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What is Krokodil drug? All you need to know about Krokodil

Checkout all information that will help you to stay away from flesh-rotting side effects of most toxic synthetic opioid drug Krokodil or Desomorphine.

Many people use morphine dominated drugs to feel pleased and mesmerized, by leaving their all worries on side and to escape into the different world. But they do not understand that drug pleasure will become more stinky and death leading in some interval of time after its first dose. Recently, one new drug Krokodil is the hottest in demand just because it is so much cheaper than morphine. It is produced by Russia and it is really toxic drug that eat living flesh of addicts to the limit that user die in just two years due to infections in open bone depth wounds. Let’s get brief information about Krokodil aka flesh-rotting drug.

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Chemical composition and ingredients of Krokodil:
Chemically it comes in the 6-hydroxyl group and the 7, 8 double bond have been reduced by chemical reactions to obtain psychoactive chemical (opioid) - Krokodil. It’s chemically known as is Desomorphine or Dihydrodesoxymorphine or Permonid; where as Krokodil is its street name.
Krokodil is a mixture or extract acquired by cooking codeine-based pills (a sleep-inducing, cold and analgesic drug) with iodine, paint thinner, gasoline, alcohol, red phosphorous, lighter fluid, hydrochloric acid or oil. Ingredients used to make krokodil are toxic in nature to composition of our body system.

What is the reason of its speeding up popularity?
Desomorphine is mainly used as cheap and handy option of morphine. Many people can not afford morphine easily and they have to pay lots of money for small doses also. On other side, Desomorphine is homemade drug and its ingredients are easily available in general stores. Moreover, it is 5 times stronger than the morphine. You can easily get it in the tablet and injection forms at low price.
If you consume it in the tablet form, then its affect will rapidly increase in 2 hours; but if you take it in your vein directly, then it will show its instant results in only 10 to 15 minutes. It’s effect of illusive pleasing stays for more than 90 minutes. It is the most prior reason why people are getting so much addicted to it in just 5 years of its discovery.

Desomorphine side effects:
It offers 5 times high pleasing effect but at cost of decaying yourself lively! Person becomes highly addicted to it by just two or three doses and it’s really difficult for addicted person to come out of it. Desomorphine shows the same but more aggressive and painful withdrawal symptoms as morphine. Morphine side effects last for 7 or 10 days, whereas desomorphine side effects last for 30 days and more.

It rots down your internal organs like brain, stomach and liver in small period of time. krokodil creates blockage of blood supply from the injected site after several dosages. krokodil also makes injected site scaly and reptilian green in color. Its street name krokodil comes form its side effect of scaly crocodile like skin, which is called as “krokodil” in Russia. Blood vessels get ruptured internally because of decaying of cells, and it leaves open bone and muscles tissues with irreversible and spreading rotting condition. It shows decaying of skin and paralyzed limbs symptoms within only one month time of regular dosage of krokodil. Because of decaying and decomposition of blood vessels, it burst your blood vessels by leaving you with lots of pain and stinky gangrenous big wounds in all the part of your body. Maximum life span of addict of krokodil is 2 to 3 years.

Are there any methods to treat side effects of Desomorphine?
Some of the injections are given by doctors to reverse the effect. One can also go for the wound care, grafting process of skin and skin surgery; if and if person stops taking more desomorphine injection to live.


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