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Yoga for fast digestion of foods

Yoga plays a vital role in our life. There are uncountable benefits of it. Learn more about the different yoga poses for improving the digestion of food.

The discovery of Yoga is quite ancient and since from that time people are regularly doing it to avail its benefits. Now more and more people are taking the help of Yoga to get ride of some really serious problems. It not only strengthens our body but also help us to discover ourselves as with patience, concentration power, more relaxation to the body. There are uncountable benefits of doing Yoga. Yoga is best in bringing the mental peace to your mind, body and soul. Yoga boosts life with more positive power and helps in curing many life threatening diseases. And one such problem can be slow digestion. The problem of slow digestion leads too many problems like constipation, bloating, burning sensation, gas, abdominal distension and many common problems with very uncommon and quite danger results. Yoga works like wonder for boosting the digestion process.

a woman doing yoga for fast digestion

Following are some of the useful Yoga poses:

Ardha Matsyendrasana: Sitting Spinal Twist:
As this exercise is very helpful for the fast digestion of the food and along with that it has many other benefits too. It is really helpful in maintaining flexibility in the spinal cord, increase the oxygen supply in the body, stretch the hip muscles, and bring calmness in mind. Those who are suffering from the spinal pain or back pain must consult a doctor before attempting this exercise.

a beautiful woman doing Sitting Spinal Twist pose

  • Sit on the floor with your legs and back straight
  • Now place your left foot outside of your right knee
  • Place your right elbow on your left knee
  • Now look left side with your head, shoulder towards that side only
  • Try to hold this position for the long time
  • Repeat this exercise on another foot
Setu Bandhasana: Bridge pose:
Those who are suffering from the neck injury, late term pregnancy, knee injury or back injury are requested to not to attempt this pose. It is very useful in strengthen back, ankles, legs. Along with that it helps in removing stress from the body, improves blood circulation, well for headache and improves digestion process.

a woman doing bridge excercise

  • Lie on the back on the mat with your arms straight on the floor
  • Bend your knee in such a way that your feet should be on the floor
  • Now lift your hips towards the ceiling without disturbing the position of your feet
  • While lifting the hips up inhale the air and after that try to hold breathe for few seconds
  • While bringing the hips to the normal position exhale the air
  • Repeat this exercise several times in a day in order to improve your digestion process
Paschimothanasana: The Forward Bend:
It is one of the easy exercise and the benefits of doing it is very large. It provides an internal massage to the body, very useful for the digestion problems, helps in improving digestion concentration power.

a woman performing forward bending excercise

  • Sit on the floor with your legs and back straight
  • Make sure that your feet are straight and inhale the air while raising the hands towards the ceiling
  • While exhaling the air slowly, bend forward and try to touch your toe with your fingers
  • Don’t disturb the position of your knee and make sure that it remains straight while you move forward
  • Try to hold the position for sometime and don’t force yourself too much
  • Now gradually come to the original position and relax
  • Repeat the pose for three times in a day
Seated Heart Opener:
This yoga pose is really beneficial for opening and relaxing your spine, heart, shoulders and neck.

a woman doing seated heart open pose

  • First of all sit on your heels by keeping your knee and ankle together
  • Now slowly lean back by placing your palm flat on the floor
  • Lift your chest high
  • Now lower down your head back for more stretch
  • Hold the breathe for few minutes
  • Now get back to the normal position
  • Repeat the exercise several times in a day
Marjaryasana and Bitilasana: cat and cow pose
These pose are really helpful in improving your postures, increases the coordination between the muscles, calm down mind, relieves many stresses mentally as well as physically and helps in fast digestion of the food. It helps in creating the emotional balance.

an active woman doing cat cow pose

  • Place your body in a tabletop position by placing your palm flat on the floor, knee in 90 degree, back towards the ceiling
  • Now inhale while looking towards the ceiling and make sure that your belly to sink like the cow position by lifting your head upward
  • Remain in the same position for few seconds
  • Exhale will coming to the original position
  • Repeat the exercise for at least 10 times
Balasana: Child pose
It is also called the relaxing position or child pose. Those who are suffering from knee pain, back pain, diarrhea, ankle problem and high BP are advised not to do this exercise. It pose is easy to do and had several benefits like it is very beneficial for the relaxing your mind, give a massage to the internal organs.

a lady doing Balasana

  • Sit down on your knee and it should be kept wide apart
  • Lean forward and stretch your arms on the floor in front of you
  • Keep your head on the floor and back straight
  • Now slowly get into the original position
  • You can repeat this exercise several times in a day
Uttanasana: Standing Forward Bend
It helps in keeping the spinal more flexible; strengthen the thighs, neck and back. It is useful in lowering down the high blood pressure, anxiety and improves digestion. Those who are suffering from menopause, asthma, headaches, and insomnia this pose proves to be very beneficial for them.

a beautiful woman doing Standing Forward Bend

  • First of all stand straight and place your hands on your hips
  • Now exhale, slowly bend forward from the hip. The head should move towards the feet.
  • Gradually place your palm on the floor. You can let your stomach to touch the thigh.
  • Try to hold the position for one minute with slightly knee bent
Trikonasana: Triangle pose
This yoga has many benefits as it aid in digestion process and along with it reduce anxiety, back pain, boost up the balance of the body as well strengthen mental balance. This exercise also proves helpful for increasing ankle, knee, arm, leg strength.

an Asian woman doing triangle pose

  • First of all stand straight with your hands on the rest position
  • Now keep your left foot away and bring your right foot out a bit
  • Raise your arms towards ceiling
  • Now bend your body towards the right side downward from the hips and the fingers touching floor
  • Slowly raise your left hand upward towards the ceiling. Try to hold your breathe for few seconds
  • Try the pose for left side
  • You can repeat it for several times in a day
Utkatasana: Chair pose
It is one of the easiest pose of yoga. There are many advantages of doing this pose as it helps in strengthening ankles, calves and back. Along with the digestion aid it also helps in stretches chest and shoulders. It boosts up the focus of the mind.

a slim lady doing chair pose

  • Stand straight in a mountain pose and your feet should be apart from each other
  • Now inhale and raise your arms straight towards the ceiling
  • Exhale and slowly bring your knee in the seating position. The bone should be bent in such a way you are sitting an imaginary chair
  • Your head should be straight
  • Try to remain in the same position for 60 or more seconds and hold the breathe
  • Now come to the original position and repeat the exercise several times
Adho Mukha Svanasana: Downward Facing Dog Pose
As this is one of the difficult pose but there are plenty of benefits of doing this yoga. It toughens the legs and arms muscles. It is a complete exercise as it not only aid in digestion but it also boost confidence level, better blood circulation and lots more.

a pretty woman doing Downward Facing Dog Pose

  • Stand straight with your hands in rest position
  • Spread your feet wide apart from each other
  • Now slowly bend forward and place your palm on the floor and here you are allowed to bend your knee
  • Your position should be such that your you are doing push-ups
  • Now raise your hips towards the ceiling as higher as you can.
  • Remain in the position for few seconds and after set yourself in the neutral position
Paripurna Navasana: Boat pose
This yoga poses in useful in improving the balance and digestion in the body. It boosts up the confidence level, strengthen abdominal and spine. It is also for those who have hernia problem.

a woman in blue doing boat pose

  • Sit in a straight position with your legs outstretch in front of you
  • Now lean your body back and raise your legs in the air
  • Now take the help of your hands in raising your legs further upward
  • After that remain in the position for few seconds and repeat it few times
Apanasana: Knees-to-Chest
It is useful for those who are suffering from digestion problems like bloating, constipation, excessive digestive air, acidity and other such problems. It also helpful in giving massages to the organs and strengthen the lower back.

a British woman doing knee to chest for the better digestion

  • Lie on your back on Yoga mat with your knee bent and facing the ceiling
  • Now move your knee towards your chest and place your hands on knee
  • Take breathe deeply and remain in the same position for few minutes
  • After that return to the original position
Sarvāngāsana: Shoulder stand
This pose is quite difficult one so it is better if you are doing it under some supervision and make sure that you don’t try to hold your breathe while doing this exercise. It strengthens the spine, nervous system. It relieves tension and improves the quality of sleep and many other advantages.

Girl doing Shoulder stand pose

  • First of all lie down on a yoga mat with the chest towards the ceiling and your hands stretched towards your head
  • Now raise your legs upwards
  • Slowly bring your legs towards your head
  • Bring your legs above your head and the toes should touch the floor
  • Now slowly straighten your spine and here you can take the help of your hands in giving support
  • Try to remain in the same position for several seconds
This is one of the easiest exercises. It boosts up the controlling power in us. It is one of the easiest exercises. It helps in removing the blocked areas, improves digestion process and mental sharpness and has many other benefits.

two pretty woman doing Pranayama

  • Seat on a mat with cross legs and your back should be straight.
  • Take a deep breathe from your nostril.
  • Try to hold your breathe for some time
  • Now slowly exhale breathe with your mouth
  • Repeat the exercise several times
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