA awards, Miley Cyrus’ Twerking Costume goes viral among teens and adults for Halloween parties. It is the hottest costumes for 2013 reported by many sites. It is a one piece dress having Chuck E Cheese bear on front. You can also add a large Miley foam finger, shoes, gold chain (fake one) and modified hairstyle with tongue outside to complete the costume. Miley Cyrus Twerking Costume can be paired with Robin Thicke style ‘Bettlejuice’ costume for adult couple. Bettlejuice suit features a black and white striped suit jacket and pants.

Daenerys costume:
If you are a Fan of Season 2 Game of Thrones on HBO, you can dress up as Daenerys Targaryen with a Top, Belt, Gloves, Dress and Socks. It is one of the most searched Halloween costumes and if you wear it you will become the center of attraction of party.

Batman costume:
Super heroes are always evergreen in Halloween, every year. Batman is still rocking the Halloween costumes list and is preferred by all age group. Most of the online shopping website has Batman costume, which consists of Batman Mask, Gloves, Belt, Cape, Shirt, Pant, Cod Piece and Boot Tops.

Gatsby dress costume:
Blockbuster movie ‘Great Gatsby’ costumes are in fashion among the stylish girls and boys in this Halloween festival. Gatsby is the most searched costumes in California and New York. 1920’s Pink, golden or black flapper dress with matching headpiece, cigarette holder and fishnets will hit the Halloween party for girls. Boys can turn themselves in handsome 1920’s Gangster Black Pinstripe Trouser Suit with Hat to skip a beat of girls in Halloween party.

Girls can go for other options such as Kim Kardashian floral dress at Kim Met Gala, Deadly Ninja dress, Voo Doo Doll, Monster, Harley Jester, Chersie Cat or Vampire. Choices for costumes can be made among ‘Sharknado’ costume of popular cheesy TV movie, Grumpy Cat or Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for guys.

Halloween Decoration Ideas:
Time has come to decorate your home with scary and ugly Halloween theme and decorations. Houses will be decorated with creepy spiders or spider webs, zombies, ghosts, pumpkin lanterns, etc. to make the atmosphere more thrilling and chilling. Here are some of the popular ideas of Halloween Decorations for indoor and outdoor decorations for creating a spooktacular scene to rock this Halloween.

You can use evil clown as they are the most popular décor of every Halloween. Life Size animatronics like Creepy butler, Scarecrow, Evil zombie, wolf babies, kneeling angel of death, headless horseman, witchy witch, black cats etc. can be used to scare the trick or treating children at doorsteps, lawns or garden. Rubber masks are available at various stores ranging from werewolves to hamsters for Halloween indoor decorations. Skeletons are also great décor to create a scary atmosphere at home party. Place a spider web made up of black rope on the wall stick by double-sided tape and spider to give a haunting look to home.
You can decorate lamp with few silhouettes of bat or glittering eyes. Illuminated Ghost Garland made up of white ghost lantern lights on a strand give ghostly feeling in the home. Paper bats with glittered eyes can be stick on the branches of tree to scare guests at lawn party. Glass jar lights with different designs of haunted house, pumpkin, bats, etc. can add more festive feeling in the atmosphere. Windows can also be decorated by silhouettes of wicked witch, bats, rats, pumpkins, etc.

Hope all these decoration ideas will help you all Halloween celebrators to make their home or party spot more spooky and creepy on this Halloween.
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